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Pallet Town

The rays of the morning sun fell on a handsome boy around the age of 16 who was walking on the road.

The gentle wind blew his well-styled black hair as his blue eyes reflected the beautiful scene of Pallet town.

He stood tall with perfect amounts of muscles. He had a strange aura around him with his looks making everyone on the road glance at him.

He had a thin smile that none could tell it was real or not.

This is Aoki, a person from the earth that got reincarnated into the world of Pokemon 16 years ago. He wore a black shirt and a red jacket and had a black colored bag on his back.

Back in his previous world, he read a lot of stories about reincarnation but never expected himself to get reincarnated especially in the world of Pokemon.

Some might consider it a world of dreams but the reality is terrifying.

The world of Pokemon is not as harmonious as displayed in the anime.

This world is filled with dangers in all corners waiting to turn humans into shreds.

There are various locations all over the world that defy logic like a desert and forest existing side by side.

The Pokemon are not as friendly as they appeared in the anime. While growing up Aoki had witnessed many people he knew die due to attacks from wild Pokemons in the most brutal way possible.

In such a world, being a Pokemon trainer is the most dangerous profession. In spite of so much risk to his life, Aoki had decided to become a Pokemon trainer.

Unlike the reincarnation stories with a golden finger-like System, he didn't have such a thing but he was blessed with different things.

Aoki was very talented in making strategies and had a power called energy sensitivity which let him detect the energy level of a Pokemon. This ability was inherited from his father and is rare but not as rare as aura or psychic powers.

Becoming a good trainer was not easy so Aoki had to make a lot of preparations beforehand not to mess things up later on.

Aoki studied very hard to acquire as much knowledge as possible before starting as a trainer.

He already knew a lot of things from his previous life regarding both academics and Pokemons.

He trained his body every day and prepare for the journey to become a Pokemon trainer.

The place he was going to was the lab of professor Oak to receive his very first Pokemon.

He could have gotten a strong wild Pokemon if he asked his parents but he wanted to start from scratch and what was better than getting your starter from the most famous professor himself.

The lab of professor Oak was on the outskirts of the beautiful Pallet town surrounded by a dense forest.

His Lab was also one of the areas where the most variety of Pokemon can be found in the entire region.

But no one dared to trespass his territory because of the high-level security and Professor Oak's own Pokemons that are rumored to have the entire area under his observation.

Aoki's house was in a town near the Pallet called Orange town which was closer to the coast.

He only came to Pallet town four to five times so he doesn't know if Ash exists but he knows that professor Oak has two grandchildren and one of them is Gary.

Although his house was in a remote town, his parents were rich. In spite of that, they ensured that Aoki was not spoiled.

His parents ran a large restaurant that was the main attraction of Orange Town. They had three more restaurants in different cities and one in Saffron City which generated enough funds for him to spend his childhood in luxury.

Orange town had roads directly to Pallet town, Bridgeford town where the Pokemon School was, and finally Viridian city.

The reason they were staying in Orange town was due to having a peaceful environment among nature.

His parents wanted him to succeed in their business but respected Aoki's wish to be a trainer.

After he had made enough name for himself, Aoki planned to open more branches of the restaurant in main cities in the future.

Now for the matter of his starter Pokemon.

The three royal starters namely Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander were specially reserved for people selected by professor Oak. Aoki was sure that two of them were for his grandson and daughter that would start their journey with him or trainers from the special families related to the league alliance.

A person cannot own a Pokemon legally own multiple Pokemon without having any proper license or registration. So money and influence are big factors.

The easiest method to get a standard license to become a Pokemon trainer is to attend a Pokemon school till the age of 15 owned by the league alliance or take up courses that give out trainer licenses.

While high levels of technology existed, the internet was not so developed yet. After going through a lot of books and old newspapers, Aoki found some interesting things.

Trainer Red and Blue existed. They belonged to the generation of his father.

Blue was the only Pokemon league champion in the history of Kanto to be dethroned under a month by Red.

At that time Pokemon league was different from the current one as there was only the match with the elite four to become the champion.

Red's Charizard and Blue's Blastoise were pretty famous during that time.

From then various rules were changed to make sure that incident doesn't happen again.

Blue had disappeared after getting dethroned while Red resigned from the throne of champion after a while and disappeared too.

No news of them was heard after that. Aoki found it a bit suspicious but as the incident took place around 18 years ago, every record of them was almost gone.

Aoki was going to professor Oak for another reason, that was to get his Pokedex.

Pokedex's first prototype was developed around the time Red was around and it has come a long way since then.

10 Pokedex were given out by the professor each year with one being given the top ranker in the Pokemon school which Aoki had scored for himself.

One benefit of passing from the Pokemon school was free space to keep Pokemon that are not in use or get a starter free of cost.

There were certain organizations or places like the Pokemon center where a trainer's Pokemon are kept and for Aoki, it would be professor Oak's sanctuary as the Pokemon School he went to was funded by Professor Oak.

The rate of passing from a Pokemon school was around 10% per year due to the level of difficulty of the course. This rate of passing was a good thing as the news of death in the wild due to reckless was very common.

Although Aoki won't receive a royal starter, he was not demotivated. He believed that there are no bad Pokemon but bad trainers.

He was confident in his skills to raise any Pokemon to the top level. Although the potential of pokemon existed like the personality and talent of different people, that could be compensated by investing proper resources in raising a pokemon.

The strength of the Pokemon was classified into various levels which were

Junior ( lev 0-20)

Intermediate (lev 20-40)

Master (lev 40-60)

Elite (lev 60-80)

Champion (lev 80-100)

Beyond champion ( lev >100)

The life expectancy of a Pokemon also depends on their strength and species. In this world, humans were physically stronger than on earth and had a longer average life expectancy which was more than 100 years.

Most Pokemon can reach their final evolution before getting to elite rank.

This year 20 people were starting as trainers from this area, each of them being given a specific

time for picking up a starter.

Fortunately, Aoki received the first chance to pick a starter.

Like humans, potential existed in Pokemon too. The royal starters belonged to high potential while the pokemon generally found in the wild were of lowest potential. The starter he would be getting would be of the lowest to medium tier.

Aoki has discussed with his parents that he would start his journey immediately after getting his Pokemon. On his back, he carried a spatial bag made by Silph co. which his parents gifted him for starting his journey.

This bag had the capacity to hold a large number of things which currently had his cooking and camping kit.

Aoki reached the lab after walking for an hour as it was on the outskirts of Pallet town.

The outside of the lab had a beautiful garden where a group of Butterfree could be seen playing around.

The building was large with many windmills attacked to its structures which were rotating slowly.

Aoki entered the lab and was amazed by the interior design. He looked ahead and found the reception area.

"Excuse me. I am here to get my starter " Aoki said to the man at the reception handing him his trainer ID.

The receptionist checked the ID and called for a woman wearing a lab coat. She woman asked Aoki to follow her to the designated area.

Aoki moved through various rooms and came across a large number of equipment and people working on various things.

In one place, she a lot of Pokemon eggs were being checked thoroughly while somewhere a group of baby Pokemon were being fed.

In one room he saw a man teaching a lone Pidgey to fly.

"Some Pidgeys that cannot fly on their own are abandoned by their pack so we take the responsibility to teach them how to fly so that they don't die in the wild " the woman who was guiding Aoki said.

After walking for a while, they entered a room that had a shelf filled with Pokeballs.

Each Pokeball had a label that described the name and age of the Pokemon.

"Choose one from them, remember that you can only choose once," said the woman scanning Aoki's behavior.

Aoki nodded and started looking for his starter that would be his companion.

The Pokemon mainly available were Pidgey, Spearow, Weedle, Kakuna, Caterpie, Pichu, Oddish, Bellsprout, Marill, Sandshrew, and Mankey.

'Let's see….

I can get a Pidgey in route 1, Weedle line, and Caterpie line would give a major boost in the short run but fall short in the long run.

Pichu is very weak and would take some time to evolve into Pikachu and be useful. In its final evolution, Raichu can be very strong if trained properly.

Sandshrew and Mankey are good options but I prefer Pokemons with 3 evolution stages more.

That leaves me with Oddish and Bellsprout…' Aoki thought

"Take as much time you want, this is a major decision that you must take," the woman said seeing Aoki in dilemma. She had seen trainers make a choice hastily and later come crying to change their starter.

'I have decided !!'

"I will choose Bellsprout "

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