Pokémon: Crimson Dimension

John died by a plane crash. God felt sorry for killing him and everyone else on the plane. He gave John 3 wishes and was able to decide which world he would like to go to. Follow John on his conquest to become the strongest. ________________________________________________________________ Hello people. This is my first ever time actually writing a book. I personally don't know what it will be like and how well I upload but I hope you enjoy it. *I don't own rights to cover picture*

Jonatan1165 · Anime & Comics
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25 Chs

Surprise Reincarnation

An extremely holy place. That is what comes in mind when I look around the room I am in. I don't know how long I have been waiting in this room for, but its come to a point were I am starting to talk to myself. I have waited, for what feels like an eternity, for something! Anything!. I don't know why but I just have a feeling that I need to wait just a little bit longer. And sure enough after counting to 500, someone entered the room. I had a strange feeling that I knew this person, but it was the sort of feeling when you recognise a stranger while walking past them on the sidewalk. He had a white robe on and had a holy aura radiating off of him. He has a long grey beard and long hair which is mostly white tied up in a pig tail.

"Hello child" said the person.

"You have no need to be afraid as I am a harmless and humble old man."

While I am still sceptical, I choose to believe the person.

"Do you know why I am here Sir?" said ???.

"Ah John we but, are just getting to the good bit. You see John... You died and it was kinda my fault."

"I'm sorry what?." said John.

"You see John, I am god. The creator of the universe and the one who all worship. I am the one and only true god. You see John you have a rare chance. You get to be reincarnated." Said God.




5 Minutes later


"So you are saying that the plane I was in was struck by lightning because of you, then it exploded mid-air killing everyone."

"Yep..." said the god while kneeling and sipping on green tea.

"Can I finish explaining now that you are done?."

"...Yes" said John in a passive aggressive tone.

"Now that that's over with, I can start. Well John as I am the one and only god, I am at fault for it and will give you another chance at life. Though I cannot put you in the same world, you can pick what world you want to be in. Oh also you get 3 wishes, as I have been seeing that its very popular in your world."






"Finally one of my dreams has come through. I can finally live the life I've always wanted to. Umm... Umm..., I wanna be reincarnated into a Pokémon world please."

"Oo, Pokémon. Quite a good choice. Though it does depend a lot on talent there is also the need of luck. Now before you go in guns blazin' you should know that I will not be putting you into the original world but a world that is very very different. It is very much more dangerous than the original world has a few changes here and there to make it more realistic. So you better choose your wishes wisely."

"Um..., Urg so many damn choices. There's this but then there's that, arg. Um, is there a limit put in place for the wishes."

"Yes there is. You cannot become extremely powerful from the get go, you have to actually work for the power you and your Pokémon gain. You cannot cross dimensions or to different planets. Frankly there's many more but I will just tell you when the wish exceeds that threshold."

"Can I please have a Dimension where I can put my Pokémon and they can also train in there, there should also be a farm in it so that I can grow my own things and can it also passively boost the training speed of my Pokémon while in the space."

"Yes, I can do that."

"For my second Wish. I wish to be able to appraise things in the environment and Pokémon and people."

"That is quite a good with. I shall grant it."

"For my third wish, can you make it that I can increase the potential of my Pokémon and myself by putting them in the space and being feed things that have grown in the dimension."

"That is a bit more of a tougher wish but it shall be done. Now that that's over with its time for you to go. So goodbye."

"It was nice meeting you god and thankyou for this opportunity."

"Your welcome. Oh and before you go, I added a little something extra when reincarnating you so do take care."

And with that John dispersed into particles that spread into the vastness of the universe.