Pokemon Efficient Master (EM)

Emmet fights off a soul invasion from a transmigrator equipped with a cheat power. In the process, he gains not only Pokémon knowledge but also a unique ability called Efficiency Mastery. Psychic powers? Yes, he can develop them now. Fighting Type energy? Why wouldn't he be able to manipulate it? And what is that? EM (Efficiency Mastery) bleeds over to the pokemon bound he has with his team and make them grow at extraordinary speeds? Is there a limit? Now armed with these tools, Emmet is skeptical. Can he really rely on Ash, who's often too naive and sometimes even stupid for his own good, to repeatedly save the world? Not on his watch. This fic includes death and violence althought it is not the main focus. Just a warning that it is not a slice of life or something "light". There is not a "word count chapter" or anything of the sort, just a straight up fiction for you to enjoy.

Basso2142 · Book&Literature
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36 Chs

Chapter 4

Emmet interrupts Charmander's intense focus, causing her to grumble audibly in irritation. As she shakes out her limbs to restore blood flow, he kneels beside her. "Charmander, I have to tell you something serious. There's a group of criminals called Team Rocket," he begins cautiously. "If they find out about your skill level, especially your mastery over Fire Energy, they won't hesitate to steal you from me." The gravity of his words hang heavy in the air.

Noticing Charmander's eyes widen and her darting glances around the area, Emmet reassures her. "Don't worry, I've already checked; we're alone here. But this is why we need to be extra vigilant, especially in cities." Charmander nods in agreement, her eyes still vigilant but somewhat relieved.

"Alright, time to change gears," Emmet states, rising to his feet. "Nothing's suspicious about a trainer working on his Charmander's physical skills. Plus, a stronger body will mean stronger attacks and better stamina in battle." He flexes for emphasis, eliciting an amused chirp from Charmander.

Charmander agrees with a vocal affirmation and joins Emmet. They both dive into a rigorous physical training regimen, focusing on agility and strength exercises. Push-ups, sprints, and other activities fill the air with their collective determination.

By the end of the session, Emmet is dripping in sweat and Charmander is panting heavily. Exhausted, they lie on the ground for nearly 20 minutes before gathering enough strength to return to the Pokemon Center.

Emmet, sweat-drenched and fatigued, approaches Nurse Joy's counter, doing his best to ignore the looks of repulsion from those who catch a whiff of him and Charmander. "Excuse me, Nurse Joy. Any updates on Eevee? How much longer until she's cleared?"

Nurse Joy looks up from her computer, momentarily startled by their pungent state before recovering her professional composure. "Ah, Emmet, your Eevee is doing remarkably well. However, we'd like to keep her for overnight observation to ensure her full recovery. She's getting better at an... almost surprisingly fast rate."

The last part strikes a chord in Emmet. He raises an eyebrow, "Surprisingly fast, you say? Anything particular that caught your attention?"

"Well," Nurse Joy hesitates, seemingly contemplating how much information to divulge, "it's rare to see a Pokemon recover this quickly without the aid of strong potions or specific treatments. She seems to have a natural resilience that's rather uncommon."

Emmet connect the dots immediately, 'The EM!' he thinks in a bit of panic. "Well, as long as she's getting better, that's what matters," he says, attempting to change the subject, which thankfully works.

Nurse Joy gives a subtle sniff and then her eyes twinkle mischievously. "On an unrelated note, did you know our Pokemon Center is well-known for its fantastic shower facilities?"

Emmet, not catching her drift initially, looks puzzled. "Really? Is it some kind of tourist attraction?"

With a restrained giggle, Nurse Joy scrunches her nose. "Oh, not a tourist attraction, but it might just be the next essential stop on your journey. We even have a selection of scented soaps; they say the lavender one is particularly invigorating."

Finally catching on, Emmet's face turns a brilliant shade of red. "Ah, I see. Well, I'll make sure to give it a... thorough visit then."

Nurse Joy hands him a room key with a smile that suggests she's successfully made her point. "Room 204, just follow the signs. And perhaps prioritize the 'Shower' one, yes?"

Gratefully, and a bit sheepishly, Emmet takes the key. "Thank you, Nurse Joy. We'll be sure to do just that," he mumbles, making a beeline toward the showers for what promises to be the most thorough cleaning session of his life.

Emmet steps into room 204, instantly comforted by its Spartan simplicity. A bed, a small desk, and a wardrobe—nothing more, nothing less. This minimalism resonates with his practical mindset, making him feel at home. For Emmet, who never had a penchant for luxury, the room offers everything he needs to concentrate on his Pokemon journey.

Peeling off his sweat-soaked clothes, he glances toward Charmander, who has already claimed the bed for a well-deserved nap. As he's about to step into the shower, he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. A subtle admiration fills him as he notices the physical changes. Just two days into using Efficiency Mastery, and the transformation is visible. His muscles are more pronounced, almost sculpted. His deep red hair has gained a vibrancy, appearing more lustrous than before. His deep blue eyes remain the same, serving as a constant in a rapidly changing physique. Even the last traces of baby fat on his face seem to have dissipated, leaving in its wake a sharper, more matured look. It's incredible what a short span of focused training can do.

After a quick but thorough shower, he exits the bathroom feeling like a worn-out sock. He nudges Charmander, who's deep in her beauty sleep, to make space for himself on the bed. He'd planned on 'resting his eyes,' but instead, he face-plants into the pillow and goes zero to snoring in five seconds, dreaming of lifting the Indigo League trophy.

An ear-piercing ring from the room phone jolts him and Charmander awake. In a tangle of limbs and sheets, they both tumble out of bed, hitting the floor with a synchronized "Oof!/Char!" They look at each other, groan, and then chuckle. It's like a two-person comedy act that nobody asked for.

Emmet scrambles to his feet and snatches the phone off the receiver. "Hello?"

"Good morning, Emmet!" Nurse Joy's voice chimes through, almost too chipper for the moment. "I'm happy to report that Eevee is fully recovered and seems quite eager to leave the infirmary. When can we expect you?"

"Thanks, Nurse Joy. We'll be there soon," Emmet replies, relieved but still slightly disoriented from his abrupt awakening.

Setting the phone back, he turns to Charmander, who has already clambered back onto the bed, teetering on the edge of sleep. "Hey, sleepyhead, we need to get ready to pick up Eevee and get going. If we want to have a talk with her and make it to the Viridian Forest before nightfall, we can't afford to dilly-dally."

In Emmet's opinion, there was no such thing as leaving Viridian too soon. Every mile between Giovanni and him increased his survival chances in the future severalfold.

Charmander opens one eye, seemingly assessing whether he's serious, then begrudgingly pushes herself up.

Soon, Emmet and Charmander find themselves standing before the reception desk where an amused Nurse Joy greets them. Her eyes glint with a playful sparkle, hinting that she's about to make light of their previous, sweaty condition.

"So, what did you think of our top-of-the-line showers?" Nurse Joy asks, clearly enjoying the moment.

Emmet catches on to her humor immediately. "Oh, the showers were invigorating, but let me tell you, that bed is something else. I think it has healing powers. I slept like a Snorlax during a food coma!"

Their laughter fills the room but is soon interrupted by an impatient Charmander. "Char! Char!" she calls out, motioning towards where the Eevee's Pokeball would be kept. Her small arms are outstretched, almost as if she's saying, "Enough chatting, let's get to the point!"

Turning to Charmander, Emmet kneels to be at eye level with her. "Listen," he says softly, his hands forming reassuring gestures, "I need to have a talk alone with Eevee. You'll be going with Nurse Joy for a quick checkup, okay?"

"Char! Charmander! Char!" Charmander retorts, clearly unhappy with this plan. She stomps her foot, her tail flame flickering with her mood.

"Hey, I'm just following Professor Oak's advice," Emmet argues back. "I feel like Eevee will be more open to talking to a human first, before having to interact with other Pokemon. Trust me on this one, alright?"

Nurse Joy, who'd been observing their nonverbal ping-pong match with a smile, decides to step in. "Your trainer is right, Charmander. This particular Eevee has had some tough interactions with other Pokemon. She needs a little extra care and one-on-one time to feel safe."

Hearing this, Charmander narrows her eyes at both Joy and Emmet. She appears to ponder their words for a moment, then finally, her shoulders sag. Reaching for her own Pokeball on Emmet's belt, she manages to grab it, something she couldn't have done two days ago. Emmet notices this growth, both literal and figurative, with a sense of pride.

Turning his attention back to Nurse Joy, Emmet leans in a bit. "Please be thorough in your examination of Charmander. Those are direct orders from Professor Oak himself."

"Oh, don't you worry," Nurse Joy reassures, waving his concerns away. "Professor Oak called me right after you left Pallet Town. His instructions are highlighted every time a Pokemon Center in Kanto or Johto scans your ID. We'll take extra good care of Charmander."

As she speaks, Nurse Joy notices that Emmet's demeanor changes ever so slightly, a slight tightness forming around his eyes. "You don't have to worry about being separated from Charmander," she soothes. "She's in excellent hands, and you'll both be reunited shortly. You're doing what's best for both of your Pokemon, and that's what makes you a good trainer."

Emmet hands over Charmander's Pokeball to Nurse Joy. "Is there a private room I could use? I need to have a talk with Eevee," he asks, his eyes meeting hers.

"Of course, you can use the room you were in earlier, or one of the examination rooms right behind me," Nurse Joy replies, taking the Pokeball with a professional grace.

Emmet nods in agreement and moves into the examination room. As the door closes behind him, he takes a deep breath and releases Eevee onto the examination table. He purposely keeps some distance between them, hoping not to startle the already timid creature.

Eevee appears in a burst of light and almost immediately curls up on herself. The sight squeezes Emmet's heart. She must have had more unfortunate encounters in the forest than he'd realized. It only strengthens his resolve to find an amicable way forward, be it integrating her into his team or finding her a caring home.

Looking at Eevee, he can't help but notice the improvement in her condition. Her fur seems softer, no longer dry or rough, and her overall demeanor, although still timid, has improved. He wonders whether this is due to EM, Nurse Joy's care, or both.

Shifting his focus inward, Emmet tries to channel his Aura to project feelings of acceptance and safety towards Eevee. With multiple nudges from EM, he begins to feel successful. Eevee slowly uncurls and starts looking at him, a sign that he's making progress.

"Hey there, Eevee. You're safe now, I promise. No one's going to hurt you anymore," Emmet speaks softly, reinforcing his words by channeling his protective aura and the budding emotional bond between them.

Eevee eyes him cautiously. After a borderline awkward silence, she inches closer to his outstretched hand. A couple of sniffs later, she timidly licks it, then presses her head into his palm for a scratch. The emotional dam seems to break.

Emmet feels their bond strengthen dramatically, almost on par with the one he shares with Charmander. It's both heartwarming and unsettling, reminding him how deprived of love Eevee has been.

"Eevee, you have two choices now. I'd like you to hear both options before making a decision," Emmet says, his eyes locked onto hers.

Eevee nods and gives an affirmative yip.

"First, you can go to Professor Oak's ranch. It's a large facility with ample food, space, and a dedicated staff to ensure you're well taken care of. You'll be free to roam, socialize, and live without fear," Emmet describes the ranch's benefits in detail.

Just as Eevee seems about to express something, Emmet raises his hand to pause her. "The second option is to join me and Charmander on our journey. But it's not a path of ease. We'll face battles, sleep in risky places, and even run into dangers like powerful Pokemon."

"There's a likelihood that criminals may try to steal you and other Pokemon from me. Building a strong rapport of trust among the team is the only way to survive. You have to be there not just for me, but for Charmander and any future teammates. I won't keep anyone who isn't a team player," Emmet emphasizes.

"And our ultimate goal is to collect eight gym badges to compete in the Indigo Conference in about a year. If we win, we'll challenge the Elite Four and eventually, Champion Lance himself," he adds, laying out the grand plan.

"I will push you and everyone else to your limits. But know this: I'll be right there with you, every step of the way, willing to make the same sacrifices," Emmet says, his voice filled with determination.

To his surprise, Eevee takes only a moment to decide. She leaps into his arms, letting out happy, determined yips. "Eevee! Eevee!" It's as if she's shouting she wants to be strong and that she chooses to be with him.