11 Chapter 11: Arrival at the Farm

"Nurse Joy, could you please help me heal my Butterfree quickly!"

Kyohei Shida said anxiously to Nurse Joy.

Today was the second morning after Rex and Jiro completed their transaction. Just after finishing lunch, he arrived at the Pokémon Center and saw Kyohei Shida, the Bug Catcher who had previously guided him.

It seemed that he had just experienced a battle, and his Hunting Butterfree was quite injured, so he rushed to the Pokémon Center urgently to ask Nurse Joy for treatment.

"Kyohei, is your Pokémon okay?"

After Nurse Joy pushed the Butterfree into the treatment room, Rex approached and greeted him.

"Nurse Joy said it's nothing serious, it can be healed soon. Who are you?"

Perhaps because Nurse Joy's words had an effect, Kyohei Shida had calmed down by now.

However, he obviously didn't recognize Rex at this moment.

But it wasn't surprising. At that time, Rex's appearance was completely different from now.

"Oh, I remember now, you're Rex, but you've changed a lot in appearance, I almost didn't recognize you."

After thinking for a while, Kyohei Shida finally remembered him.

"I had a special situation at that time, but it's resolved now. Did you just finish a battle?"

Not wanting to dwell on the events of that day, Rex changed the subject.

"Yes, I challenged a passing Trainer, but my Butterfree lost to his Direct Hit Ursaring!"

Thinking of the battle just now, Kyohei Shida's mood became a bit down again.

"It's okay, winning and losing are common occurrences. As long as you work hard to improve your strength, you will definitely win back in the future!"

Rex could only encourage Kyohei Shida, hoping to make him feel better.

"You're right, I'll train hard and definitely defeat that arrogant guy in the future."

Kyohei Shida's character was quite easy-going. In a short while, he was full of fighting spirit again.

"It seems that he doesn't really need my comfort and can pick himself up!"

Rex couldn't help but think to himself.

"Hey Rex, after my Butterfree is healed, do you want to have a Pokémon battle with me?"

After regaining his spirit, Kyohei Shida immediately invited Rex to battle.

"No, I have something else to do. We'll battle another time when I have time!"

Rex didn't want to discourage Kyohei Shida at this time. His Tailow was naturally proficient against Bug-type Pokémon, and defeating him now wouldn't be good.

And, he indeed had something else to do.

After bidding farewell to Kyohei Shida, Rex went to say goodbye to Nurse Joy, thanking her for taking care of him during this time.

Although Jiro Farm was not far from Fallabor Town, most of his time in the future would be spent there.

Through these three days of visits, Rex roughly understood the operation mode of Pokémon farms.

Although they were called farms, their business scope was very wide, including raising Pokémon, planting berries, and growing economic crops.

For example, there was a Mareep Farm near Fallabor Town, specializing in breeding Mareep.

Because Mareep's wool kept growing, even if it shed completely in summer, it would return to its original state after a week.

The fluffy wool contained a lot of air, so clothes made from its wool were warm in winter and cool in summer, very popular and always in short supply.

However, clothes made from Mareep's wool were prone to static electricity and required special processing to make them wearable.

There was also a Miltank Farm, specializing in breeding Miltank.

Miltank could produce 20 liters of nutritious milk every day, supporting human and Pokémon life for a long time.

If not milked every day, it would feel uncomfortable. 

The quality of the milk produced by Miltank depended on the quality of the pasture. 

Sweet milk was loved by everyone, and those who couldn't drink milk would turn it into yogurt.

For the elderly and patients, it was the best drink.

It was said that children who grew up drinking Miltank's milk would become healthy and strong.

Miltank milk was high in calories, so excessive consumption could lead to a body like a Miltank's.

For now, the only suitable Pokémon for mass breeding near Fallabor Town were these two, but because Miltank's milk was valuable, most farms did not sell it.

At least in Fallabor Town, Rex couldn't find a farm that sold Miltank's milk.

However, he knew that in the Goldenrod City, there was a Gym Leader, who specialized in breeding Miltank. Her Miltank was very powerful, using moves like Rollout, and had defeated countless challengers.

In the future, Rex planned to go that Gym to introduce Miltank to his farm.

Because he believed that Miltank would definitely produce high-quality milk.

However, with his current funds, he could only consider buying a few Mareep eggs to start with, as his savings were only just over 110,000 Alliance coins.

In the midst of planning his farm, Rex arrived at Jiro Farm.

Jiro Farm was more than ten kilometers away from Fallabor Town, adjacent to Orange Forest. It contained mountains, plains, and lakes.

Although Jiro Farm had 20 square kilometers of land, only half of it was usable, but for Rex, it was enough.

After all, Jiro spent his whole life developing it, and most of the land was idle or used to feed Mareep.

Yes, Jiro had only raised a group of Mareep.

However, unfortunately, before the transaction with Rex, he had sold these Mareep to other farms, so now the entire farm was empty.

Apart from a two-story small building and a cottage for the Mareep to live in, there were only a few warehouses for storing goods.

As everything was already sorted out, Jiro only exchanged a few words with Rex briefly before getting into his pickup truck and leaving.

Looking at the blue sky and feeling the breeze blowing across the grassland, Rex's heart was filled with a peaceful atmosphere.

At this moment, he just wanted to lie on the grass in front of the house.

"Tailow, Tailow!"

Even Tailow was quite satisfied with the current environment. It liked this natural atmosphere.

After immersing himself for a while, Rex finally came back to his senses.

He pushed open the door and walked into the house. The furnishings inside were a bit old, but the hygiene was relatively clean, giving off a quaint feeling.

After checking around, Rex found that there was no electricity in the house. Oil lamps were used for lighting at night.

"So much to be done!"

Looking at everything in front of him, Rex couldn't help but sigh!

Although he was a bit disappointed with the interior facilities of the house, Rex was filled with fighting spirit. He could make everything better with his own efforts.

After briefly tidying up his bedroom, Rex went out with Tailow.

It was still not noon yet, and he planned to walk around his farm today to familiarize himself with the terrain.

This way, he could also plan the development route for himself in the

 future and have some references.

Unfortunately, Rex overestimated himself. He walked until evening and still hadn't finished exploring his entire farm.

However, he had a rough

 understanding of the environment.

His farm was divided into two halves by a river, and there was a small lake in the low-lying area in the center of the farm.

Rex only walked along the lake for a while and saw many Water-type Pokémon inhabiting it.

Of course, the most common was Magikarp, followed by Goldeen, Barboach, and other Pokémon occasionally appearing.

In the future, this lake would be his exclusive fishing spot, and he believed that the Pokémon in it would not disappoint him.

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