151 Chapter 151

I basked in the feeling of cucking that nincompoop for a few moments while his childhood friend buried her head in my shoulder and squashed her generous curves up against me.

It was a good feeling.

I'd like to partake in it all night long. But alas, needs must. And I am a busy little chadly Beedrill.

With a gargantuan stinger.

As Chloe can attest.

"So," I spoke up as I shimmied up a bit to sit upright, back against the headboard and curl my arm around her, her head coming to rest on my Blissey powered abs of Registeel, "Give any thought to my offer?"

Chloe blinked at me from where her head lay pressed against my stomach, "You…mean the cheerleader thing?" she asked, "…I thought that was just a come on?"

"It was, but I was kinda serious too," I laughed, giving her a light squeeze with my arm that made her release a shuddering breath, "Or there's you know the other offer to come work at my place when it's done."

"…Wouldn't that be kinda weird though? We've just slept together and you're offering me a job," Chloe pointed out shyly, her cheeks sizzling with heat, "Plus I don't know the first thing about pokemon really, I'd be better suited to the cheerleader thing after you know…"

"I mean your dad is a renowned professor and it's not like my place will be ready immediately, you could learn pretty quick," I pointed out, before giving her a sly look, my eyes trailing over her face and down to her substantial chest squished against me, "Not that I'm opposed to the cheerleader thing either. You ever been to the Orange Islands? Or Kalos? You can see the world with me, tour some tropical beaches in a skimpy bikini, cheer me on in battles in a tiny little cheerleader skirt, see the most amazing things this world has to offer by day…and by night, well…." I trailed off as the covers just below my stomach began to rise and rise as Mega Gigantamax Rayquaza awoke once more at my bidding.

It became such that it almost appeared like a small spear was stuffed under the covers and pointing upwards.

I reached down with my other hand to cup Chloe's chin as she stared mouth hanging low at the massively tented covers and gently forced her to meet my eyes again, "I can make that lovely voice of yours make beautiful music with my name all night long." I finished devilishly.

Or was that Giratinashily?

…No that's dumb.

Well not all my poke puns are winners like me.

One might wonder why I'm going out of my way to try and recruit Chloe. Well, it's not that complicated. She's a good girl and the daughter of Professor Cerise, so I know she'll be trustworthy. I'd rather get someone inexperienced but trustable than someone experienced and skilled, but was a complete randomer that I couldn't trust when it came to my pokemon.

Besides looking after pokemon isn't actually all that hard because of how intelligent they are. Just time consuming. But I'm willing to pay quite a bit to people to look after my pokemon, so they better be willing to put the time in.

As for the second reason? Why I'd take her as a cheerleader and let her travel the world with me? That is even simpler to understand.

Chloe is beautiful and I hate Goh. No, hating Goh doesn't even begin to describe it. I detest the little morons entire existence. Maybe I am being petty and childish.

But I like what I like and I hate what I hate.

And I hate Goh.

Sure the little cunt has already lost his license to be a trainer and will likely never accomplish his life long dream. But this little prick not only ruined the series for me, he tried to steal my god damn-

Arceus damn Krabby. Goh is lucky I didn't just hunt him down after that and kill him. Frankly, stealing his childhood friend and cucking him is going easy on him as far as I'm concerned.

…Maybe I'll catch Mew one day.

And then….then. I'll plap plap plap Chloe until she's pregnant and give Mew to the child of mine she would give birth to.

Yeah, that would be the ultimate fuck you to the little twat.

"That's…." Chloe trailed off herself, "A pretty big commitment, right? We've only known each other for a few hours."

"I mean it was the same with Hilda," I pointed out, "If you don't want to it's all good, but if you do and it doesn't work out, it wouldn't really be a bother to get you back home or anything…assuming you pick the cheerleader option."

"….I dunno…" Chloe bit her lip, "I'm still processing you know, what we just did together, I'm surprised I'm not completely blanking."

Well, fair enough.

"Alright, give it some thought, you've got till tomorrow at least," I shrugged, letting go of her chin, "In the meantime though-" I grinned, reaching down to grab her hips with both hands.

And then lifted her straight up into the air as if she were a feather and plopping her down across my legs, just before the spearing titan-like form of mega gigantamax Rayquaza.

"Egh!" a squeak of surprise left Chloe's pretty little lips at my actions and I took a moment to admire her curvy, nude form. She was shorter than Hilda, and a little softer around the stomach, but her hips were wide, her thighs full and her breasts bodaciously large, with pretty pink little nipples.

"Let's see about that beautiful voice of yours making some amazing music." I finished.

"Again?" Chloe gasped, biting her lip.

"I did say all night." I laughed, shifting the covers and using my grip on her lovely hips to angle her above my cock, before slowly easing her down atop it, her cute little formerly virgin slit stretching wide around it.

Chloe moaned cutely as she sank down on my throbbing manhood and within moments sunk to the bottom, her stomach bulging out a little from the sheer girth inserted within her.

Such is the power of Mega Gigantamax Rayquaza.


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