3 Bellsprout


Professor Oak's lab

Currently, Bellsprout was the best option for him, it had dual typing of grass and poison.

Grass-type Pokemon were the best for restraining the first two gyms of Kanto and moreover very friendly in general.

Aoki always preferred Pokemon that had a total of 3 evolution stages.

He looked through the Pokeballs of Bellsprouts to determine the best one for him. Finally, he picked the one that was a month old.

"Good choice, the age of Bellsprout is less too so he will bond with you very quickly if you treat him right," the woman said as Aoki was asked to follow her.

After taking the Pokeball he walked towards another room where there was an old man sitting and going through some notes.

The old man had white hair and wore a lab coat similar to the woman.

That was Professor Samuel Oak, the most famous person in the entire Kanto region. There was hardly any person in the entire Kanto region who was not aware of his name.

This man radiated a wave of confidence and pride that was different from every person Aoki had seen so far.

"Goodmorning professor Oak !! " greeted Aoki

"Good morning young man!! " Professor Oak put down his notes and looked at the document of Aoki.

"You must be Aoki right, I have heard about you a lot from the Pokemon School," he said.

"Excited to start your journey? " asked Oak as he took out a red device from a box.

"Yes sir "

Oak laughed and handed him the Pokedex.

This device held the capacity to show the details of a wild Pokemon and more details after catching it. This can also act as an ID for him.

This device can have a built-in GPS and camera too. Overall a must-needed device for the journey. This was like a modern-day mobile phone except for the feature of video calling.

One by one Oak showed all the features of the Pokedex to Aoki and told him that he would be informed about the future updates that would be made to the Pokedex.

"Although you can carry more than 6 Pokemons, I will advise you not to because they need to be fed and taken care of regularly which could be very stressful. It's better to register the Pokemons you catch to avoid legal issues."

"Thank you for the advice professor "

Oak handed him 10 Pokeballs and gave him some encouraging words.

"Good luck on your journey child"

Bidding farewell to him, Aoki exited the lab and opened his Pokedex and feed his data, and linked his bank account to it.

[Trainer profile

Name - Aoki Gunhildr

Age -16

License type -standard/junior trainer

Badges- 0 ]

He pressed a button and entered a code

[Total balance: 30k Pokedollars ]

Aoki didn't want to use his parent's money and wanted to start from scratch but they still gave him around 30k poke dollars to start his journey.

Aoki was good with handling money so he had saved up around 400k from his Pocket money and competitions he won with his Parent's Pokemon.

Pokemon trainer is a very profitable profession if done correctly. Along with his trust on his skills on Pokemon training, he knew various sources to aquire money from.

So there was no need for him to ask his parents for extra money.

The authority of a trainer was divided into three classes which were standard trainer, master trainer, and elite trainer.

Trainers who only have junior or intermediate level Pokemon are called standard trainers, trainers who have at least 3 master-level Pokemon are called master trainers, and finally, trainers with elite or above level Pokemons are called elite trainers.

The amount of freedom or authority a trainer has depends on their rank.

The total number of elite trainers plays a major role in the reputation of a region.

As Aoki left the lab, an Alakazam appeared beside Professor Oak.

"I had heard about him from the school but now that I see him in front of me, I feel like I have seen this kid before, " Oak said.

"Did you forget? , you saw him in the popular restaurant you often make your employees bring food from. Even last night's dinner was from his restaurant "

"Ah-ha my memory has gotten weaker. So, what do you think of him? " asked Oak.

"He has a strong natural presence like that kid Lance and Red… that presence of domination.

He has deep love for Pokemon, although he didn't show it on his face he was brimming with excitement after holding the Pokeball of Bellsprout. "

"Anything else?"

"He has immense respect for you too, " said Alakazam.

"And yes, hide your granddaughter from him or he will be becoming your grandson in law too"

"Hahah~ youth " Oak laughed


Outside the lab of Professor Oak, Aoki unhooked the Pokeball from his belt and called out his Pokemon. With a flash of light, a plant-like Pokemon named Bellsprout stood in front of him and looked around curiously.

~Bell~ the Pokemon made a cute sound and looked towards Aoki. Grass-type pokemon could sense a person's happiness and he could tell how happy Aoki was seeing him.

"Hello Bellsprout! I am Aoki, from today onwards we are partners. I promise that I will make you reach the top, you just have to trust me " he said petting his small head.

"Please take care of me, " said Bellsprout but Aoki only heard a cute sound.

Grass-type Pokemon were famous for being friendly so seeing the good intention and affection from his new trainer Bellsprout warmed up to him. Aoki picked up Bellsprout and put him over his head and started walking.

" We shall begin your training once we reach near the wild area. It is better if we start early "

Bellsprout made a sound of agreement.

In the lab, he had often seen beautiful and strong Victreebel so he wanted to become one too.

On the way to route 1, he checked the profile of his new partner with the Pokedex.

[Name: Bellsprout

Type : Grass / Poison

Species: flower Pokemon

Gender: male

Ability: chlorophyll ( enhances speed under sunlight )

Stage: Junior

Moves: vine whip, growth, wrap, sleep Powder, poison Powder, sweet scent.

Pokedex entry: A carnivorous POKéMON that traps and eats bugs. It appears to use its root feet to replenish moisture. ]

Seeing the number of moves his partner knew Aoki was very happy.

" You are great Bellsrpout, you know so many moves " he complimented which made Bellsprout release another cute sound.

After fidgeting with the Pokedex for 5 minutes Aoki found that he could add custom move names to the list of moves the pokemon knew.

There was another section to add a custom Pokemon profile.

Although the Pokedex was made by Oak, he could not check the data unless Aoki allows him to do that too so the level of privacy was very satisfactory.

'The Pokedex had come a long way since it was invented.'

Aoki had no idea in which type of timeline he was in but if he was in the timeline of the anime, he would try to get Ash's Charmander or Squirtle to his team.

The moment Aoki chose Bellsprout he already had prepared an ideal team in his mind.

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