Pokemon- World's 'Strongest' Trainer

[Warning BTW! If you read the reviews before reading, you'll get basically Fake News. One of them is basically 'I dont understand english so the book is bad' so! Just give it a try, if you don't like it, you don't like it. But the reviews are misleading.] A classic Pokemon story with a System. I want Opinions on the story quality, direction, and writing for battles or otherwise. Nobody in the Discord wants to do it, so you lucky fellows will have to do! After beating Radical Red Hardcore Nuzlocke without losing a single Pokemon, Ace was rebirthed in the Pokemon world with a System! Are you sick and tired of everyone and their mother having a Lucario? Grossed out by the borderline Bestiality between Trainers and Gardevoir? Looking for something fresh with Pokemon that are rarely used?! Then this is probably for you! (Uses Radical Red Abilities, they're explained anyway so don't worry about it.)

AgentMonke · Anime & Comics
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152 Chs

Fossils? I love Fossils!

Just as he was complaining, the door opened and an old man appeared in the doorway.

Ace looked up and gasped, "Professor Oak?!" Professor Oak was stunned and smiled, "You know me?" Ace nodded seriously, "Of course. The most famous Professor in the World, everyone knows you."

Oak scratched his cheek, a bit embarrassed, was that alright to say so bluntly? He coughed and smiled, "Well, now that you're feeling better, we can talk… Who are you? Why did you appear behind my Lab?"

Ace was stunned and gained his barings, asking "I was behind your lab?" Oak nodded and Ace frowned with an ugly face before sighing, explaining what happened to him.

Oak was shocked and listened carefully before sighing with a sad expression, patting Ace on the shoulder, "It's alright, son…" he didn't know what else to say. What else could you say to someone who had their Pokemon die in front of their eyes?

Oak sighed again and shook his head, "I'm sorry." he had a friendly smile on his face, "You're welcome to stay around until to recover… However, you have to help out around the lab."

Ace pursed his lips and hesitated, "I-I can do anything." Oak patted his shoulder and smiled, "Good." before leaving, adding, "When you're ready, come on down." as he closed the door.

Ace sighed to himself, looking at Noibat, who was nibbling on his finger, wondering why he couldn't eat it. He scratched his head and chirped, "Noi???"

Ace's lips twitched and he sighed again, there was a long way to go…

A week passed by

Ace started training by himself after helping Professor Oak around the lab and taking care of the Pokemon in his backyard.

Strangely, there were a very sparse amount of Pokemon around.

However, Ace figured out why…

As a new resident of Pallet Town, Oak showed him around town. Ace saw Ash, who was 6 years old and understood immediately.

Of course there were so few pokemon in the backyard… Ash was the only one who sent all sorts of Pokemon to Professor Oak. 

Professor Oak was like Ash's personal Daycare.

Ace was even a little speechless as he looked at the 6 year old, who threw his fist out, "Heya Mister! I'm gonna be a Pokemon Master!" Ace swallowed dryly and nodded, "Oh…" 

Delia rubbed Ash's head, smiling happily and greeting Ace, who smiled and waved. He became familiar with everyone in Pallet Town pretty quickly.

In his off time, he would go for runs with Noibat, who would fly briefly before sitting on Ace's head and resting. Noibat slowly grew from the size of a palm to the size of a full open hand, Ace was very invested in Noibat's training.

He paid attention to him very closely while practicing on his own. 

Another thing Ace was shocked about was the Steel Arm Martial Arts… As he was practicing them, he was dumbfounded as his arm flashed black…

This… This was Armament Haki, right?!


He was a bit worried about cross dimensional copyright…

At any rate, as a member of a serious Martial Arts Family, Ace was used to training Martial arts… He could even fight with a Machoke! Learning a new Martial Art was too easy… though he wasn't as good as his sister, she could beat a Machamp by herself!

That mad woman… Ace sweat just thinking about her.

Anyway, life was very simple for Ace.

He trained with Noibat and by himself after cleaning the Lab, grooming the Pokemon, feeding them, etc. It was relatively peaceful.

He only needed to collect a Mystery Gift everyday.

So far, a week's worth of Mystery Gifts yielded him nothing…

[Running Shoes Voucher]

[Pack of Spicy Sausages]

[Bottle of Water from Mt. Coronet]

[Magikarp Brand Chips]

[Ichiraku Ramen Cup]

[Dragon Rotom Case]

[Sirfetch'd Leek]

Ace looked at his System Bag and nearly collapsed. He pulled on the voucher and bought some new hi-top shoes from the Store…

At the end of the week, Ace was talking to Professor Oak about leaving. The Old man was nice enough, but Ace didn't want to overstay his welcome. How could he intrude on Professor Oak's lab?

It was ridiculous.

Oak looked at him in surprise and asked, "So soon?" Ace smiled slightly and nodded, "Thanks for everything." Oak smiled and nodded, replying "Where are you off to?" Ace thought about it and said "Oreburgh in Sinnoh."

Oak was startled and replied "Such a long trip, I heard from Red that the Ferry already left. You'll have to go by plane and even then, from Kanto to Sinnoh is a long trip." Ace was already in a daze and asked "Red? You mean…"

Oak smiled happily, "Our very own Strongest Trainer from Pallet Town." then he sighed, "If only Gary could be more like him…" Ace nearly fell and asked, "And Blue?" Oak waved, "Should be in Johto now, why?"

Ace swallowed and shook his head, how nuts was that! Ash, Red, and Blue exist here!

Professor Oak didn't think about it, asking "The closest Airport is in Celadon City, do you need help getting there?" Ace thought about it and shook his head, asking instead, "Is there a Fossil Resurrection Machine in Pewter City?" 

Professor Oak raised his brows, "You have a Fossil?" Ace smiled and nodded, "I have 3!" Professor Oak's eyes sparkled and he laughed, smacking Ace's shoulder, "I have a Machine right here! Fresh from Devon Corp!"

Ace's eyes widened and he looked at Professor Oak, saying "What!? Really?!" Professor Oak smiled and nodded, Ace complained instantly, "And you didn't tell me?" Oak was speechless in an instant, "How was I supposed to know?"

Ace's lips twitched and he ran to his room, coming back with 3 fossils. Professor Oak stared at the Fossils and took them quickly, going to a machine. Ace followed him quickly and Oak pressed all sorts of buttons, inserting the Fossils.

He watched the process and recorded it while taking data.

Ace watched on the side and felt out of place just standing here.

Noibat was sitting on his head, chirping in a daze.

Ace reached up and scratched Noibat's head, hearing happy chirps.

Not even 5 minutes later

The Fossils were ready!

3 Pokemon jumped out and looked around in confusion.

Ace looked at them and they looked at him. Cranidos charged at Ace and smashed into his stomach, Tyrunt bit his arm, and Archen…

Archen stood there with glazed over eyes, his mouth hanging open… the camera zoomed in on his eyes slowly and in the depths there were flames burning…

Ace looked around vigilantly as he heard Lacrimosa playing. Professor Oak didn't seem to notice as he looked at the Pokemon, his eyes sparkling, "Ace, do you mind if I do some tests with the little guys?"

Ace looked at the Tyrunt biting his arm and the Cranidos ramming into him before smiling, "No problem." He turned to the Archen, who was standing there… menacingly. Ace smiled and aggressively rubbed his head as Archen reacted a few seconds later, "Archen!"

Ace curled his lips up, he really liked fossil pokemon. 

He looked at the three and checked their stats before his lips twitched wildly…