Pokemon : I am brock

An otaku in brock body let's see what he will do and what he can achieve. . I don't own pokemon

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10 Chs

Starting new journey witout pokemon?

After reaching the place place were flint was selling his rocks, brock decided to talk to him about handling his gym to him as he wanted to become pokemon trainer and start a new journey.

As he was about to enter the shop flint saw him and tried to walk away without saying a word as he was still embarrassed about not able to become a good father. Brock stopped him and stared in his eyes and said till when you are going to ru away from your responsibility and making me do everything till when u want me to be stuck in single place and not be able to enjoy the world, it's not like I don't love my sibling I love them and love to take care of them and take care of the gym but, I also want to go on journey and become a trainer and explore the world.

After hearing brock word flint felt very guilty and sad that because of his action his son was trapped in a place without able to enjoy hi youthful journey, he also wanted him to go in a pokemon adventure and become a good pokemon trainer but because he was not able to manifest the courage to face his children, but now after hearing his son word he was ready to face his children and let his first son go on his journey by taking his place in the gym and taking care of his children, he said to brock that you can go in your journey and become a pokemon trainer an leave the gym to me and your siblings to me, just forgive me for my mistakes.

After hearing flint word he was very relieved that he didn't have to try more hard to convince him and he will be finally able to start his journey, so he said to flint to go to his gym after that the father son duo left that rock selling store and started going toward the gym after reaching the gym, rock was ambushed by his crying siblings who were waiting for him for three days in the gym gates and after getting the nurse joy message that there brothe was safe and just exhausted they were relieved and were for him to come to home as they were missing him and when they saw two person coming towards gym they started observing the two person they were surprised to see their brother was coming with their father and they were very happy about it ,so as beock reached the door of the gym they all jumped on him to hug him.

After calming them down brock started to explain hi siblings that how he will be going in an adventure to become a pokemon trainer and their father will be becoming the new gym leader and he will be taking care of them.

After hearing brock all of the saddened thinking that their brother will be not their with them but after sometime brock was able convince all of his sibling that how he wanted to become a pokemon trainer, he even promised them that he will win this year league for them all his sibling were very excited after hearing that he will win the league for them so all them gave their permission to brock for his adventure and they ran out the gym to play as they didn't play for three days because brock was not in the house so after brock returned they all ran to play without a worry.

After talking to his sibling brock turned towards his father who has yet to say word he asked him when he will apologize to his his sibling and flint answered that he talk to them at dinner to which brock could only sigh so he started asking him when he will take the gym leader matle once again to which he answered from now onwards after hearing his answer brock was satisfied that now he his free from the gym leader role and then start telling flint that how he wish to start his new journey with zero pokemon and start all fresh and give his his existing pokemon to his brother Forrest so he could train them, to which flint agreed by having some doubts in mind that how will brock survive and without any pokemon in the wilderness but he believed to trust his son this time because he was still feeling guilty about his mistake.

At dinner were all the Harrison family members were eating food flint finally mustered up the courage to apologize to his children and he started apologizing to his children and promised them to never leave them, all children forgive him and were happy about their dad's return and started celebrating their dad return and the new journey of their brother , after all celebrating everybody in house goes to their bed to sleep as this was a huge day to the Harrison family.

Next morning in brock room sunlight came through the window and started lighting the whole room and waking up brock from his sleep, after waking up brock decided to wash up and go make up a good breakfast for the family as this will be last time they ate the breakfast together for months, after making the breakfast and calling his every sibling and flint for breakfast he started to set the plates, everyone arrived at the table and started eating the breakfast.

After the breakfast brock took out his two pokeball and released the pokemon from the ball and m telling them about his journey and how he will be leaving them to his brother forrest to protect his sibling and also become his first pokemon hos pokemon was saddened by this news but they accepted to become forrest pokemon and then brock gave his pokemon to forrest and started telling him about the pokemon food how to train them, after telling him about all necessary information brock went to his room and started packing his stuff for the adventure.

After packing everything and taking pokeballa and pokedollars he started to head to the pokemon center to register as a pokemon trainer and to participate in the league.

After telling his goodbye to his sibling he reached the pokemon center and met nurse joy and asked her to register him in the league and a s a pokemon trainer , hearing him nurse joy become happy and congratulated him about for finally starting his journey as trainer, after getting his registeration done brock got ready to leave the city but as he was about to leave the center nurse joy called him asked him if he has nay pokemon to which he said no, so nurse joy offered him if he want any pokemon as a starter from the center to which brock accepted and sked if he had any chance of getting a chansey as starter pokemon because he has a very good plan on how to use chansey as he as read in some fan fiction back in earth about chansey cheat use to raise strength by using her move gravity and hela pulse and he was very amazed by that idea so he wanted to try on that plan and train his pokemon that way, after hearing brock request nurse joy in a deep thought , contemplating about something and finally reaching the answer she gone inside the center and brought a pikeball back and told brock that he should take care of this pokemon as she was still young.