Pokemon- World's 'Strongest' Trainer

[Warning BTW! If you read the reviews before reading, you'll get basically Fake News. One of them is basically 'I dont understand english so the book is bad' so! Just give it a try, if you don't like it, you don't like it. But the reviews are misleading.] A classic Pokemon story with a System. I want Opinions on the story quality, direction, and writing for battles or otherwise. Nobody in the Discord wants to do it, so you lucky fellows will have to do! After beating Radical Red Hardcore Nuzlocke without losing a single Pokemon, Ace was rebirthed in the Pokemon world with a System! Are you sick and tired of everyone and their mother having a Lucario? Grossed out by the borderline Bestiality between Trainers and Gardevoir? Looking for something fresh with Pokemon that are rarely used?! Then this is probably for you! (Uses Radical Red Abilities, they're explained anyway so don't worry about it.)

AgentMonke · Anime & Comics
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153 Chs

Reborn from the... Garbage?


A young man with gray hair smashed into the ground along with a massive creature, covered in blood. The Gray haired boy cried out, "Noivern, Boomburst!" 

The Noivern looked up at the black and pink creature covered in flames with a disdainful expression. 

Noivern's eyes focused and she opened her mouth, an extremely loud buzzing sound exploded in the air as a woman on the back of the creature said, "Moltres, Dark Pulse." the Boomburst was smashed through by a black beam in an instant.

The Noivern cried out in pain, getting a hole poked through her ears.

The young man paled and glared at the woman angrily, he had a nasty burn over his right eye, to the point where he couldn't see out of it.

He shivered and growled, "Bryony, I will kill you!" The woman with green hair, looked down at him from the back of Moltres, saying emotionlessly, "Hand over the Fossils or die, Ace." Ace sneered at her, looking at the Galarian Moltres, "Noivern, Double Team then Dragon Rush."

Noivern looked up and turned to Ace for a moment, not listening at all. Ace paused and Noivern nudged him, licking his face as an Egg appeared next to her out of nowhere.

Ace's expression changed and he shouted "Stop! Listen to me!" Noivern turned up and screeched at the Moltres, making it angry as Noivern charged at it, ignoring the Sucker Punch.

Noivern tackled Moltres and bit on Bryony's arm, flapping her wings as she shot into the distance. Bryony shouted in panic, "Moltres, Sky Attack!" Noivern sneered and it suddenly lit up everywhere.

Bryony's eyes widened and Noivern cried out, grabbing the struggling Moltres before erupting into a massive explosion.

Ace watched everything, frozen in shock, holding a backpack in a daze.

A line of crystal tears rolled down his face and he had a sudden realization. He bent down and picked up the egg, dripping tears on it.

This isn't a game anymore…

Pokemon were real flesh and blood creatures with emotions and feelings!

It sounded obvious and stupid to realize… but it was different from someone who appeared in this world suddenly 17 years ago!

Ace appeared in this world as a baby and grew into the young man you see before you! 

However, he only started raising pokemon a year ago since the rules for pokemon usage was 16 where he was born.

He traveled across the lands exploring as though it was a game, he trained a Noibat into the Noivern that had just disobeyed his orders… The only problem was he never actually treated the pokemon as creatures, more like game data….

As a huge fan of Pokemon games, his mind was on tactics, not emotions. If a Pokemon was good, he used it, if it wasn't he didn't…

So far, he only used Noivern and hadn't even bothered catching anything else. But he had a hobby of digging up fossils. He had just been on his way to Oreburgh when he was attacked by Bryony.

Of course, the crux of the issue was why did Bryony have a Galarian Moltres… But for now it wasn't on his mind…

He looked down at the cracked Pokemon Egg with a miserable expression in his eye.

He felt like fainting when he thought about it… Why didn't he treat Noivern better… Ace teared up again and sat down on the ground, holding the cracked Egg as he leaned back and blacked out.

The moment he blacked out, there was a beep!

[Congratulations to Host for completing Mission- Integrate into this new World!]

[System Starting~]

[Novice Gift Pack opening~]

[Steel Arm Martial Arts]

[One-Time Devour and Fuse Ticket]

[Genetic Perfector]

[Perfect Optimization]

[Scanning. . .]

[17 Fossils Found!]

[Weak Egg Found!]

[Near Death Host Found!]

[Integrating Rewards!]

Ace trembled along with the Egg as his body changed slightly, he grew taller by an inch, his skin turned black and shattered directly, revealing pink skin underneath, His burn mark turned into a red star with a trail going into his gray hair. 

The shooting star trail in his hair made that part of his hair white. His left eye and eyebrow were gray while the right eye and eyebrow were white… At least the parts covered by the red mark.

Inside Ace's mind, there was a pink flame burning now.

[Malicious Flame Acquired!]

[Malicious Flame- Protection against Psychics and Psychic Attacks.]

His body directly cut itself, although it wasn't much since his body was strangely already extremely muscular…

The Egg broke directly and revealed a completely white Noibat with red eyes and gold inner ear skin.

It curled up in Ace's hands, shivering before pulling his fingers to close around itself.


[Level 1]

[Ability: Aerilate]

[Moves: Hyper Voice, Absorb, Supersonic]

[Detected Genesect Fossil (Incomplete!)]

[Optimizing other Fossils!]

The Genesect Fossil turned to dust and sprinkled on the other fossils. Several fossils merged into the same type as they got bigger, eventually only leaving 3.

[Plume Fossil]

[Skull Fossil]

[Jaw Fossil]

[Detected Noibat!]

[Completed Mission- First Pokemon!]

[Reward- Pokeblock Maker (Master Skill)]


[System Warning! System Warning!]

[Radical Red Auxiliary System Update Complete!]

[Mystery Gift Function- Online]

[Rotom Phone Detected- Commencing Upgrade]

The Rotom Phone trembled and a large grin appeared on the phone itself as data flowed in the Rotom's eyes. The Phone morphed into a small cellphone with a large face on it.

[Rotom Phone new functions- Live Streaming, Groupchat, Pokedex, Dexnav, Trading, connected to System Store]

The Rotom Phone turned into something similar to a Paldea Pokedex!

Ace laid against a wall as an old man appeared around the corner, looking vigilant.

He saw Ace and the white Noibat before gasping as he ran over and helped Ace up, dragging him inside as it started raining.