36 Jubilife City Pokemon Contest (36)

"You got any tips?" I ask. I was curious on what he would say. He obviously is a very experienced trainer as he has beaten the battle frontier.

Beating the likes of Brandon who has three legendary Pokemon. Which debatably is a champion level trainer or at least an elite four, there's no in between.

It's probably one of Ash's most impressive feats to date right now.

"Well I think one thing every trainer must know, is their Pokemon's capabilities. Another is to trust their Pokemon." Ash says without any further explanation.

He scoffs some red bean buns down his mouth in joy, as Pikachu was digging in as well. Seeing this I chuckled a little before digging into my own food.

"Say Ash, you got any dreams?" I ask him, knowing the answer. Ash finishing up the food in his mouth immediately replies.

"It's to become a Pokemon master!" He said ecstatic. "It's something I've wanted to be since I was a kid and it hasn't changed. How about you?" He asks me right after. Ash is a very passionate and care free guy, I'd say I know him quite well from the anime. But I would like to get to know him personally. He isn't just a character anymore, but a real person.

"I want to become the strongest trainer." I respond. It may be a shallow dream, but Pokemon battles as exhilarating. Making split second decisions that can win or lose you a battle. Some people have great planning while others have great instincts, the only thing I know is that I'm a mix of both with my theory side that prevails the most.

That doesn't even include the training you have to do with your Pokemon. This is a whole other world, but I first wanted to build a foundation for myself. Like the Facebook and Flappy Pidgey apps.

"If it's you, then its possible to reach that goal." Ash says with Pikachu chiming in at the end. After we finished our food, we headed back and met up with Brock and Dawn as I was getting late.

'Why is Dawn at the top of the building.' I wonder to myself. I usually spread out my senses at populated areas to train, but to my surprise it seems like Dawn is a bit nervous for tomorrow's contest.

"Turtwig, stay here with Chimchar okay? I'll be back soon." I tell my Pokemon. Picking myself up, I started to make my way to the elevator. Not before bringing my cloak with me as it's cold.

'That's a lot of floors.' I thought to myself. After a little bit I was finally at the top and was greeted to the sight of a crouched Dawn. She seems a bit down, it's probably because of the contest tomorrow.

Walking up to her, I start to listen to what she's telling her Pokemon.

"You guys see, this is my mums first ever ribbon. The reason I can't sleep right now is because I want to show the crowd how special you guys are." She says with a sigh. Dawn looking over at the beautiful sight of the city, starts to get a down trodden look.

"It's a nice view isn't it." I say. Walking up to the now startled Dawn, I start to chuckle a little. "It's cold up here, why aren't you wearing a jacket?" I question.

"I'm just a bit nervous about the competition tommorow, thinking about the crowd makes my head spin." She responds, looking at the floor. Hearing this I start to smile. She genuinely feels nervous but I know in the future she will become a star. She works hard and would probably be smarter than me if I didn't have my powers. I mean she did get the second highest marks besides me.

"Your emotions reflect onto your Pokemon. So stand tall and try your best, no one is perfect. If you make a mistake, then so what? Just get back up and try again." I remind her. Growing up she overcomplicated things a little too much. Getting to know her more through the years, I found out she's like any other girl that has dreams. Which I know is crazy but I still at the time didn't treat this world like it was real.

Dawn likes clothes, food and other stuff just like anyone else.

I could change the future and it was something that boggled my mind for a day or two.

"Hehe." Dawn giggles at my words.

"Hey what's so funny?" I say getting an annoyed expression.

"You're right, I will try my best." She says with a big smile. Seeing her mood now cheered up, I took off my cloak and put it over her body. It's cold as hell over here okay, it's better than not having one.

"If you ever need someone to talk to, then call me." I tell her. Turning around, I made my way back to the elevator.

"Greetings and a warm welcome to coordinators and contest fans of all ages! We've all come together for one very special reason. And it's to find out who would bring home the coveted Jubilife City contest ribbon!" I hear the commentator shout through the speakers. She seems to be really popular in Sinnoh, never really bothered to remember any celebrities to be honest.

Besides Cynthia though. It's cool to watch all of her matches.

"Let's go Dawn." I nag her. She somehow lost her choker which I'm not sure how she did it. Dawn now with an annoyed look, chopping my head lightly as she started to look around the place.

After a little bit she finally found it as a familiar face shows up.

"Hey Dawn, you feeling confident on getting to the finals." Zoe asks while making her way towards us. Dawn apparently met her while shopping and quickly became friends which is nice.

Another small change because of me is that Ash isn't going to participate in this contest with Aipom. It's a small change but this almost guarantees that Dawn won't get Aipom as her Pokemon now, as Aipom became rebellious by watching her train.

But because Aipom battled with me, he didn't get to see her practise so he won't get the opportunity to show off until later.

"Is Aichi Sendou ready." A voice calls out in the room. Everyone hearing this starts to gossip.

"Isn't that name familiar?"

"He owns Facebook right?"

"It's the guy with blue hair."

I could hear multiple voices talking about me, as I left Dawn in Zoe's care for now. Making my way to the stage, I get greeted to the sight of the huge crowd waiting for my performance.

'It's like twice the size of the indigo league stadium.' I thought impressed.

Sending out my Chimchar, we did what we had practised a long time at route 202.

When Chimchar was released, multiple stars were shot out of his Pokeball. Chimchar used [Ember] to snipe each individual star to make cool explosions. We ended it off with Chimchar using [Fire Punch] on the ground and making a spiral tornado.


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