Pokemon: Gotta Eat Them All Book

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Pokemon: Gotta Eat Them All


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Rogue transmigrated into the Pokemon world. He gains a System that rewards him for EATING Pokemon. After turning 18 years old, he travels the Pokemon world with his girlfriend Dawn and becomes a Pokemon Critic – a person who eats Pokemons and critiques them. Along the way, he meets enemies, friends, and fuckable Pokemons. ======= As an example of the system… [ Congratulations! You’ve captured and ate a Charizard! You’ve gained a Glock 40 and 100x 10mm bullets!] Rogue then went on to Bang Bang Pokemons and cook them up. Warning: This Novel is not for people under the age of 18. There are sexual and violent scenes in the novel. Pokemons will also be killed. Another Warning: This Novel is not for VEGANS. It will upset you. ======= This novel is also posted on Lunenovel.com If you've read my other novel (Naruto: Skill Copying System), you should already know that I like to create NSFW images to go along with my novel. To see the images, check out my Patreon at patreon.com/AzureRaven