Pokemon Earth's Parallel World: Dragon Trainer

A young man suddenly found himself in a parallel world to Earth, and the most surprising aspect of it was the presence of Pokémon in this world. However, a significant issue existed: most people harbored strong hatred towards these creatures. Five years ago, when Pokémon first appeared in this world, it caused alarm and panic across the globe. Countless instances of destruction, loss of life, and chaos unfolded. The protagonist was bestowed with a system that transformed him into the World's Strongest Dragon Trainer. Author's Note: The world itself remained unchanged; I merely altered the names of countries. For instance, Japan became Nihon, China became Longdong, the Philippines became Maharlika, and so on. This change was necessary as I am not familiar with these places. Even the city names were modified, but I needed them to feature in my story. Disclaimer: This fanfiction is a non-commercial, unofficial work created solely for entertainment purposes. All characters, settings, and elements related to the Pokémon franchise are the intellectual property of Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. I do not claim any ownership over Pokémon or any associated trademarks. Except for the Pokémon related to my story, I only own a few original characters and some ideas. That's it. This work is not intended to infringe upon the rights of the original copyright holders. On Patreon, I've released advanced18 chapters ahead of the webnovel: https://www.patreon.com/iceclaw9113

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1 vs 2 Challenge

Author Note: Since my first visit to the church nine days ago this year, I have felt disturbed because I was inspired by something which was the horror genre. I feel like a psycho who contradicts myself because I'm scared of ghosts; I even sleep with my lights on, yet there's something inside me that's interested in the topic. In these past few days, I've been watching scary documentaries about witchcraft, mythical creatures, ghosts, etc. However, this has made me even more paranoid, feeling like someone is always watching me even when no one is around. My concentration, especially at night, is greatly affected. My third or fourth novel should be Horror, maybe... T_T


In the midst of the battle, a multitude of wild Pokémon observed the confrontation between Floyd and his Pokémon. Ekans and Teddiursa, engaged in a fierce struggle, battled Dratini, who was positioned before them. This time, Dratini fought with a newfound wisdom, refraining from the reckless engagement that characterized previous battles. He utilized Thunder Wave to paralyze Ekans, the opponent he was always particularly wary of due to its poisonous capabilities.

Meanwhile, Teddiursa gasped as it endured an Extreme Speed from Dratini. In response, Teddiursa countered with Fury Swipes, aiming them towards Dratini, who in turn unleashed his subsequent move: Twister. The effect left Teddiursa feeling dizzy, his body swaying under the influence of Twister's powerful force.

As soon as Ekans recovered from the paralyzing effect, he lunged forward with the Poison Fang move directed at Dratini. However, Dratini evasively employed Extreme Speed to escape. Subsequently, Dratini deployed Thunder Wave once more, rendering Ekans helplessly paralyzed again.

Next, Dratini executed his Dragon Breath.


Ekans emitted a pained hiss as he was propelled backward by the force of the move.

Regaining his senses, Teddiursa made a dash for Dratini, but with precise timing, just as Teddiursa aligned with Ekans' side, Dratini had already activated Twister, which struck the pair squarely in the middle, impacting both Ekans and Teddiursa.


Overcome by the force, Teddiursa collapsed into unconsciousness. His father, Ursaring, swiftly attended to him, fraught with concern, while Ekans was left gasping in agony, making a desperate attempt to rise. Intent on delivering a Poison Fang to Dratini as he had done previously, Ekans was halted mid-action when Dratini unleashed his Extreme Speed, colliding violently with Ekans' body.

"Hisss~" Ekans's agonized scream filled the air as he succumbed to unconsciousness.

At this juncture, Arbok, rather than stepping forward, observed silently from a distance, witnessing her offspring's defeat. A subtle display of disappointment and reluctance crossed her features as she beheld Dratini.

"Ehew~" Dratini reveled in his triumph, lifting his head with a proud bearing.

[Ding! Congratulations on defeating Teddiursa. +10 points]

[Ding! Congratulations on defeating Ekans. +10 points]

Floyd was thoroughly impressed with Dratini's performance. Dratini had not acted impetuously but had instead utilized his moves—Extreme Speed, Twister, and Thunder Wave—with calculated precision. Floyd reflected on how Dratini had corrected his approach after just one failure and was now adapting to fight independently without Floyd's guidance, marking a substantial leap in his development.

"Ehew~" Dratini swelled with pride at Floyd's acknowledgment, yet Floyd promptly tempered the celebration. "It's commendable, but you are still not strong enough. Defeating weaker opponents doesn't make you truly powerful. You still need to train more, young one." Floyd patted his head, offering a mix of praise and motivation.

Dratini, though disappointed, nodded, understanding that Floyd was indeed right. Its strength had not yet matured enough; it wasn't even comparable to that of Fraxure, Blastoise, or its own mother. Therefore, there was no reason for it to be proud. For Dratini, these three Pokémon were the benchmarks of strength, and it was clear that it could not yet defeat them; much more training was necessary to catch up.

Floyd's other Pokémon celebrated Dratini's victory, and some were envious, yearning for their own chance to battle, like the leader Goomy and Growlithe. Floyd reassured them, "Prepare yourselves for a few days, and then it will be your turn." Their responses, "Goo~" from Goomy and "Awrrr," from Growlithe, indicated their readiness.

Floyd approached the unconscious Teddiursa and Ekans, and after a few moments, they woke up. Upon realizing their defeat, they felt a wave of disappointment and lowered their heads in shame. Floyd offered encouragement, "There's no need for shame; Dratini has undergone rigorous training and receives adequate nutrition from me daily. If you both wish to become stronger, seeking your own trainer might be advantageous, but the decision is yours to make," he suggested, looking at them thoughtfully.

The parental Arbok and Ursaring began to make noises of warning at Floyd, as if to say, "Don't even consider it." Although they were somewhat comfortable with Floyd and a few other humans, and refrained from attacking the humans here, their distrust was still apparent; they harbored reservations about them.

Teddiursa noticed his parents' warning and hesitated, but eventually, he nodded, placing his trust in his father's judgment.

Ekans, however, was considering a different perspective; he thought of Ryota and Floyd — Ryota, who wanted to befriend him and create bonds, leading to more friendships, and Floyd, a capable trainer whose Pokémon were strong and continuously improving. Dratini was a prime example of this.

Arbok, sensing her son's conflicted in thought, became alert and moved towards Floyd. Floyd and his Pokémon tensed, watching her actions closely.

"Charbokkk~," Arbok issued a challenge to Floyd in the form of a battle cry.

"Do you want a fight?" Floyd expressed his surprise at Arbok's challenge. All the wild Pokémon looked on in astonishment, pondering whether she was courting death.

Ekans, concerned for his mother, hissed a warning to her.

Arbok dismissed her son's concerns and maintained her gaze on Floyd.

"Charbokk~," she reiterated her challenge. Floyd, understanding her intent, frowned. He knew this Arbok was cunning and not seeking defeat for its own sake; she wouldn't challenge Fraxure one-on-one, knowing she couldn't win.

Arbok's intention was to demonstrate to her son that strength doesn't necessarily come from having a trainer; inherent power as a Pokémon was sufficient. Yet, she was also aware that she didn't possess the strength to face Axew alone, which is why she shamelessly proposed a two-on-one battle.

A two-on-one battle at the 'Rookie' Level differed significantly from one at the 'Ace Level.' At this advanced stage, Pokémon usually have a developed skill set and are mostly fully evolved. They possess extensive battle experience, and even for a strong Pokémon like Fraxure, facing two opponents simultaneously would be challenging.

Ursaring understood what Arbok was implying — that he would join her in battling Fraxure. The thought excited him. He had been aggrieved to see his baby consistently defeated by Dratini and sought to retaliate, despite knowing that his own strength was insufficient to defeat Fraxure alone, not to mention facing a monster like Blastoise, who had defeated Gyarados. He felt helpless.

Now, this battle, initiated by Floyd from the beginning, offered an opportunity. Knowing that Floyd would not cause harm, even in defeat, Ursaring considered it might be a good idea to join Arbok in battling Floyd's Fraxure.

While he harbored no ill will towards Floyd and his Pokémon, Ursaring desired to avenge his baby's suffering and demonstrate his might to his son. The ignominy of a two-on-one fight was of no concern to him.

Floyd contemplated the situation, realizing it would be difficult for Fraxure to take on both of them, as it was at the pinnacle of the 'Pro' level and not yet an 'Ace.' If Fraxure were to fight these two 'Ace' level, fully evolved Pokémon alone, it would likely lose. However, Floyd also saw an opportunity — this could be the chance for Fraxure to reach level 40 and ascend to 'Ace' level.

The prospect of a two-on-one battle caused Floyd to hesitate. He pondered over the situation, looking for an alternative strategy.

Then, an idea struck him, and a sly smile crossed his face as he turned his gaze back to Arbok, who felt a chill of apprehension at his expression, wondering what Floyd was planning to do next.