Pokémon: Bond Evolutions of Pokemon

A person who is reborn as Ash Ketchum just before his journey through the Johto Region. This novel is not mine, I’m just changing a few thing here and there to make it easier to read.

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104 Chs

70. VS. Morty

After a long journey, they finally reached Ecruteak City!

"Ash, what kind of Pokémon did you catch with that Ultra Ball? You were giggling all the way here!"

Ecruteak City is right in front of them. According to what Misty thinks, Ash will definitely be so excited that he runs to the Ecruteak Gym first. But now, he keeps holding an Ultra Ball, giggling like crazy!

Misty couldn't bear it anymore. 'Ash must have caught a something, right?' Misty thought.

"Brother Ash, are you okay?" Molly was also a little worried about her older brother figure.

But Brock on the other hand knows Ash very well, "If you have to use an Ultra Ball, it's Suicune, right Ash?"

When Ash summoned Suicune before, Misty and Brock who were with him then also saw it.

They was really shocked at that time. They still don't know when or how Ash managed to established a friendship with a Pokémon like Suicune.

Finally, Ash came to his senses and put the Ultra Ball away, "It's not Suicune, but I will definitely catch that guy one of these days."

If it's not Suicune, what kind of Pokémon is that?

Brock and Misty didn't ask any more questions, and they finally entered the vicinity of Ecruteak City. They had already seen the Bell Tower symbolizing Ecruteak City from quite a distance way, and the Ecruteak Gym should also be close to it.

As they know, as a historical city, the buildings in Ecruteak City are quite contemporary, antique and has a very unique charm to them.

According to the introduction in the travel brochure, Brock led his group to an impressive-looking courtyard, and then found a very dilapidated tower that seemed to have been burned down.

"Is this the Ecruteak Gym?" Misty expressed confusion.

This is obviously not a good thing, it's run very badly from what she can see!

"No Misty, this is the legendary Burned Tower!" Ash said to her, "Let's go in and take a look! Molly, come down!"

"Burned Tower?" She don't know when it started, but Misty needed to ask questions to Ash about what certain things are and what they do.

This is unlike when they journeyed through Kanto and the Orange Islands where she needed to help Ash understand things.

"There were two towers in Ecruteak City back then. Hundreds of years ago, this tower was burned down by a fire caused by a thunder-strike. Three Pokémon among them were burned to death before they could escape. Ho-Oh then resurrected them and thus was born..."

Before Ash finished speaking, Molly raised her hand and answered, "I know! I know!"

"It's Entei, Suicune, and Raikou! The Legendary Beast Trio!" Molly, she was thought by Ash to be Entei's daughter in a way! Molly knows the legend of Entei very well from her real father and Entei!

Brock checked the pillars here, "Yes, this place was burning down for two whole days. It looks very charred!"


Pikachu suddenly sounded an alarm, and then blazing flames appeared around everyone!

Misty and Brock panicked immediately, "Run away quickly!"

However, the flames surrounded them and there was no way to escape!

Ash didn't move from beginning to end, and Molly didn't have any struggles in his arms. She believed in her brother too much. As long as her older brother was by her side, she would never be in any danger!

"Brock, Misty, don't panic. Take a good look at these flames. There is no smoke or heat coming off from them!" Ash put his hand into the flames, but there was no burns or any heat to it.

Seeing that his two companions finally calmed down, Ash threw Noctowl's Poké Ball, "Foresight!"

Noctowl's eyes glow red. It is the move Foresight, this can make the Ghost-type Pokémon in the invisible status appear in its true form and break their illusions!

Sure enough, the flames disappeared, and several Gastly appeared in front of everyone.

Along his journey, Ash has met Gastly many many times.

When he was in Saffron City, he became friends with a Haunter. It restored the smile of the lonely Sabrina and opened her heart, which allowed him to get the Saffron Badge.

However, Ash has never been able to meet one that is a good fit for him. A Pokémon like Gastly has a naughty personality. Even if it evolves to the final Gengar, it can't change its prank-loving personality.

It should be said that the compatibility between Gengar and Ash is low, but for Gengar, Ash is determined to win!

He loved Ash's one in Journeys and he also liked to use Choice Specs with his hacked Gengars Shadow Ball. He had to hack it in because he, Luke, didn't have any friends to trade with and Mindy was a bitch.

Ash shook his head, "Let's go!"

These Gastlys obviously regard this dark tower as their lair. They have disturbed their rest and they should leave this place immediately!

The group nodded and followed Ash and Noctowl to the exit, but met a person at the exit.

"Who are you?" This person seemed to have learned about people inside the Burned Tower and came here to check it out.

Ash put Molly down and said, "Hello, I am Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, here to challenge the Ecruteak Gym!"

"I see. Well then, I accept your challenge!" The man said with a smile, "I am Ecruteak City's Gym Leader, Morty!"

"Please follow me to the Gym!"

The Ecruteak Gym is an ancient building that doesn't look too inconspicuous. It blocks the sun inside and is suitable for Pokémon such as Gastly to fight without any natural restrictions.

Morty was here to demonstrate the abilities of Ghost type Pokémon to the children of Ecruteak City. After hearing Gengar's report about the news in Burned Tower, Morty hurried over.

"Sorry everyone, I'm back! Okay, let's continue what I just said. Ghost type Pokémon like Haunter are best at interfering with the opponents moves. As long as these special moves are used properly, they can have effects beyond direct attacks!"

This is how Ghost-type Pokémon fights!

"Today, our Gym has a challenger!" Morty turned to Ash, "Ash, I want them to experience watching the Gym Battle, is that okay with you?"

"Please!" These children are really polite and asked nicely.

Of course Ash would not refuse, he didn't care much about this.

"Then let's start the Gym Challenge now. The number of Pokémon that can be used is three, and the Battle begins!"

According to the rules of a Gym Challenge, Morty must take out his Pokémon first, and at the same time, only the challenger has the right to change Pokémon.

"Go ahead, Gastly!"

"Noctowl, soar to your victory!"

Ash summoned his Shiny Noctowl, as soon as he came up, which kind of shocked Misty and Brock a bit. He was able to use the move, Foresight, to deal with the Ghost Pokémon's stealth. His Noctowl should be used as his Trump Card!

However, Ash's strength is too high, so it really doesn't matter that much.

"My Trump Card, all of my Pokémon are my Trump Cards!" Ash smiled confidently and took the lead in launching the offense, "Noctowl, Foresight!"

"Gastly, get out of the way!"

Red light shot out from Noctowl's eyes, but Gastly's figure disappeared, apparently avoiding Foresight's attack.

Ash did not use his power over Aura to find Gastly's location. Instead, he gave an order, "This is a battle. Even if he disappears like this, Gastly must be close to Noctowl!"

Hearing Ash's words, Morty suddenly panicked, "Gastly, be careful!"

"Noctowl, use Confusion to cover the entire field. Let us see where they hide!" Ash commanded quickly. Noctowl tilted his head, V-shaped eyebrows on his eyes, and released blue pink lights!

His Confusion covered the entire field, leaving Gastly nowhere to hide. The Psychic skill had an outstanding effect on it!

"Use Air Slash!"

The final attack was one of his STAB Flying type moves.

Gastly's body made of gas suddenly lost there fighting capability!