2 Something Is rising And it ain't Shield Hero

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"So um... Tell me more about yourself." You prompt, settling in and beginning to peel one of the Oran Berries.

"About me?" Tracy seems rather surprised, but after a moment of silence, she begins to peel one of her own. "I'm um... I'm a grass type."

"You mentioned." You nod, taking a bite of the fruit's flesh. It's… Juicy, like an orange, with a soft citrus taste

"I'm weak to fire types-"

"I know all that." You laugh, giving her a smile that makes her cheeks redden once more. "I want to know more about you, personally."

"W-well… I was out picking berries, the mist isn't too dangerous as long as you don't go too far from the settlement. Oh, right, um… Pigment Town is the closest settlement to here… I think. It only took three floors to get here and- A-about me. Right." She nods, taking a deep, steadying breath. "I like… Flowers? And helping out around town, and growing vegetables. I'm not a very good cook, but I can do prep-work."

"What about friends? Family?" You ask.

"Pigment Town is pretty small… The people there took me in when I came out of the Mist, and I'm sure they'll do the same for you if you want to stay." She explains. "The mayor says she wants it to grow bigger, into a proper settlement, since there's a lot of space there."

"So… You don't have a boyfriend?" You tease, giving her a nudge.

"A what?" She blinks in surprise. "You mean a girlfriend? N-no, I've never had an r-romantic partner."

"A cutie like you? I'm surprised." You give her a reassuring smile.

"W-well… There are traders that come through, from time to time, and we hang out and stuff. It's not like I have no idea what romance is." She huffs. "Anyway, you're a psychic type? Those are pretty cool usually."

"I like to think I'm cool, yeah." You boast softly. "I'm pretty weak right now, though… Got to do something special to power up. Maybe you could help me later on?"

"Of course!" She agrees quickly, nodding her head as she takes another bite of her fruit. "I'll protect you on the way back to the town as well. You have nothing to worry about."

"My hero." You laugh, finishing off your second fruit. "So tell me more! What's there to do in Pigment Town?" You keep up the questions, getting her to talk more and more until she begins to relax a little bit. It's interesting stuff, you hadn't really considered the implications of a world with only girls, aside from you, but apparently everything worked out.

People just… Come out of the mist once in a while and join settlements. There's a traditional belief that they're produced by the amount of 'love' in the world. Apparently people are pretty open about that sort of thing, like you'd planned. Even if they aren't your chosen 'waifus', you'd probably be able to proposition people with a decent chance of success.

"Should we get going?" Tracy asks, standing up and dusting off her overalls. From this angle, you can tell her butt is definitely her best feature. Round and soft-looking. Somehow, staring at it gets your stomach rumbling again. "It's not far back to the town."

"Before we go…" You interrupt, settling on your knees. "I think I owe you a thank you, for all of your help."

"O-oh? It's not really a big deal…" She demurs, cheeks coloring as she starts to squirm.

"Come on, I want to give you a reward." You press, sitting upright. "Hey, you think I'm cute, right? And you said that there's not a lot of people in your town, so…"

"So… What are you implying?" Ah, if her face gets any redder, she'll look like a tomato!

"Hmm… You know how I said I get stronger by doing something special?" You tease, rising to your feet and stepping towards her until you're almost chest to chest. "That something special is…"

"Sex?" Tracy guesses, her voice barely audible as she quivers before you. "I mean um… You're really cute, so… It makes sense."

"That's right. You win a prize." You smile, pressing your nose to hers as-" Of!" As you're knocked on your backside by a rather powerful tackle. Soon enough, you find your lap occupied by the rather heavy girl. "H-hey, take it easy on me."

"S-sorry, I've… I haven't-" She murmurs, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. "Do you really want to? With me?"

"Well… Yeah, you're super cute." You laugh softly, smiling as she presses plump lips to yours. You reach around to hold her, inwardly appreciating how plush her backside actually is. It isn't long before you press your tongue into her mouth, surprising her for a brief moment before she starts to fight back.

Having such a cute girl squirming atop your lap is heavenly, and you listen closely to her gasps and pants while she presses into you. The straps on her overalls come undone, falling to the side as your hands glide up under her shirt, feeling the soft, warm flesh underneath. Her hips grind down against you, and you gasp softly as she moves to kissing and nibbling at your neck instead.

"Enjoying yourself?" You tease, finding the bottom of her breasts and gently cupping them.

"Hmm… Thank you. For letting me-" She murmurs in your ear breathlessly. You get the feeling she was a little pent-up? She doesn't seem keen on stopping any time soon.

"Hey, I'm enjoying this too." You smile, giving her breasts a squeeze. "I've got a surprise for you as well, you know."

"Of… I want…" She groans, thighs squeezing around your waist tightly. "I want to be inside you…"

Ah… What?

She leans back, overalls flopping down further as she wiggles out of them, a small patch of leaf green hair becoming visible before… Before…



It flops out onto your stomach, accompanied by a groan of relief as Tracy sits upright, rubbing it gently back and forth against your bare skin. 'It' in this case, being a dick. A… Rather impressive dick, actually. Not as long as yours, perhaps an inch shorter, but far thicker. A big, blunt, cock.

"What." You exhale slowly, eyes wide, as Tracy lets out a long sigh of relief. "That's-"

"It's um… It's okay right? I haven't done this before, so I don't know what other girls' dicks look like…" Her shyness suddenly returns, and she refuses to make eye contact as you stare at the cock resting against your stomach. "What do you think?"

"Why?" You mutter, still in a daze. "Why do you have a dick? Why does a girl have a dick? Why is it-"

"I can put it in, right?" She asks, an intense look in her eyes.

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