Pokémon: Bond Evolutions of Pokemon

A person who is reborn as Ash Ketchum just before his journey through the Johto Region. This novel is not mine, I’m just changing a few thing here and there to make it easier to read.

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104 Chs

69. Raikou

After being reunited with Mewtwo, Ash and Mewtwo established a deep friendship, and they will definitely meet once again in the future!

Taking Team Rocket's Air Baloon, Ash and his group climbed over Mt. Quena and embarked on their journey once again.

Ecruteak City is not that far away from their current location!

"It feels so nice under the sky!" Johto Region is indeed a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and comfortable routes to follow.

Climbing a hillside, what appeared in front of the group was a beautiful sea of ​​flowers.

Flowers of various colors are vying for beauty, Bellossom is dancing in the flowers, Ledian and Butterfree are flying over the flowers, it is full of life.

"Togepi, don't run around!" Togepi jumped out of Misty's arms and joined Bellossom's team in their dancing.

"I wants to come too!" Molly also slid off Meganium's body and stood next to the Bellossoms to dance together.

Seeing this, Ash threw two Poké Balls.

"Come out, Ivysaur, Heracross!" Plus his Meganium who has already out and has been carrying Molly on their trip.

In such a field of ​​flowers, both Grass type and Bug type Pokémon are very happy here.

Sure enough, Meganium, who had experienced the battle against all those Team Rocket members and whose bonding value had increased again, was so happy that she rubbed Ash a few times in this comfortable environment, making him feel something.

Meganium: 255/255

Bond Evolution!

The large pink petals on her neck became bigger and bigger until it was completely wrapped, as if it had turned into a big bud again.

The sweet smell filled the air, and all the Grass type and Bug type Pokémon jumped for joy in the floral fragrance, seeming to be celebrating Meganium's rebirth!

Misty and Brock had already been dumbfounded, even though they had known that Ash's Pokémon would further evolve in form after training to a certain stage.

But this is the first time they have seen one as beautiful as Meganium!

Then, the buds opened again. Meganium didn't change much, except that the stamens on the top of the head became longer, and golden patterns appeared on the petals on the neck. The light yellow body flashed with blue and gold light spots, shining brightly. This should be its pollen.

The most surprising thing is that there are four petals on its back that look like wings. Although such wings cannot make Meganium fly, they are very beautiful.

"Meganium, you have become so beautiful!" Molly returned to Meganiums side, climbed on her back, and looked at the two pairs of wings with stars twinkling in her eyes.

This is Ash's fifth Pokémon that has completed their Bond Evolutions!


Suddenly, Pikachu seemed to have found something like he always does. He exclaimed and ran towards the opposite side of the flower fields .

"Pikachu?" Ash didn't have time to think about anything and he hurriedly chased after him.

"Ash!" Misty was about to follow, but quickly stopped. They had to stay in this flower field to take care of the Pokémon and Molly.

Meganium also returned to her original form.

Ash was very fast and quickly caught up with Pikachu, "Pikachu, what did you find this time?"

With a flash of blue light over his eyes, Ash also sensed something. On the opposite side of the river in front of him, there was a very strong Aura. Although it seemed to be deliberately hidden, the revealed Aura was still sensed by him.

"It's over there!"

Ash let Pikachu return to his shoulders and crossed the small river in two jumps, one over a rock. Somehow, the sky suddenly became covered with dark clouds even though it was a beautiful day just now!

The beautiful scenery under the bright sun was swallowed up by the heavy rain in an instant.

Ash really complained in his heart, "Why does it always rain when these guys show up out of nowhere?"

Pikachu's cheeks sparkled with electricity, the heavy rain was filled with dense surging electrical energy, and in the dense dark clouds above his head, there were giant snakes flashing with thunder and lightning!


Pikachu suddenly jumped out from Ash's shoulders, with sparks shining on his cheeks.

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

With the increase power because of the Light Ball in the body, Thunderbolt's current power is extremely terrifying. However, the strength of the hidden Pokémon on the opposite side also could not be underestimated.

With just a slight jump, he dodged Pikachu's attack.

But its true face in in the dark also appeared in front of Ash and Pikachu.


Like Suicune, it is a Legendary Pokémon that was resurrected from the flames by Ho-Oh.

It looks like a saber-toothed tiger, with saffron-colored hair, strong limbs, and sharp fangs!

The white mane on the face and the long hair like a thundercloud-shaped cloak on the back symbolize clouds and cumulonimbus.

It is thought that it carries thunderclouds on its back and can release thunder and lightning any time he desires.

It is also said that wherever he goes, thunder and lightning follow him.

He is part of the Legendary Beast Trio along with Suicune and Entei.

Just with that agile movement just now, arc-shaped thunder and lightning emitted from his feet, which was extremely majestic to look at!

Raikou suddenly appeared here, perhaps because Ash used Clear Bell to summon Suicune to help the previous time, so he was probably attracted from that.

Unlike Suicune, Raikou has an eccentric personality and usually wanders around without appearing in front of others.

Ash did not hesitate, raised his hand, held the Poké Ball and shouted to Raikou, "Raikou, I challenge you to a battle! If I win, you become my Pokémon, deal? "


Ash's answer was returned with Raikou's explosive roar and the galloping thunder and lightning!

It accepted his challenge!

Its howl will shake the air and shake the ground beneath it like thunder falling to the ground.


Pikachu: 245/255

The bond value is finally down to the last ten points!

Pikachu is Ash's most trusted partner. Even if it has not evolved, it still has a very high compatibility and is already very strong with his speed!

The only one ever who can achieve such a high degree of compatibility without evolving in his team!

Thunderbolt, strengthened by his Light Ball, fought with Raikou's Thunderbolt to no avail!

"As expected of Raikou, Pikachu, use Iron Tail after Quick Attack!"

Close combat time!

Raikou's saber teeth sparkled with lightning, and he formed terrifying amounts of electricity in his fangs, and bit down hard on Pikachu's Iron Tail!

An explosion happened and it blew Pikachu away!

"Pikachu!" Pikachu flew back and returned to Ash's side. Ash jumped to stop Pikachu and catch him before hitting the stone wall.

"Again! Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu jumped out of his arms again, and the power of thunder surged more and more until it turned into a huge ball of thunder and lightning, ready to shot towards Raikou!

Pikachu: 248/255

The huge amount of powerful electricity hit Raikou with a terrifying momentum. Even Raikou was stunned by the lightning that came and hit him.

He couldn't dodge in time and was hit head-on!

This is a Thunderbolt which was formed by the double strengthening of a Light Ball and Aura powered by Ash.

It is like an electric cannon that shines in gold and blue!

Even a Legendary Beast of Thunder like Raikou was so electrified that it was covered in smoke!

"Nice, Pikachu, use Thunder!"

In a rainy day like right now, an attack like Thunder becames a sure hit move!

Pikachu: 250/255

The violent current rushed straight into the sky, and after the reaction of the thunder clouds, it turned into real natural thunder from the sky, striking Raikou hard on his body!


Raikou seemed to have given up his resistance and accepted Thunder's powerful blow head-on. The cloud like mane on his back were a little scorched.

But its golden red eyes looked particularly attentive to Ash!

It recognized him, this was the boy chosen by his master, Ho-Oh!

Ash took the opportunity to throw an Ultra Ball, and Raikou was taken in. He only shook twice and then stopped moving!

"I just got a Raikou!"


Raikou: 200/255