40 Chapter 40: Obtaining the Miltank Eggs

The three of them sat in the pickup truck, looking at the scenery outside and chatting about some interesting experiences during their journey, resulting in constant laughter and chatter.

Of course, mainly Rex and Makoto were talking. Our slightly socially anxious Rina could only open up when talking to acquaintances, but she didn't find the conversation boring as she listened to the two of them.

Later, Rex also inquired about some things to note when raising Miltank, and Makoto didn't hide anything, basically answering every question.

In this friendly atmosphere, the car slowly came to a stop, and Rex knew they had arrived at their destination.

After getting off the car, Rex saw in the distance on the grassland a group of Miltank leisurely grazing on grass, and further away, a few Tauros were running at full speed.

Other than these two species of Pokémon, Rex didn't see any other Pokémon.

Rex knew that Miltank were all female, while Tauros were all male. To make Miltank lay Pokémon Eggs, Tauros needed to be raised.

This also explained why there were Tauros on Uncle Makoto's farm.

"Uncle, it seems like the area of your farm isn't very large!"

After looking around, Rex realized that Makoto's farm was surrounded by a fence, and he could see the boundaries at a glance. Compared to his own farm, the area was much smaller. No wonder he reached the limit with just over 20 Miltank.

"On one hand, Petalburg City has a large population, and even suburban land prices are relatively high. On the other hand, I don't want to work too hard, nor do I want to hire someone to help manage the farm, so I've maintained the farm at its current size."

Makoto responded to Rex's question.

Upon hearing this, Rex realized that and Makoto and the old man Jiro, who sold him the farm, were actually similar kinds of people. They didn't run the farm just to earn a lot of money, but probably just wanted to stay away from crowds and live alone.

Everyone has the right to choose their own way of life, so Rex didn't think there was anything wrong with that.

After observing the Miltank, Rex had made up his mind to purchase the Miltank Pokémon Eggs from Makoto's farm.

"Uncle, I've decided to purchase the Miltank Pokémon Eggs from your farm. Do you have any Miltank Pokémon Eggs available for sale now, and at what price?"

Rex asked.

"I currently have 4 Miltank Pokémon Eggs available for sale, and I'll sell them for 100,000 Alliance Coins each!"

After hearing Rex's inquiry, Makoto answered after a brief thought.

Although Rex knew that Miltank Pokémon Eggs wouldn't be cheap, he didn't expect the price to be 10 times that of Mareep Pokémon Eggs.

But considering that Miltank had a base stat total of 490, Rex felt it was reasonable.

Although Miltank couldn't evolve, with its base stats, it only needed a little training to develop its battle power.

"I'll take all four Miltank Pokémon Eggs!"

After figuring it out, Rex didn't hesitate and said directly.

If he missed this opportunity, there might not be another chance to buy Miltank Pokémon Eggs, even if he had the money. 

With the Alliance Coins he earned from selling Mareep wool during this period, Rex had enough to buy all four Miltank Pokémon Eggs. After buying the Miltank Pokémon Eggs, he would only have a few tens of thousands of Alliance Coins left in his account, but fortunately, there were no major expenses in the near future, so he could rely on selling Mareep wool to continue accumulating.

Later, Rex were led by Makoto to a room in his house.

Inside were more than ten Pokémon Eggs, and Rex knew that these were all Miltank Pokémon Eggs. However, Makoto was willing to sell him only four Miltank Pokémon Eggs, for which he was very grateful and had no other thoughts, mainly because he was quite poor.

"Don't mind the fact that I have so many Pokémon Eggs here. In fact, most of them have already been reserved by others, but they just haven't had the chance to come and pick them up yet."

Makoto explained quickly, fearing that Rex might misunderstand.

"Uncle, you don't need to explain. Your willingness to sell me four Miltank Pokémon Eggs is already very considerate of me. Why would I mind?"

Rex understood immediately after hearing Makoto's explanation.

Miltank Pokémon were rare in the wild, and if a Pokémon Trainer wanted to capture one, they could only try their luck at a Miltank farm to see if they had any Pokémon Eggs for sale. As for mature Miltank, nobody would sell them.

Thinking of this, Rex couldn't help but feel very lucky. If he had come a little later, he might not even have four Miltank Pokémon Eggs left.

At noon, Rex and Rina were invited by Makoto to have a rich lunch.

Among them, the yogurt made from Moomoo Milk was delicious, leaving a deep impression. According to Makoto, this yogurt was fermented using an exclusive secret recipe and was only used to entertain guests.

After lunch, Rex expressed his intention to return.

Immediately, Makoto drove his pickup truck and sent the two back to the Petalburg City Pokémon Center. Afterwards, he bid farewell and left.

After solving the most important matter in Petalburg City, Rex felt much relieved.

Now, what Rex needed to consider was which Pokémon to use to challenge the Petalburg Gym. Judging from the lineup he currently had, Rex felt there was a high probability of failure if he attempted the challenge.

Among the Pokémon he had, the only one that could be considered combat-ready was Heracross. Poliwhirl had just evolved not long ago and was still in the process of improvement, while the other Pokémon were mostly in their initial stages and hadn't fully developed their battle power yet.

"Yuli, I've already purchased the Miltank Pokémon Eggs, but Pokémon Eggs can't be transported using the Teleport device, so I'll have to take them back myself. I plan to challenge the Petalburg Gym. Can I trouble you to teleport Swellow over? After I finish challenging the gym tomorrow, I plan to ride on Swellow to return!"

After considering for a long time, Rex finally decided to have Swellow teleported over so he could challenge the Petalburg Gym in his prime state. Otherwise, he felt there might be some regrets.

Moreover, he didn't plan to rely on his legs to walk back this time. It was too exhausting and not worth it.

"I understand. There's nothing urgent at the farm right now, so Swellow leaving temporarily won't affect anything. I wish you success in challenging the gym in advance, boss!"

After listening to Rex's explanation, Yuli was surprised that he wanted to challenge the gym, but she wouldn't interfere with his decision. All she could do was wholeheartedly support his decision.

Rex waited for less than fifteen minutes before receiving a call from Yuli, saying she had already teleported Swellow over and asked him to pay attention to receiving him.

Then, Rex found Nurse Joy and received Swellow's Poké Ball. This time he spent in Petalburg City was the longest time he had been separated from Swellow since he crossed into this world.

"Swellow, how have you been lately?"

Rex stroked Swellow's feathers and asked.

Swellow didn't say anything but instead nudged Rex with its head, indicating its reliance on Rex.

"I'm sorry, Swellow, for leaving you at the farm for so long without considering your feelings. I won't do that again in the future."

Rex actually regretted not bringing Swellow along this time.

Their bond was much closer than with other Pokémon. Rex's current life couldn't be separated from Swellow's efforts. They supported and accomplished each other.

For Swellow, it had indeed missed Rex very much during this time. It knew that Rex didn't take it with him because he wanted it to guard the homeland, so it didn't blame Rex. It just couldn't help but feel a bit empty inside, as if it had been abandoned.

It still couldn't adapt to the days without Rex around, even though there were many Taillow to accompany it on the farm.

At this moment, Swellow felt very happy after hearing that Rex wouldn't leave it behind anymore. Then, it signaled to Rex to lie on its back, indicating that it wanted to carry Rex for a flight in the air.

Of course, Rex had no objections. This time, Swellow flew for nearly half an hour before returning to the Pokémon Center.

Swellow probably felt that carrying Rex with it for a flight could make him feel its presence.

"Your relationship with Swellow is really good!"

Looking at the interaction between Rex and Swellow, Rina couldn't help but feel envious.

"Your relationship with your Grovyle is the same, isn't it?"

Rex smiled and responded to Rina.

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