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A man from an Earth gets the choice to start over in any Universe and chooses an Alternate Pokemon Universe. Let us see if his journey to the top is succesful and the impact he will have on his new world. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. I just use their sandbox for the plot of my MC and my OCs. This will be a "slow" paced story, in fact it's "super slow paced", so please don't expect the MC to directly start his journey in 20 chapters or so, actually multiply that by like 15. A lot is going to happen before that happens. The first 10-20 chapters or so are information heavy, depending on what kind of reader you are. I try to keep my chapter length between 2000 and 3000 words per chapter. My release rate is 4 chapter/week for now. I have a patre*n for those that want to support me with access to some advance chapters as a thank you. patre*n.com/Azrail93 This is an alternate pokemon universe so there will be differences to the games, manga and anime. So if something in the story is different it is most likely on purpose. The original sources are seen as suggestions not laws. Differences can be: Type variants, evolution conditions, strength mechanics, world building and more. If I am at some point asking for reader input I will do so but otherwise I will ignore most suggestions. So please don't spam things like catch this pokemon or do that next. I have my plot planned and external input will be considered when asked for. If I see a suggestion that I believe fit my plot flow I will use it and will credit the commentor. Comments on spelling and grammar mistakes are welcome. I will try to correct said mistakes with time. Constructive criticism will be read and considered. Insult and hate comments will be ignored or deleted depending on severity. Readers naturally can comment their dislike but one worders will be ignored. If the reason for the dislike is explained I will read it. Like previously mentioned pure insults and hate comments will be ignored or deleted. The same is true for simple hate reviews or insulting ones. Reviews conplaining about something I warned about, such as the slow pace, will be deleted as well.

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Date: Kyoday, 22.16.2181, the day of the Rota regional competition.

Location: Lake of Rage, Johto.

Professor Ishiro Serizawa was currently studying the Magikarp living in the Lake of Rage. He had heard that more than four shiny Gyarados had appeared at this location within the last 15 years, with the last one appearing just last week.

That had obviously aroused his curiosity and he was investigating whether that had to do with the Magikarp population living here, or if it was due to something in the environment of this place. Regardless of which one it was, it fit into his field of study, which was virtually anything related to Magikarp and Gyarados.

He had yet to find anything substantial besides two Magikarp both sporting a pattern he had not seen before. However, that alone was not enough to conclude that they, or rather the new pattern was related to the shiny gene.

Nonetheless, the discovery of the two Magikarp and their pattern alone was already enough to justify the trip he took here from his lab in Kanto. Yet, studying the environment or the Magikarp was not what he was currently doing.

No, at the moment Professor Serizawa and the two assistants he had brought along to this expedition, as well as the workers they had brought to help them were all watching a TV they had set up in their temporary command center/tent.

To be precise, they were watching the live broadcast of Rota's regional competition between secondary students. The reason for this was pretty simple, Professor Serizawa had heard rumors about a student participating in the competition possessing a truly outstanding Gyarados, that was larger than most registered specimens.

Not only that there were faint whispers that the same student had other Gyarados that were in fact variants. The reason that he could only go by rumors and whispers was that he could not check Mikail Geo's, which was the student's name, file. This was a pretty big thing since he was a bona fide professor, a renowned one at that.

Aaron Aura Academy with the support of the Aura Guardian Order had restricted Mikail's file, and besides some truly big names among alliance top brass, no one outside those two organizations could access the file. At least, not without the approval of the Aura Guardian Order.

He naturally had applied to look into the file once he heard the rumors nearly two years ago but his request had been rejected. He had been told to wait until Mikail's graduation at the least by one of his acquaintances in the Aura Guardian Order, and he had heeded his advice.

Still, he had chosen to watch all of Mikail's Pokemon battles in hopes of seeing the Gyarados in one of them. He also watched Mikail's personal battle out of curiosity towards the individual himself, and he had to say that the boy was pretty talented.

Still, the more important thing, at least in his opinion, was that he had partially gotten what he wanted. Mikail had used his Gyarados in the semifinals, and what a Gyarados it was.

The Gyarados was a truly impressive specimen of his species. He could tell that the Gyarados was a male one, and from what he could tell it was a young one. If he was not wrong it had yet to reach 10 years, which was impressive given the strength and prowess it had shown.

Still, the most striking detail was Gyarados's size. By his estimation, Gyarados was roughly 14 meters long and had a diameter of a bit more than a meter. This made him one of the 20 largest recorded Gyarados, and the third largest one in the hands of a human.

Furthermore, Serizawa knew that the Gyarados still had room for growth due to his age and the real chance of him getting stronger before he becomes too old to keep growing.

On another note, they had just watched the finals and it had been a truly impressive fight taking the strength and age of the participants into account.

Otherwise, battles of that power scale were not enough to rouse his interest. At least not, if no Gyarados or Tyranitar-line members were involved. The Tyranitar-line was his secondary field of study after all.

Anyway, while the fight had been interesting enough, he was disappointed that Mikail did not reveal any of his other Gyarados or at least call out that impressive one he had shown before.

Still, he had someone periodically look up general information on Mikail after his request to check his file had been denied and had learned that way that young Mikail was interested in doing an internship with a Professor during his three years of tertiary education.

He could use that to get what he wanted, and he would even be able to examine them up close. Moreover, he was sure that the kid would be able to learn a lot of useful stuff with him, so he would be doing the kid a favor as well.

Having made his decision, Professor Serizawa turned to Mary, one of the assistants that had followed him here, and told her to send an offer for an apprenticeship to Mikail Geo once the competition period ended.

He did not want to distract the boy, which was why he decided to wait until the competition was over before inviting Mikail to join him, or rather his laboratory.

Date: Grouday, 23.16.2181, a day after the Rota regional competition.

Location: Goldenrod City, Johto.

Professor Bill Sonezaki was currently finishing up rewatching all the battles, personal and Pokemon, of Mikail Geo during the regional secondary competition of Rota.

He had been interested in the young man since his release of the articles on Mt. Moon and the Viridian Forest. While the articles themselves were not that significant, they were good enough, especially considering Mikail's age and the fact that he did them on his own.

The amount of work he had to have invested into the papers endeared young Mikail to him, which was why he had sent word to one of his family's employees to offer him an apprenticeship at his side, once he learned that Mikail was interested in an apprenticeship with a professor.

Sadly the same employee told him that Mikail had given what could be understood as a politely worded rejection, even if the words he used were that he had yet come to a decision.

At the time he had decided to simply wait and see if he would receive an application or not, but after watching the regional competition his interest had been rekindled.

Mikail was simply a multi-talented genius, which made him see a resemblance in him since he, himself was a multi-talented genius as well. He had worked in a multitude of research fields, with Eevee and the Pokemon storage system being two of the most significant ones, along with ancient or extinct Pokemon.

He had made inquiries into Mikail and knew that he had an Umbreon and that he had been looking into Eevee as well, probably to get some more to join his Umbreon.

As one of, if not the foremost expert in the Eevee-line he could definitely instruct and help Mikail on the topic. He believed that his help in procuring as well as nurturing and evolving the Eevee was enticing enough. Furthermore, the chance to study/work under him was an opportunity that not many would decline.

Besides, from what he had learned and seen, Mikail possessed all kinds of Pokemon and it was well-known that Bill, as heir to the Sonezaki family had access to a lot of resources, on top of having studied a lot of different species, including those that Mikail had.

To be honest, he had also found the link Mikail had to the George family, so he was curious if the young man also had a talent/affinity with ground energy on top of his existing/proven one with aura, as well as the one with psychic energy he had heard rumors about.

It had been pretty hard to find anything on the last one, and he had found nothing substantial. The Aura Guardians had blocked all his investigations, which honestly only served to increase his curiosity.

Yes, there were a lot of reasons why he was interested in Mikail Geo, but none of them would harm him, since harming a potential future pillar of humanity was the last thing on his mind.

On the contrary, he would do his best to uncover all of Mikail's hidden talents and help him develop them to the best of his abilities so that he could ensure the future prosperity and development of humanity. It would add "brilliant mentor" to his many titles, and he would finally join the likes of Oak and Rowan in being one of those that nurtured a pillar.

So, it was with those thoughts in mind that he called Sarah his trusty assistant-cum-secretary, and asked her to send an offer of apprenticeship to Mikail Geo as soon as the global competition was over.

He did not doubt that Mikail would make it there, and he did not think that Mikail's confidence when he declared his plans to win the global competition were unfounded, so he was looking forward to Mikail's performance.

Date: Grouday, 23.16.2181, a day after the Rota regional competition.

Location: Pallet City, Kanto.

Professor Satoshi Masara was sitting in the office in his house, intently watching the video of a battle of a Raichu. He had been forwarded the video along with an introduction of its trainer by some of his acquaintances, and seeing the performance of the Raichu he could understand why.

Pikachu, Raichu, and their variants as well as special types that occasionally showed up were his main fields of study, along with the/all regional royal Pokemon.

So, a Raichu showing remarkable psychic abilities despite not being a variant was definitely something that interested him. He looked up to see if he could find more information on that Raichu and he found a few more videos on his fights, and he concluded that it had something resembling Surge Surfer as well.

There was no doubt about that, and he was confident in his conclusion, so that meant that the Raichu had remarkable psychic abilities on top of having the equivalent to Surge Surfer despite not being an Alolan variant.

Yes, his interest was roused, so he decided to look up Raichu's trainer to see if he could invite him over for an examination, and what he found impressed him quite a bit.

Young Mikail Geo turned out to be as fascinating/interesting as his Raichu. Really high aura talent, psychic talent, and combat abilities. A truly impressive roster of Pokemon, with all of them being at an impressive strength considering his age and the number of areas he was focusing on.

His papers and his wish for an apprenticeship under a professor for the duration of his tertiary education did not escape his attention as well, and it certainly fit his plans to invite him over.

Besides, after having read up on him, Satoshi was impressed with Mikail, and he was willing to guide the young man, whom he believed to have the potential to become one of the mainstays of humanity, at least as long as he survived.

He created a reminder on his phone that would remind him to send an offer for an apprenticeship under him once the global competition was over.

He was planning to talk to his mentor to take him in, in case he got rejected since he wanted Mikail to join someone that could help him develop to the greatest degree, and there was no one else better for that than Samual Oak.

Even if the man himself was too busy to fulfill his mentor role all the time, his resources and communication would more than compensate for that.

Moreover, no one sane or even insane would dare to do anything to Mikail for the duration of his apprenticeship, which was definitely a plus since he had first-hand experience concerning stuff that could happen to geniuses of that caliber.


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