Pokémon: Bond Evolutions of Pokemon

A person who is reborn as Ash Ketchum just before his journey through the Johto Region. This novel is not mine, I’m just changing a few thing here and there to make it easier to read.

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104 Chs

68. Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns 5

In this battle, Ash and Mewtwo had control of the right time, place, people and the Pokémon!

Mewtwo and other clone Pokémon's have lived on the island for several months now and know everything about the island. After a night of active preparations, Ash and Slowking built the entire island into their chess board!

And the greater reliance is, of course, Charizard, who has evolved directly to the form of a divine dragon by relying on their shared bond, and faces the Rockets's spaceships head-on!

During his days in the Charicific Valley, his progress of the his control and power is really obvious to most. Its level and combat power have improved very quickly. It has been able to master Fire type ultimate moves such as Flare Blitz!

As if a she was not a person, Ash grabbed Domino's collar and pulled her onto Charizard's dragon's back. She was considered a hostage, and Team Rocket's spaceships could no longer directly attack him.

"Boy, do you know what you are doing?" Domino fell under Ash's control in humiliation. She never imagined that such a young boy could have such amazing power!

Ash flew Charizard back to the island full of their comrades. When he heard what she said, he smiled and said, "You don't seem to understand your situation yet!"

"To be honest, Team Rocket is really awesome. In my impression, the only one who can rival you in terms of tenacity is Hydra."

"Don't blame me for being like this. Except for Giovanni, I really don't take you people seriously!"

"Now that the island is now under our control, Giovanni has no leverage to threaten Mewtwo. Do you still think he still has the will to control or threaten us?"

Since just now, Giovanni has made no sound on the communicator.

Even though Ash was so taunting, he didn't say a single word, as he knew very well that there was absolutely no chance of winning against Mewtwo in a head-on confrontation!

But now, it seems that he has only this choice left!

"Now I'm looking for someone to teach you how to shout the Rockets' signature exit line!" Ash threw Domino in front of the Rockets trio.

"Boss brat?"

"She's yours, train her well!" Ash tied her up like a hairy crab with more than ten kilograms of hemp rope.

"Hehe, bet!"

After handing Domino to the Rocket trio, Ash briefly asked about their combat status. After confirming that there was no problem, he immediately rode Charizard and came to Mewtwo's side by the spring lake.

Giovanni and Mewtwo were always facing each other, and the two giant big-eyed robots could not do anything to Mewtwo except to coerce Mewtwo into the suppression circle of the force field.

"Giovanni, I went to your Viridian Gym to challenge you, but you had already left by then! I was so disappointed." Ash greeted Giovanni like a friend he hadn't seen for many years.

"Boy, you are very annoying, you know that?!" Giovanni looked at Ash as if he wanted to eat him alive, "You have to continue your journey and Mewtwo can't always be by your side. Aren't you afraid of being hunted down by Team Rocket? "

"I mean not really but you are welcome to try it out!" Ash longed for opportunities to give him more Exchange Points and experience for his new Pokemon's. The Rockets trio could no longer battle with him as they were now very afraid of him.

However, how many grunts can the Rockets dedicate to target a traveling Trainer, he needs to know.

Giovanni stared at Ash for a long time before giving an order through the communicator.

"Mission failed, retreat!" He said angrily.

"Mewtwo, you are destined to be mine!" This is Giovanni's exit statement!

"We are blasting off again!" That Domino learned very well from his students.

However, Ash looked at Mewtwo and said, "Mewtwo, I know that you have the ability to delete or change memories, right?"

Mewtwo nodded, and then a blue light flashed in his eyes.

"Although Team Rocket's database must still have your information, we can at least make them quiet for a while."

At that point, Mewtwo should be safe. Giovanni will never find Mewtwo again, he will find new goals to find his way around the world.

Team Rocket was really well-trained. After the order was given, they quickly evacuated from the area of Mt. Quena, leaving only the damaged spacecraft in the lake. Seeing the devastation in this clear spring lake, Ash felt a little sad.

"I wonder if he will come to help me!"

Ash took out the Clear Bell from his backpack and used his Psychic to raise it into the air.


The crisp sound rang along the sky above, and the faint sound waves spread into the distance.

"What's this?"

Mewtwo looked at the Clear Bell, very curious about it.

"Nothing much, just summoning a Legendary Pokémon that can purify the water here!" Ash didn't know whether Suicune would come.

Of course, this Clear Bell also has the ability to summon the Three Legendary Beasts. Of course, he can't say whether they will respond.

However, Suicune is still very considerate.

Soon, Ash felt that a Aura was coming here at an alarming speed.

Obviously Mewtwo felt it too, "A Legendary Pokémon? Is it very strong?"

"Compared to ordinary Pokémon, it is indeed very strong! But compared to you, it shouldn't be able to hold off any of your stronger moves continuously. Don't hit it. I'll summon it to help purify the water quality back to what is used to be."

Unknowingly, after fighting together, Ash and Mewtwo have established a good friendship.

Mewtwo has long recognized Ash as a great trainer.

"Okay!" Mewtwo turned to look at Ash, "Your Charizard has become very strong now! That Snorlax, Houndoom, and Slowking is not bad either! I can sense a very strong power from whitin them."

It also remembers Ash's Charizard, who was beaten into a pulp by his clone Charizard.

The steep mountain side cannot stop Suicune's footsteps, nor can the strong wind on the cliff, after all he is the Incarnation of the North Wind!

With a leap, Suicune came to Ash's side, looking at the polluted lake in a trance.

Then, it jumped lightly, jumped lightly on the lake, and walked on the water. Every time it jumped, it released his power over Water Purity. The wreckage of the spacecraft in the lake disappeared without a trace under its power.

Then, it looked back at Ash, nodded slightly, and disappeared again.

"Ash, I think I understand you now!"

Mewtwo looked at the direction Suicune disappeared and suddenly said.

"Even if you are a clone, everyone has the right to survive with the life in this world, there is always something waiting ahead of you!"

Mewtwo returned to the island and found all his clone Pokémon waiting for him. He wanted to take them away from here and completely integrate them into the world.

Blue light shone in the eyes, and all the clones were suspended in the air under his powerful Psychic.

"Today is a full moon, the sky is clear and clear, suitable for flying!" Behind Ash stood Misty, Brock, and Mitsumi, looking at Mewtwo and smiling.


Pikachu also said goodbye to his clone.

Molly walked over and hugged Pikachu No. 2, "Pikachu, when I grow up and began my journey, can you come and travel along with me?"

"Pikachu? Pika!"

Pikachu No. 2 looked at Molly, then at Mewtwo, then nodded happily.

Ash ruffled Molly's hair and looked at Mewtwo, "Enjoy your journey!"

Mewtwo looked at Ash, with a flash of blue light in his eyes, "I left a imprint on you. If you ever want to summon me, I will know the way!"

"Well for now, farewell! My partner!"