Pokémon: Reincarnated as a New Pokemon

after a soul seemingly floating at the endless darkness, having it's Mind stop thinking, finally re-awakens after for long after awakening he was suddenly in a form of a Very very Black Cat (Void Black) wearing a skull with 2 horns at a very totally not a creepy abounded altar that is used as some evil ritual... Totally Not as soon as he venture out he finally see which world he came out... A World full of Animal Abuse... Pokemon (This is a Joke)

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Chapter 1: Where am I?

" speak

' thought

* Sound/Action


==={??? POV}===


'huh? where am I?' I Thought as I suddenly found myself can't see

'i can't speak!!' I panicked as when I try to open my mount is just couldn't

'i can't move!! where am I!!?' I tried to move my limbs but it seems to be missing

I then begun to panic

'help!! help!! somebody!!!' I tried everything but to no avail

after sometime I finally stop my struggles and just don't move...

'just were the heck am I..., did I get kidnapped and got all my limb removed and my eyes?' just thinking about that makes me shivers

'wait... now that I think about... I haven't even breath, or am I just too panic' I then tried breathing but...

'shit!!! I can't breath!!??!?' then begun to panic.. again

After some time I begun to calm myself and became rational 'Ok, there definitely something fishey about this... the fact that I couldn't breathe yet somehow alive, and can't even feel all my Limbs and can't even see, all I see is Darkness'

'am I dead? if that so... where the hell is that ROB guy, if he's late! I'm definitely gonna have him 1 star review!!'

Seeing that nothing happens after 6 I let out a sigh... In my head

'I really dam hope I won't be stuck here for God dam how long... like one of those Fan Fics... I'm dont have Perseverance and Patience for that...'

after for 15 mins... I finally stop thinking and just drift along to these endless void...







In a very deep temple with a deep sicking miasma, there stood an altar seems broken by time as pillars support the celling, on top of the altar is a crack Skull with 2 horns

The Skull suddenly moves and the altar glows black, the skull floats as the Thick Black Miasma circle around the Skull the Miasma then turned into some kind of liquid and turn into a long legs and long arms cat in its face is the skull wearing like a mask

after it's transformation is done this cat then lie down on the altar as if it was bed, as if it was waiting for the final something...


==={??? POV}===


'ugh... where am I....' I said to myself as the the two eye sockets suddenly has a white dot as if representing my eye

'i feel like I have been sleeping for God dam how long... ugh... this feel weird...' I look around where I was, it was not the endless void of nothingness but a some kind of ancient temple

'its dark... but it's not like the endless void I went through... wait... am I!!'


'HEELLLLL YEAH!!!, IM FINALLY OUT OF THE HELL!!!, IM FINALLY FREE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!' out of happiness I jump around on the altar and then


'oh.. FUU-'


I fall to the ground as my body disappeared like a smoke as the mask falls to the ground

and now Im in the endless void again





After a Minute of waiting I finally back looking at the celling

'ok let's not be careless... did I just Fucking die by slipping on an altar? what the hell even am I?' Then I finally look at my hands it was Black, like... Really really Black, I'm talking about VantaBlack level of Black I can't see as if it was a black Hole but somehow I can see or feel this is my Hand

'what the Fuck!!' I thought as I look at my VantaBlack skin and my 4 sharp claws?

I touch my self to explore my body and I can confirm I have a tail and some kind of mask with horns I also don't have a mouth that explains it why I can't speak, also have 2 ears

'oh man.. I'm like a... like a.. a cat!, now... where the heck am I...' I look around and finally explore the area the first thing I went is the very very Long Concrete Door

it has some strange writings on it, in the middle is circle VentaBlack like my Body has and on the side what seems to be earth and the sun

'man I bad at this stuff...' I then went to the alter that I just been born? or? create idk...

the altar also has the circle VantaBlack stuff and on the top is like a bed...

'hmmm~ nope nothing...' I then look at the pillar seems normal with symbols that I don't know I look at the four pillars but is all somewhat the same

'eh... not like I can guess what it even means... I'm not very smart...' I then went back to the Very huge door... or gate

'now... how do I get out... do I just push it?' I try pushing but it suddenly shakes

'yo!!' I step back as the Gate symbols shrines black as it opens on its own

'what?! how- you know what I'm not even just gonna question it... it's already weird that I have appeared here' with that I walk out of the gate and what I see is even more broken pillars and weird symbols and drawings on the wall

'great... totally not mystery-esh'




'hello elo! is there anybody there~?, oh wait... I can't talk.. fuck the more I walk the more Broken this place looks' I said as now there are cracks all over all though there's no light I can still see clearly

after finally walking through hallways and rooms I finally found a door

I open it without ease as my body is frail one scratch and my body dispair thankful it always Regenerate? and grow stronger likes it adapt to it


and now I see a cave

'huh... why in a world a mansion size place is in underground?' I look behind me and then...

'what!? the door disappeared!!!' The door I went through disappeared like it wasn't there leaving only a rock of walls

'yoo... that's eerie....' I then look at the cave I can feel there's something living here....

'gulp... well... not like I got a choice...' I unconsciously gulp as I went on to the caves


"kekeke...." a eerie voice was heard as a pair of eyes looks at me without me knowing I already have been spotted...


==={Chapter End}===


A/N: decided to redo my work from Wattpad and put it here... I got an urge to write a pokemon fan fic after I read a pokemon fan fic...