Pokémon: The Ultimate Adventure of Ash (Remake)

Our protagonist has failed in life, his wife denounced him, he spent years in prison and when he got out, he discovered that his ex-wife had been having sex with his best friend. Alone, without family and friends, our protagonist decides to commit suicide, when suddenly he meets a strange man with whom he exchanges words. This man gives him a strange ring and then he’s gone. After his departure, our protagonist commits suicide and reincarnates in the Pokémon world as Ash Ketchum before starting his journey, what adventures will our protagonist have? How many Pokémon will he catch? How many women will be in his harem? Discover it in this exciting new adventure full of action, romance and lots of sex! *Note: This is a remake of my previous Pokémon fic. This fic is rewritten from 0, it is much better written, the conversations are much more fluid and with more sense and the relationships are much more elaborate, in addition, each girl will have a background. Important things to know about this fic: - Sex will start from chapter 15 more or less since I do not want to rush into relationships. - The girls will quickly fall in love with the protagonist but it will not be instantly. - The protagonist has a very original system never before seen, if you want to know its functions, you will have to read the fic. -The protagonist will catch all Mythical Pokémon and maybe some legendary. - All characters from my previous fic will appear in this without exception. - I’ll do two or four films. - Only certain events will be the same as the canon, but 90% of the entire fic will be made by me. - All the most important pokegirls will be in the harem of the protagonist, if you want some other girl either invented or belonging to the anime or video games, you can suggest it, because probably I will not reject any proposal. - There will be no Pokephilia. - There will be no Netorare. - There will be a little yuri, but only during sex with the protagonist, the girls will not have sex with each other without the protagonist, in addition, there will be little yuri, so it will be fun to read it and not frustrating, believe me. - There will be chapters every two or three days due to lack of time, I would like to upload one daily, but unfortunately the translation takes a long time, also, I have another fic to upload.

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"It's time to go, Ash" – Celeste said.

"Yes, you're right, if we don't leave now I don't know if we'll be able to get through the Viridian Forest before dark" – I nodded.

No idea how long it takes to cross the forest and the map app doesn't have that option.

"If I remember correctly, it will take about 5 or 6 hours, even more depending on the rate" – said Celeste's aunt.

I looked at the clock on my smartphone at the same time as Celeste.

"Then we have to leave now or we won't make it to the next Pokémon Center in time!" – Celeste exclaimed alarmed.

If they left now, maybe they could arrive in time, but they would have to leave now.

"Yes, let's go, by the way, thank you for everything once again" – I said.

"Goodbye, grandma, auntie, we will see each other again in a while" – Celeste said.

"You're welcome and take care" – Celeste's grandmother said.

"Goodbye" – said Celeste's aunt.

And then, we left.

"How nice is to be young, don't you think, mom?" - asked Celeste's aunt.

"Without a doubt, I just hope that their romance goes well and that they have a child before I die" – the grandmother agreed.

"You're already being a melodramatic again" – Celeste's aunt said.

"Maybe, but I want to see my grandchildren as soon as possible..." – Celeste's grandmother said.

At the Viridian Forest.

We successfully arrived at the Viridian Forest, the truth is that it didn't take us long to get there, but when we arrived, I was amazed by the views, the Viridian Forest was a deep forest full of hundreds of trees and Pokémon, a beautiful sight.

"Come on, we can admire the landscape on the way" – Celeste said.

"Yes" – I nodded.

"Pika pi" – Pikachu nodded.

We then started walking while admiring the views this wonderful forest had to offer.

It was a beautiful forest full of Pokémon everywhere, some seemed friendly and looked at us curiously while others ran away as soon as they saw us, also, if you looked at the trees you could see a lot of Kakuna and Metapod hanging by several threads, surely they were about to evolve.

"How beautiful..." – Celeste said enraptured.

As someone who had never left Viridian City, the breathtaking view of nature devoid of any human building dazzled her.

"It's beautiful and unpolluted" - I nodded.

As we admired the views, our hands collided and Celeste was surprised, blushed, but did not move her hand away.

The atmosphere between the two of them was tense, but not because of anything bad, but because they both felt something for each other that they could not express.

But that romantic atmosphere that was gradually being created, was broken by the scream of a person and a Pokémon.

"Don't run!" – shouted the voice.

It was a man's voice.

"Saur!" – exclaimed the Pokémon.

Celeste, Pikachu, and I looked in the direction the voice was coming from and could see a somewhat disheveled man running after what appeared to be a Bulbasaur.

Upon seeing us, the Bulbasaur hid behind us as if he was seeking help.

"Hey, you, get away from that Bulbasaur, I saw it before you did!" – the man exclaimed.

Now that I looked at him closer, he actually looked the same age as us, only his dirt made him look older than he really was.

"Hey! What are those manners?" – Celeste said with a frown.

"Manners are not important, especially when you're trying to snatch the Pokémon I've been trying to catch for days!" – the boy exclaimed.

I looked at the Bulbasaur and saw that it looked at me with a face that said, "I don't want to be catch by someone like him, help me!", poor thing, he looked at me with a badly injured puppy face that I couldn't ignore.

"Let's all calm down, first let's talk with respect" – I said trying to calm the atmosphere.

You don't have to be conflictive, my parents (from my previous world), taught me that first you have to use the words, there are people who come to their senses once they calm down.

"Why should I show respect to two people who want to take the Pokémon I've been trying to catch for days?!" – exclaimed the boy.

"We didn't try to take anything from you, the poor Bulbasaur just hid behind us because he doesn't want to be catch by you!" – Celeste exclaimed.

Ehem, it seems that Celeste is quite temperamental.

"You're lying, you want to catch the Bulbasaur too!" – exclaimed the boy.

I looked at the Bulbasaur, why so much insistence on catch a Bulbasaur? I mean, it's true that they're hard to find, but in the Viridian Forest they can be found if you look for hard, so why so much insistence on catching this one and not another?

When I looked at it more closely I understood why, this Bulbasaur, unlike others, was completely green, that is, it was Shiny, something very sought after by certain types of people.

"Hey, I don't want to be rude, calm down and let's talk quietly" – I said once again.

I'll try one more time politely, otherwise... I will take more drastic measures.

"I see, that's what you're trying" – said the boy.

"Excuse me? What are we supposed to be trying to do?" – I asked confused.

"Well, of course, you try to distract me to take the Bulbasaur with you, you have seen that it is Shiny and you want to take it from me, but that is not going to happen!" – said the boy.

Then, he pulled out a Pokéball.

"I challenge you to a Pokémon battle, whoever wins, will take the Bulbasaur and whoever loses will have to leave here without saying a single word more!" – exclaimed the boy.

Is this boy crazy or what? Didn't he see that the Bulbasaur was escaping from him?

"We accept, Ash is a Pokémon trainer, no, he is the best Pokémon trainer in the world and it won't take him more than a minute to defeat you!" – Celeste said angrily.

This guy was already starting to her off, who did he think he was to talk to them like that?

"This... Celeste" – I tried to say.

"The best trainer? How many badges do you have?" – asked the boy a little nervously.

If that girl's words turned out to be true, he, who only had only one badge, how could he fight against someone like that?

"None, but tomorrow he will won his first badge and it won't take him more than 1 minute to defeat Brock!" – Celeste exclaimed.

"None? Then this will be easy, go ahead, Binacle!" – exclaimed the boy.

From his Pokéball, a Binacle came out ready to fight and with an angry look on his face, something characteristic of this Pokémon.

"A Binacle in Kanto? Then you're not from around here" – Celeste said.

Although there are Pokémon from all regions in Kanto, it doesn't mean that all species appear here, no, there are a few species from other regions here, but not all, and one of them was Binacle.

"That's right, I'm Troy, a Pokémon trainer and a Pokémon collector and I've come to Kanto with the intention of catching the most timed Pokémon in Kanto!" – Troy said.

Apparently he is also a trainer.

"Pika pi" – Pikachu said.

She seemed willing to fight, but I stopped her.

"Pika pi?" – Pikachu asked confused.

"I know you want to fight, but let's let Bunneary take care of the situation" – I said.

By the way, as we walked, I quickly looked at Bunneary's stats and was surprised, this Bunneary had a Jolly nature, which increased her speed and increased her physical attack, her Ivs were all 31 minus special attack and its moves were "Pound", "Double Kick", "Quick Attack" and "Foresight", a moveset typical of a Pokémon belonging to the first routes.

"Pika pi" – Pikachu nodded.

"Then let's get started, Bunneary, it's your turn" – I said.

I threw Bunneary's Pokéball that opened, coming out a beam of white light that turned into Bunneary.

"Neary!" – said Bunneary.

Bunneary looked at Binacle eager to fight and show her strength.

"You have a Shiny Bunneary! How can you be so lucky?" – Troy said angrily.

He had been looking for rare Pokémon for a long time, even before he became a Pokémon trainer and only found that Shiny Bulbasaur by mere chance, how could a rookie without a single badge get a Shiny so easily?




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