9 Evolution (9)

Early in the morning the Starly's chirped loudly as I was in my room doing some calisthenics. My workout was dedicated to improving my flexibility as it was best to do it young.

I've been doing some running and a lot of flexibility workouts throughout these past two years after I caught my Honedge as I wanted a healthy body.

From what my observations have told me, people in the Pokemon world are kinda stronger than normal people like they got some extra points into vitality or something, it's pretty weird but good to know.

'I could probably start using weights.'

I think to myself.

I've been pretty strict on myself so far with this and haven't really given myself any leeway with my training.

With sweat trickling down my face I hear my mums voice go off.

"It's time for school sweetie, get ready!"

I hear her shout from the bottom of the house.

'I've gotta shit first before anything.'

I've got priorities okay, and I'm not shitting on those school toilets.

After a warm shower and getting dressed I make my way to the kitchen with my Luxury ball on hand.

-Master I have mastered Night Slash-

I hear Honedge tell me through our link.

-Excellent! You can practise weight training now, the macho brace came through by mail a few days ago-

Honedge has been training hard for the past few years as I've made him focus on mastering his moves.

His movement, accuracy and battle iq comes naturally for him, the main reason for this is because of his being a knight from his past life.

He wont evolve anytime soon so Im gonna make him work on his stamina and body.

-I will try my best sir!-

Honedge responds enthusiastically. The more he talks to me the more his voice starts to resemble a humans voice.

It's getting better but it's just not there yet.

"Today is just one of those days when you don't wanna do anything."

I groan out, slumping down my chair.

"I still can't believe you're the top student. You only do work on Wednesdays and Fridays. A lazy perfectionist you are."

I hear Dawn say with a childish grin.

"It's not my fault that I don't feel like doing it. Just get better"

I respond.

The work assigned to the two of us includes getting the basic information about the dragon type. It's honestly pretty simple but I'm gonna prolong it for as long as I can for no reason.

"Hey Dawn, which starter would you pick out of the three?"

I asked curiously. It was well known she picked the penguin but things could change.

"Are talking about what the teacher said a few lessons ago? I guess maybe the Piplup, it looks kind of cute."

She responds making me realise something.

'She picked piplup because it was "cuter" than the rest.'

I facepalm making her confused. Dawn was quite the smart girl herself and she was second behind me so she's not all bad.

But she is the embodiment of a carefree mood swing, with my influence it became a little better but her temper against others is quite bad.

School was quite important for multiple reasons but for me the main reason is to be able to get one of the three starters.

People in the Sinnoh region have to be the age of 14 minimum to "graduate" and become a trainer.

The top prospects get a starter from the Professor but it's not guaranteed, you would have to show your "value" somehow. Not sure how Dawn showed hers but I'll just smash everything that comes my way.

-Are humans yummy master?-

I hear a Honedge ask.

-No, now's not the time Honedge-

I reply back.

"Which starter would you pick Aichi?"

Dawn asks me.

-I heard they're soul taste like strawberries and their emotions are rich-

'Bro what?'

I cry inwardly. Cutting off my mind link with the new information of how humans "taste". I power through school by pure sheer will.

-Use [Aerial Ace] to get close then attack with [Night Slash]-

Honedge getting a sky blue hue speeds towards the opposing Gravler and gets a direct hit on it.


A dust cloud forms because of the impact.

-Use Autotomize-

Honedge was able to pull off two [Autotomize] before the dust cloud dissipates.


The Pokemon shouts while using rock throw. Honedge using its evasive body dodging three boulders before getting in close again for an attack.

-Night slash-

I give the final command as Honedge slashes again at Gravler removing its barrier. The Graveler now not able to keep itself safe tries to escape but unfortunately for it Honedge hits it again knocking it out.

"You know the drill."

I tell Honedge making him do a little dance? Swinging from side to side in glee, Honedge makes his way towards his downed target.

It's quite annoying to tear through a Pokemons body shield.

It's a shield that is made by a Pokemon instinctually that protects their body from horrible damage like their insides and elemental attacks.

The shield is sustained by the Pokemon's stamina.

Looking down at my phone I see my mum messaging me to get back home.

"I guess I gotta go ba-"

Just before I finish that sentence though, a huge bright light can be seen from in front of the cave entrance I was just in.

-You okay Honedge?-

I ask through our link. He didn't answer back making me frown.

"Wait is he evolving?"

A few seconds later the bright light starts to dim. Looking over at the cave entrance I can spot a farmilliar red sword but doubled with a slick purple and yellow scarf.


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