Pokemon Earth's Parallel World: Dragon Trainer

A young man suddenly found himself in a parallel world to Earth, and the most surprising aspect of it was the presence of Pokémon in this world. However, a significant issue existed: most people harbored strong hatred towards these creatures. Five years ago, when Pokémon first appeared in this world, it caused alarm and panic across the globe. Countless instances of destruction, loss of life, and chaos unfolded. The protagonist was bestowed with a system that transformed him into the World's Strongest Dragon Trainer. Author's Note: The world itself remained unchanged; I merely altered the names of countries. For instance, Japan became Nihon, China became Longdong, the Philippines became Maharlika, and so on. This change was necessary as I am not familiar with these places. Even the city names were modified, but I needed them to feature in my story. Disclaimer: This fanfiction is a non-commercial, unofficial work created solely for entertainment purposes. All characters, settings, and elements related to the Pokémon franchise are the intellectual property of Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. I do not claim any ownership over Pokémon or any associated trademarks. Except for the Pokémon related to my story, I only own a few original characters and some ideas. That's it. This work is not intended to infringe upon the rights of the original copyright holders. On Patreon, I've released advanced18 chapters ahead of the webnovel: https://www.patreon.com/iceclaw9113

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"Horsea, Horsea!" she sang. (I don't want to get fat, so I'll dance.)

With that, she initiated Rain Dance.

As the young man found himself lost in melancholy memories, he felt the numerous droplets touch him.

He watched her continue to dance in the rain. Though it didn't quite resemble a typical Rain Dance, but the weather seemed to respond to her movements.

"Perhaps it's because she's still so young, and her level is low," he mused, smiling at her performance. "Her Rain Dance moves are like that of a small fountain—utterly adorable."

Dratini had already finished eating and was about to begin training when the young man grabbed him, asking, "Where do you think you're going?"

Struggling to express himself, Dratini conveyed that he was eager to train and grow stronger.

"Slow down. Training can wait. You're still young, and it's essential to establish a strong foundation first," said the young man as he activated his Dragon Power and began to massage Dratini's body.

Though Dratini maintained a stoic expression, the pleasure he felt was seen by the young man.

To be honest, for a newborn creature like Dratini, training isn't advisable. However, the young man was an exception; he possessed Dragon Power, which made it safer. Furthermore, Dratini had grown increasingly eager to start its training.

The young man continued his massage before walking over to Axew.

Pokemon: Axew (Shiny)

Level: 34 ♂

Type: Dragon

Ability: Mold Breaker


Advanced Level:

Intermediate Level: Scratch, Dig, Slash, First Impression, Taunt, Bite, Dragon Claw

Beginner Level: Breaking Swipe, Taunt, Crunch, Assurance, Scary Face, Dragon Rage

Genetic Skill: First Impression

Axew was close to evolving. Technically, he could force the process, but the young man had advised against it. Unlike Dratini and Horsea, Axew had nearly squandered his foundational skills when they first met.

At that time, Axew was at level 19 and lacked any Dragon-type moves. Aside from his shiny appearance and the unique skill 'Dig'—which he'd accidentally learned while escaping from his mother—he had nothing.

It took the young man seven months to rebuild Axew's foundation. Axew even acquired new skills like "Dragon Claw," "Breaking Swipe," and "Dragon Rage."

Dratini watched enviously as his elder brother trained for extended periods. He too yearned to train, eager to grow up, but he was under the care of this human. Nonetheless, the ambiance was uplifting.

Dratini: (´ヮ`)

"Have you learned?"


Hearing the young man's question, Axew paused, looking apologetic, and shook his head.

Dragon Dance is a bit hard

"Rest for a bit, eat, and I'll give you a massage," said the young man, already setting out Axew's customized food.

Horsea chirped, "Horsea~" (Me too! I'm hungry and I want a massage!)

"Then you should teach your elder brother that move," the young man responded.

"Horsea," (That's too tiring.)

"Do you want a massage?" the young man asked.

"Horsea! Horsea!" (I'll do it! But you have to give me a massage! And my food better be delicious.)

"Alright, alright," the young man said with a resigned expression, attending to the demands of all three of them.

(Unconscious Rattat, "You didn't even care for me T_T)

August 29, 2005

Maharlika, Malibo City

Carpenter Town

Malibo City is situated on the North-West coast of the country. A young man navigates cautiously, avoiding crowded areas. Inside his backpack, two Pokémon are concealed, while an Axew, distinguishable by the iron ring around its neck, follows close behind him.

Although the majority of people in the world hated Pokemon, there are some cases where there's a place where the beasts were allowed as long you have the iron ring on it. It is a status that this beast has the owner and their current identity is slave. 

The iron ring can deliver an electric shock whenever a beast starts to resist.


The young man had no choice but to comply if he wanted to enter the town. Axew agreed and obeyed his command.

Upon entering the town, he noticed crowds gathered to one side, seemingly engrossed in a cockfight. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the creatures fighting in the center weren't chickens but Pokémon—typically young or baby Pokémon, as people couldn't afford to catch larger, adult ones.

At the moment, a Mankey was battling a Growlithe on the other side. This was no ordinary Growlithe but a Hisuian Form Growlithe, which is a Rock + Fire type, putting it at a disadvantage against the Fighting Type Mankey.

"Beast Dog, what are you doing? Hurry up, stand up—kill him!"



Growlithe struggled to stand. His will to continue waned, but he was encouraged by his master's voice: "If you don't stand up, if you lose, forget about dinner."

Who would have thought that a loyal Pokémon like Growlithe would be treated this way by humans?

"Ha! Henry, did you see that? This guy was a gift from my uncle. Are you shocked? Are you scared? Listen, beast—if you defeat that dog, I'll give you a nice dinner later."

The word 'dinner' made Mankey tense up; his eyes turned red as he glared menacingly at Growlithe.

Growlithe couldn't afford to lose. The prospect of skipping dinner was unthinkable. He had to fight, but his body felt weak, and he no longer had the will to continue.



The state of both Pokémon could only be described as dreadful.

Blood splattered on the ground, inciting shouts, curses, and various noises from the crowd.

"Hey, beast, kill that dog!"

"Heh, this is so fun. I don't care who loses. Even better if they both lose!"

As the crowd erupts in noise, Axew witnesses the scene, feeling a heaviness settle over him. His fists clench involuntarily, and a surge of anger courses through his veins. Although this isn't the first time he's observed such a situation, the intense emotion never ceases to boil within him. Despite this, he forces himself to remain composed.

On the other hand, the young man remains emotionally detached, his face betraying no emotion. This is precisely why he chose to keep Horsea and Dratini away from the situation, opting instead to bring along only Axew, who is typically the most level-headed among them. 

As for the outcome of the battle, Who knows?

In this instance, bystanders aren't merely battling like what they had seen before; one man is even placing an Oddish into a furnace. Another vendor is selling barbecued Pidgey and Rattata, while a Caterpie is being tormented by children who poke it with sharp sticks.

Some people are watching an Axew who stands behind a young man. However, each time they sense the aura of the young man, they are filled with apprehension. Despite being only between 13-16 years old, the young man's presence and physique surpass those of his peers. The strength evident in his biceps and legs, they assumed he could easily overpower the average adult, causing onlookers to avert their eyes and forget about the Axew.

Eager to leave this unsettling scene behind, the young man quickly heads for the tavern. Though he appears unfazed, his tense body and clenched fists betray his underlying anger.

Upon his entry, the tavern falls silent, as every people inside turns to look at him. He pays them no mind and walks directly to a table near the bar. As he sits, the atmosphere gradually returns to normal, as though nothing had happened.

The young man sit on the bar counter.

"I have an appointment," he announces.

"Oh, you're looking for someone?" the bartender cautiously inquires.

"I'm looking for Kanraku," he replies.

"What's your name?"