Chapter 3: Battle

A Year later

Jack had just woken up. He woke up bright an early today as he would be getting his first Pokémon and Pokédex. Well his first official Pokémon at least. He didn't really need a Pokédex but he would gladly take it. However today he also had a much more nerve racking choice to make.

He quickly made it to Professor Oaks lab on his bike. He had already said goodbye to his parents and had his camping gear so he was ready to go. He walked into the lab to see Professor Oak, Gary and Daisy.

Jack sighed "Let me guess no Ash?"

Gary chuckled "Come on you think he would be on time to anything. I'm not waiting anymore though it was way to hard to just wait for you."

Gary then turned "Now to grab my Pokémon."

Daisy leaned over an asked Jack "Which Pokémon did you want?"

Jack shrugged "I was really hoping for Charmander."

One other kid they did not know had already come by and grabbed the Bulbasaur. Gary was about to reach for the Charmander but Daisy walked up to him and whispered something in his ear. Jack looked over and saw Gary with a terrified expression as he quickly grabbed the Squirtle. Daisy came back over next to Jack as she just gave an innocent smile.

Jack was waiting for Ash as well but he was really late. Professor Oak actually grabbed the Charmander's Pokeball and gave it to Jack. Professor Oak smiled "Here Ash is very late. I have a special one for him anyways."

Jack smiled "Thank you Professor. Not just for the Charmander but for teaching me and letting me live here for a year."

Professor Oak patted his back "No problem I also put in a good word to Professor Birch in Hoenn about you."

Jack nodded "Thank you."

He had decided awhile ago that going to the Hoenn region was the best choice for him. Not only for a certain Pokémon but also because it was his second favorite region.

Jack then turned to Daisy "Daisy I know there is still a lot you can learn here but I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Hoenn region with me and travel together."

Daisy had to suppress herself from squealing "Of course, I was planning on going to Hoenn anyways. It's a good place to learn about Pokémon Grooming."

Gary rolled his eyes and mumbled "That's not the only reason you want to go."

Daisy gave a sweet smile and tilted her head as she looked towards Gary. Jack could see him visibly shiver and look away. Daisy then gave an actual sweet smile to Jack "I'll go get ready we can take my Jeep to the ship as well."

Jack tilted his head "The ship?"

Daisy nodded "I got us two tickets to Hoenn."

He wanted to ask how she knew that he was going to ask her but she quickly left. Gary then turned towards Jack "She bought those tickets like five hundred days ago when you mentioned going to Hoenn instead of Johto."

Jack felt a little warm "Ohh."

Gary then ran up to Jack "Let's battle."

Jack smiled "Sure Professor Oak can you officiate the match in your back yard."

Professor Oak nodded "No problem."

Jack started to head to the back yard as Gary followed. Once Jack got to the backyard he released Charmander from the Pokéball. He then looked at Charmander's stats.


Level 5

Gender Male

Nature Timid +Speed -Attack

Hp 19/19

Abilities unlocked Blaze locked Solar Power

Moves Scratch, Growl, Ember

Jack smiled and took a knee in front of Charmander. "Hey Charmander I'm your new trainer Jack."

Charmander just tilted his head letting out a small char sound. Jack looked to his left and saw Professor Oaks Charizard. Jack pointed to his left. Charmander turned and practically had stars in his eyes.

Jack nodded "Do you want to be strong like Charizard over there."

The Charmander nodded its head. Jack smiled "Then follow me. We can battle someone right now and I'll show you that I can get you stronger.

Charmander nodded while hitting his chest. Jack stood up "Ready whenever you are Gary."

Jack looked down at Absol who seemed to be annoyed he was not battling. Jack sighed as he rubbed Absol's head "It would be an easy win for you Absol. Charmander needs to learn a few things. He hasn't trained like we have."


Gender Male

Level 10

Nature: Jolly +Speed -Special Attack

Hp 32/32

Attack 34

Defense 28

Special Attack 26

Special Defense 30

Speed 40

Abilities Unlocked Pressure Locked Super Luck Locked Justified

Moves Future Sight, Perish Song, Scratch, Feint, Leer, Taunt

When Jack looked up he saw Gary with a group of cheerleaders telling them what to say and how to coordinate. Jack faced palmed thinking 'Even after knowing him and growing up with him I'm still shocked about his cockiness.'

Professor Oak then coughed and said "This will be a one on one battle between Gary and Jack. First one to cause his opponents Pokémon to faint wins. Jack ready?"

Jack smiled "Go on Charmander."

Jack then turned to Professor Oak "Ready."

Professor Oak nodded "Gary you ready?"

Gary smirked as he called out Squirtle "Ready Gramps."

Jack talked to Charmander while Gary was getting ready "Charmander make sure you listen to exactly what I say."

Charmander nodded as Professor Oak said "Start!"

Jack yelled "Charmander use Ember then run to the left."

Charmander used Ember and started to run to the left just like Jack said. Gary did not expect Jack to start off so fast in their first battle and quickly told Squirtle to use Water gun on the ember. Gary's Squirtle used water gun at the same time. Luckily when the Water gun hit the ember it caused a lot of white smoke.

Unfortunately for Gary since he hesitated the ember made it really close to Squirtles face. The white smoke then obstructed his immediate view. Jack then said "Charmander crouch low and use Ember again towards Squirtles knees."

Charmander did just as Jack said. Going on all fours to get a view of Squirtles legs and firing an ember. Before Gary could react the ember was already hitting Squirtle luckily for him most of the ember hit Squirtles Shell and not his legs. Since Charmander is still new as well.

Gary then had Squirtle move out the smoke so he could get a clear view of Charmander. This movement also caused the white smoke to clear up faster as there was not much left. Gary then told Squirtle to use Water Gun at Charmander.

Jack then yelled "Dodge to the right and ember low again."

Charmander did as instructed but got hit by the Water Gun causing him a lot of damage. However Charmander was still able to get the Ember off before falling to the floor. This time hitting more of his knee. This caused a serious burn to start appearing on Squirtles leg. Squirtle had to take a knee because of the sudden pain.

Jack was a little worried "Charmander you okay?"

Charmander slowly got up as the fire on his tail got brighter. Jack smiled and thought 'Good he is in Blaze.'

Jack then said "Charmander store up all the fire power you can."

Charmander nodded as it's flame on its tale kept getting brighter. Jack looked over at Squirlte. Besides the burn Squirtle looked relatively fine so Jack was hoping he was not in Torrent yet. Just like Blaze Squirtles ability Torrent would power up his water moves.

Gary quickly said "Squirtle use Water Gun again on Charmander."

Jack then said "Quickly Charmander use Ember again."

Both the moves launched at each other. Jack then had to take a gamble. Jack said "Charmander follow your move and get to Squirtle."

Charmander followed after his Ember move as fast as he could. The Ember collided with Water Gun barely making it through. Squirtle was not in Torrent yet. The Ember made it through and landed in Squirtles face. Gary quickly tried to call out to Squirtle to fire another Water Gun but he was trying to rub his face from the burn to see again. When Squirtle was finally able to see again. All he saw was Charmander releasing another Ember from his mouth. But this time right in front of him.

There was a small explosion between the two as Squirtle released a Water Gun on instinct. The small explosion started to clear a bit as both Pokémon were still standing. Jack and Gary were silent as the two Pokémon were unmoving. Charmander then sadly took a knee first.

Gary immediately laughed and said "Ha I won."

Professor Oak smiled "Don't celebrate too fast Gary."

Gary was confused and looked back over. In that instant Squirtle fell backwards knocked out and Charmander was still breathing heavily on one knee. Jack quickly ran over to Charmander and caught him from falling to the ground.

Professor Oak had a wide grin "The winner Is Jack and Charmander."

Jack started to rub Charmander head who was still awake "Good job buddy. You got your first win."

Charmander had a huge grin on his face with his eyes closed. As he let out the loudest Char he could at the moment. Daisy quickly came over and started to treat the two Pokémon.

Gary walked over to Jack who was now standing up he then stuck out his hand "Good match."

Jack started to chuckle a bit as Gary was looking away as he was waiting for Jack to shake his hand back. Jack shook it. He then smiled "Good match Gary. Who knows maybe you'll win next time."

Gary turned around with an angry face as he saw Jack smirking. Gary huffed and just marched over to Daisy to check on his Squirtle.

Professor Oak walked up to Jack "You're going to be a fine trainer Jack. Not many people can battle with a Pokémon they just got and win in a battle with a type disadvantage."

Jack smiled "Thanks Professor Oak. Both for the compliment and Charmander. Something tells me he is going to be a great Charizard."

They both turned to see Charmander jumping around in victory as Squirtle had his head down to Gary. Gary rubbed the top of his head. Squirtle looked up to see Gary smiling surprised he was not angry. Squirlte then saw his fist in a tight ball shaking. Gary knelt down and rubbed his head again with the other hand. Squirtle looked at Gary's face again.

Gary smiled "Don't worry. We will get them next time."

Squirtle looked over at Charmander and Jack celebrating next to Daisy. Squirtle then looked back at Gary with some fire in his eyes and nodded.

Professor Oak was off to the side watching with his Charizard next to him "Oh to be young again."

Charizard nodded and released a Flamethrower in the air. Charizard looked over with mocking eyes towards a lake nearby.

A Blastoise in a lake in the same backyard went back underwater. Making an unsatisfied noise as he went back down.

After the battle Gary left in a car with his cheerleaders not even waiting for Ash as he wanted to get going already. Jack and Daisy said goodbye to Professor Oak and started to load up into Daisy's jeep. They loaded camping equipment, their bikes, high quality Pokémon food and other things they needed for the journey. Absol hopped in the back of the Jeep content with the wind blowing on him.

Jack ended up wearing a black long sleeve open with a purple short sleeve shirt. He then had a pair of black and dark purple pants.

Image here instead of red picture dark purple

Daisy smiled "You know Grandpa gave me another Pokémon today."

Jack took out his phone and took a selfie with Daisy in the background and posted it in the group chat of everyone. Most pictures in the chat were of Leaf, Red and Blue and their adventure so he was happy to finally post one. "What did Professor Oak give you?"

Daisy smirked "A Clefairy."

Jack nodded "Oh so a Clefairy an a Eevee. I need to catch some more Pokémon."

He then saw as Gary posted a picture of him with all his cheerleaders. He then saw a text from Leaf saying "Wow got a lot of girls there Gary."

Gary quickly typed back "What girls these are just some randoms who won't leave me alone."

Blue then texted "That a boy Gary gotta catch them all."

Red texted "I guess you are not worried about are League match in two minutes Blue."

Ash then texted "Some crying emojis. I woke up late. Good luck Red."

Jack turned towards Daisy "Turn on the Radio. Blue and Red are about to have their finals match."

Daisy quickly turned it on wanting her brother to win.

Awhile Later In Johto

A Charizard and Blastoise were currently facing each other. They were both the last Pokémon on their trainers team. They have faced each other many times before. Both Pokémon were really prideful. Yet there was a sense of rivalry. Neither Pokémon would ever admit or show friendship towards the other. However there was a deep level of respect as well.

This was a battle all to familiar to the two with a lot on the line both Pokémon were about to give it their all. The Charizard started to Sunny Day as the Blastoise started with Rain Dance. Both moves were fighting over each other for dominance on the field. Eventually clouds took over the field. However parts of the Scorching sun were shining through. As some parts of the field drizzled with rain and other parts were as warm as a sunny day.

The Charizard used Fire Blast as the Blastoise used Hydro Pump. The Charizard had to fly out of the way of the remaining Hydro Pump. Charizard flew in and using Wing Attack against the Blastoise. The Blastoise retreated into its shell to avoid as much damage as possible. The Charizard quickly reset and used Flare Blitz this time. The Blastoise this time however was not able to Withdraw into its own shell taking the Flare Blitz head on.

As their hands clashed together. While Blastoise took on the Flare Blitz he quickly used Rapid Spin while holding on to the Charizard trying to cause as much damage as possible. The Charizard used Smokescreen right in the Blastoise face as a way to recoup and escape from his grip. But before the Charizard could fully escape Blastoise was able to hit Charizard with one of his cannons using Hydro Pump.

The Charizard was weakened but he was not out of the fight. The Blastoise fired another Hydro Pump through the smokescreen hitting Charizard as he was heading like a bullet towards Blastoise. Charizard powered through and swung around as he gripped Blastoise from the back launching in the air. Charizard was preparing for a seismic toss. As he launched with Blastoise in the air. If one were to look up they could see Charizard doing multiple circles in the air with Blastoise lined up with the sun. Charizard then launched down after a multitude of circles. Essentially throwing the Blastoise into the battle grounds.

Both Pokémon stood up and stared at each other. There was a silence over the field not even the trainers were speaking as they were in their own staring match. Both the Charizard and Blastoise roared. As the Charizard released a Flamethrower in the air. As the Blastoise released two Hydro Pumps from his cannons in the air.

They both then started to charge at each other. They both got in each other's faces. Essential having a pushing match. However Charizard started to store up energy for a Fire Blast. As Blastoise started to store up energy for a Hydro Pump. While they were in each other's faces they both released their moves causing a huge explosion. Smoke covered the battlefield and no one could see what happened.

When the smoke dissipated you could see both the Charizard and Blastoise struggling to give up. When they both finally got up you could see the multitude of injuries and other marks on them. This time when they stared at each other there was no moves used. They both seemingly roared at each other trying to assert their dominance on each other through pure will. Once they both stopped roaring. Charizard started to lean forward as Blastoise started to lean back. Both Pokémon fell at the same time.

There was silence. The Pokémon official then yelled "Both Pokémon have fainted. The match is a draw."

There was silence again. As it seemed everyone was taking in the moment. Then suddenly the crowd erupted in cheer. It filled the whole stadium as the crowd got louder and louder. Only two people were quiet and still staring at each other. The two trainers battling. As it felt like whoever broke eye contact first would lose in that moment even during an official draw.

Jack was really excited to head to Hoenn. There were two Pokémon in particular that Jack wanted specifically from this region. One of them was a starter Pokémon. Jack was really hoping that Professor Oak had put in a good enough word for him to get the Starter that he wanted from Professor Birch. Daisy turned up the radio to Pokémon news as Jack was thinking about his plans. The fight had just finished but the broadcast was quiet until…

Pokénews "This just in the Johto finals have concluded. For the first time in Pokéworld history we have a tie in the finals as both a Charizard and Blastoise fainted at the same time. Both Red and Blue from Palet Town won. Because it was ruled a tie they will both be given the opportunity to challenge the Elite Four as well as Champion Lance of the Johto region. This could be the first time we could have two Champions from one region in the same year. In other news an island with a research facility has just exploded. Some believe it was a freak accident more information hopefully to come in soon. As we also find out if there are any survivors. This is Pokénews and we will be back with the news after these messages."

The Pokénews continued "Do people find it weird when you dress up as Pokémon. Try out Pokéoutfitters and become your favorite —-"

Daisy cut off the radio. Daisy had a wide grin on her face "My brother Blue has a chance to be a champion after one year!" She squealed.

Jack was super happy to "Sounds like it was a great battle in the finals I wish I could have seen it."

Daisy nodded "But we both needed to start our own journeys."

Jack smiled "Who knows maybe in the future you will be seeing me become a champion in a year."

Daisy have a smirk "We will see. Maybe I will be the best Groomer and Breeder in Hoenn as well."

They both continued to drive to the boat to take them to Hoenn.

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