Pokemon : Arthur Smith

Author: TERENO26
Video Games
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What is Pokemon : Arthur Smith

Read ‘Pokemon : Arthur Smith’ Online for Free, written by the author TERENO26, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Adventures of an 18 year old boy who finds himself in the world of Pokemon.


Adventures of an 18 year old boy who finds himself in the world of Pokemon.

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Devin Caddel, a 17-year-old girl, had a difficult time finding her true identity, all because she grew up in an orphanage with the head, Lucia, feeling that a piece of her identity has been missing. As school started, the orphanage staff decided to enrol them in the nearest school, Cypress Charter. Zuko Griffin, who was also a new student at Devin's school, helped her find her class on her first day as she was lost and couldn't find her assigned one. Zuko was sent by the people of Brewward (kingdom of light) to rescue Devin on her nearly 18th birthday. [Maybe add moments of them spending time together that'll show the readers how they bonded] Months after, as both of them were getting along, Zuko revealed to Devin his true intentions that were linked to her true identity. Under the ground, a servant of Darcel, which was known as the ruler of Murkwood overheard the angel's plan to save Devin. A quick message was sent to his king, Darcel. When Darcel heard the unexpected news, he sent his servants to pursue Devin. Initially, he was shocked by the news, thinking his unwanted child, Devin, was killed at birth. for he was the one who ordered the mighty knights to finish her off at birth, he was dissatisfied at not having a son that could fulfil the prophecy that a chap would become the great ruler of Murkwood's kingdom. But the knights hid the truth that Melantha and her daughter had escaped and crossed the boundary. On Devin's 18th birthday, she distinctly became her true self, her other self, her evil self, and as she refused to acknowledge who she was, her wicked self would grow stronger. Since no man had been born when she existed, she needs to fight for her throne and defeat her father, Darcel.

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Dunia merupakan tempat yg indah, setiap tempat memiliki keunikan dan keindahannya sendiri. Sama dengan manusia, laki laki atau perempuan, muda maupun tua, tinggi maupun pendek, dan walaupun berbeda negara dan budaya sekalipun setiap insan memiliki keunikannya tersendiri. Di setiap tempat, setiap orang memiliki takdirnya sendiri sendiri, dan tidak setiap orang bisa menerima takdir mereka dengan baik. Namun manusia merupakan mahkluk yang misterius, walaupun mereka sudah tersiksa, terlantar, sendiri, terasingkan, dan menderita sepanjang hidupnya namun mereka bisa tetap berdiri tegak walaupun kaki dan tangannya sudah lecet dan berdarah karena jatuh berkali-kali. Namun, setiap insan memiliki alasannya masing-masing, mengapa mereka masih berdiri dan tidak menyerah, 85% orang akan menjawab hal yang membangun dan memotivasi. Seorang lelaki dengan ekspresi yang tak dapat dijelaskan menjawab, "Karena Tuhan memberikan hidup kepada kita untuk melihat dunia tak hanya dari satu sisi. Setiap orang akan memiliki jalan mereka sendiri. Dan ending mereka sendiri, if you keep walking ... The World is yours." Lalu bagaimana dengan 15% nya? Seorang wanita yang tak terlihat matanya menoleh, tersenyum kecil dan menjawab, "Cause we dont have a desire to end it and neither to continue living" itu adalah jawaban wanita tersebut, bagaimana dengan kalian? Apa kalian termasuk dalam 15% orang tersebut? Atau 85% sisanya? Di dalam cerita ini, tidak semua bisa dijelaskan dengan kata kata, hanya dengan tatapan mata semua dapat tersampaikan. Karena rasa sakit tidak bisa dirasakan orang lain tanpa mengalaminya sendiri. Dapatkah kalian tahu, bagaimana rasanya menjadi orang yang tersesat dan berada di antara kerumunan yang ramai? Note, ini hanyalah cerita pendek yang author tuliskan berdasarkan apa yang ia rasakan, dengan sedikit perbedaan tempat dan jalan cerita. Perhatian ;) Endingnya tidak akan indah kawan. Because the world never allows it. Prepare your heart ;)

Akako_Q · Teen
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why there no review, when it has so many views???


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