1 Chapter 1

Our protagonist finds herself cramped in a dark and humid place, she starts to panic when she can't breathe, she gathers all her strength to try to get out of her confinement.

" Damn , I almost ended up dying in my first few seconds of my second life . " She looks around and notices eggshells and liquid under her feet , it was all of the egg she had just released .

"So I was in here...certainly a deathtrap this, I should have thought of that when I made my three wishes....not really, my wishes are great." it with narcissism.

"I'm amazing!!! I'm a beautiful Futanari and I'll be able to use powers like I'm a pokemon now!!!" She states thinking about how she always wanted to be a Futanari and have powers , while admiring her appearance being reflected by the liquid on the floor , being a bit short like a 5 year old child , a small black tail , short black hair with light blue tips , two pointed ears covered with fur above her head , eyebrows being small blue dots , flat breasts for being a newborn and a small penis no bigger than 5 cm , and lastly a small pussy that is hidden by her little balls .

"I'm very cute hahaha, for sure I'll conquer many Futas with my appearance when I evolve, but first I have to survive until I'm an adult." Looking around our protagonist finds another egg that she hadn't noticed before, which was about to hatch.

"Looks like I'm going to have a younger brother or sister I think?" Confused she starts to think about whether or not to help her relative who was inside the egg , but before she could finish her thoughts , the egg ended up hatching and ended up leaving a little boy who was identical to our protagonist except for his secondary color of hair that was red different from the light blue of our protagonist.

"eldest sister?" She asked the little one that had just come out of his fluffy egg as he tilted his head to the side.

'SO CUTE' is what our protagonist screams in her mind before answering. "Yes..Yes little one, I'm your big sister!!" She starts off excitingly but gets more confidence at the end.

The little one, seeing her confirming his suspicions, starts to get up little by little and walk towards our protagonist, starts slowly and until he gets a little balance and runs to our protagonist and throws himself at her talking. " Older sister !!! " While rubbing her face on our protagonist , who was a little scared at first but got used to it quickly and hugged her cute little brother .

"You are so cute little hahaha" She says happy to be hugged by such a cute trap, and as she hugs her little brother she thinks of her three wishes she made before reincarnating in this world.

The first wish was a great talent, no matter what she does she will find it very easy to do it, some things will still be easier than others to learn and have total mastery.

The second wish was a double cultivation technique where she can learn the skills and moves of the person she has sex with in the most basic domain, the person she has sex with also gains an increase in their strength, but the increase is stronger if the difference of power between the two parties is not very large. ( If the protagonist is stronger , the increase in power for the partner will be greater , if she is weaker than the partner the increase in power for the partner will be less .)

And the third and most generic wish , a very simple system that shows a screen with our protagonist 's status , also allows her to see the status of other pokemons , other pokemons can see the status screen if she wants to , and an infinite warehouse that for the time of what's inside. (It doesn't age what's inside in other words.)

After remembering her wishes she speaks in her head 'Status'. And a screen appears in front of her.

Zorua Shiny: Lvl 1

Type: Dark

Attack: 1

Defense : 1

Sp. Attack :1

Sp. Defense : 1

Speed: 1

Total: 5

Abilities : Illusion

Moves :Copycat , Leer , Scratch , Counter

After looking at her status our protagonist can't help but be dismayed at being so weak now, but soon gets over it when she realizes she's just been born, and that with a little hard work she can stay at the top of the food chain. "I'll be on top of this world and have a giant harem with the best Futanaris and Traps hahahaha..." She couldn't help but laugh at the thought of having a harem. "Big sister, will I be in your harem?" Asks the little red-haired Zorua about her sister and her in an innocent way, our protagonist just realized that she had spoken her dream aloud to her younger brother, she pretended to cough and spoke. "Well my cute little Zorua, when you grow up and still want to enter your big sister's harem, I will gladly accept you." She said a little embarrassed and looked at her younger brother's reaction and saw him give a cute little smile. "I'm glad you accept me in your big sister harem!!!".

She saw his little smile and was happy too , but she stopped and wondered how her brother knows so many words that should be strange to him who was just born , so to satiate her curiosity she asked her brother . " Little Zorua how do you know the is a harem?" . She asked her brother , and he responds giving her a strange look and speaks . " Just like you sister , we were born knowing the basics to survive alone without our parents , because it is normal for pokemons to have children and abandon them when they are still in your eggs, but I still have you with me hehehe, I'm so lucky to have my older sister". In the middle of the answer our protagonist begins to gain a lot of information about basic things on how to survive in this world, many things she already knew, some were things she had no idea, after a while she managed to organize this new information.

When she finished processing all the new information, little Zorua was still talking about how cute and cool her sister was, she couldn't help but laugh at the cute little Zorua, she thought for a while and decided to see the status of her brother then spoke in his mind. 'Status' .

Zorua: Lv 1

Type : Dark

Attack: 1

Defense : 1

Sp. Attack: 1

Sp. Defense : 1

Speed: 1

Total: 5

Abilities : Illusion

Moves : Copycat , Counter , Leer , Scratch , Memento

After looking at her status she saw that her brother had one more movement than her , she did not know whether to be sad or proud of little Zorua , however she decided what to do now , the first thing to do is look for some shelter for her and her brother , some food and water , and if there is some time to train in case any hostile pokemon try something against her and her brother .

After telling his plans to his brother , he readily agreed with his older sister , little Zorua was excited to see what the world had to offer and our protagonist also as someone responsible she promptly took her brother 's hand so they would not end up getting lost , and they went in search of shelter , in the middle of the search she found several fruits that according to the information that all pokemons are born knowing were all edible , they quickly took as many fruits as possible and our protagonist placed them in her warehouse , which Of course I leave his younger brother with stars in his eyes in admiration for his sister.

"Big sister, you are so awesome we won't have to carry all that fruit thanks to you, that's so cool!!!". Of course our protagonist let herself be praised by little Zorua as they looked for some water source and shelter.

After a while looking they found a small lake and they drank clear water like someone cautious, our protagonist did not let down her guard at any time for possible surprise attacks, as it was difficult to find any shelter they had to make an improvised one, making a hole in the middle of several bushes so that those outside cannot see who was inside their makeshift shelter and after snuggling together the pair of Zoruas started to eat the fruits that our protagonist had kept in her warehouse, after that they ended up sleeping together.


Our protagonist wakes up one more day hugging little Zorua , it 's been a month since she 's in this new world , in the time she was here , she spent making the shelter more comfortable and training with her brother , one more thing than this This world differs from the normal pokemon world , is that even without fighting and only training you can level up , thanks to her improved talent that she asked for in one of her wishes , her strength grew significantly .

Zorua Shiny: Lvl 15

Type : Dark

Attack: 19

Defense: 15

Sp. Attack :21

Sp. Defense: 15

Speed: 25

Total: 95

Abilities : Illusion

Moves :Copycat , Leer , Scratch , Counter , Dig , Detect , Hone Claws ,

"I did my best this month with my training, luckily now I can start doing more serious training now that it's been a month since I was born." She says happy thinking about the training she will start doing from now on , last month she was being prevented from training hard for not even a month old , but thanks to the basic knowledge that all pokemons receive as soon as they are born , she found out that with a month of life she could already start training heavier , that 's because the pokemons have an extremely fast growth , with a month they can already be considered teenagers and with six months they are already adults , unless they are evolve before completing those six months , as soon as they evolve they are considered adults , but this is something very difficult to happen .

"Big sister, you're talking to yourself again." Says his brothers looking at his sister worried for a long time , he already got used to his older sister doing this , but it was her request to warn her when she starts talking to herself . She avenged a cough and said . " Thank you for letting me know Zorua , anyway you also got stronger this month". Says our protagonist proud of the status of her younger brother.

Zorua: Lv 10

Type : Dark

Attack: 15

Defense: 10

Sp. Attack: 16

Sp. Defense: 10

Speed: 15

Total: 66

Abilities : Illusion

Moves : Copycat , Counter , Leer , Scratch , Memento , Hone Claws ,

He may be weaker than her but he certainly tried a lot to be strong like his older sister which she found very cute , as he kept staring at her like she was some kind of famous idol , thinking about it she can not help but laugh a little and think, that this cute thing would be in her harem and she could have fun with it.

One thing that was not mentioned is that this month Zorua's duo was maturing a lot, the duo is already as tall as fifteen year olds, the duo's body started to grow a small layer of black hair everywhere covering their entire body. , the duo's black hair with the blue and red tips respectively are a little bigger, Zorua's duo's breasts have also grown, our protagonist is with a giant pair of them and her brother with a small pair of them and it doesn't look like it will grow anymore, and one last change to notice is your penises, our protagonist is with the size of her penis around 20 cm, and her brother is around 14 cm in size.

"Come here Zorua let's finish eating, get some sleep, because tomorrow we'll start our super special training, as you're my super cute little brother I'm sure you'll be able to finish it, but don't think it's going to be easy." She speaks with a serious face that Zorua responds with her own serious face and says "You can leave big sister, I won't let you down and I'll do my best". Zorua finishes speaking with conviction and throws herself at her sister giving her a tight hug and tucking her head between her sister 's two giant breasts , she can only look helplessly and hug that little pervert back as her brother 's penis grows , she she couldn't help but get stiff too , thinking about it she could not help noticing that today they will not just eat and go to sleep , today will be the day to take the virginity of that naughty little brother of yours ....

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