28 Conversation

Suddenly the world shifts around me as a dull humming dies off and I'm back standing next to my stolen little Isuzu truck on the outskirts to the entrance of the viridian abandoned zoned..

I quickly pull my arm away from the slimy little dirt bag who thought he could just rob me like that in broad daylight as I step back quickly.

The man looked thoroughly confused not expecting to have been teleported before his face shifts to rage about to reach for his pokeball on his belt before a light pink shimmer wraps his whole body, pulling his arms about his head and lowering him to his knees..

He looked like he was about to shout before the pink shimmer seemed to make its presence thicker around his mouth and closed it for him with him only able to let out dull impotent scream of anger from his throat..

I ignore all of that and let out meowth and machop to keep an eye on the soundings and also to add some weight to the "conversation" we are about to have.

I kept Ferroseed in her ball because she's a bit too noticeable and I don't know if this guy has connections with "darkness" or whatever…machop is a "fairly" common Pokémon so it should be ok…..not that I planned on letting this guy live but it's better to be safe than sorry incase some bullshit cliche anime trope happens where the villain gets away to report all this shit and get the gangs after my head knowing I was the one who hit their base..

But even after releasing my Pokémon the guy doesn't show fear….only rage, like he's definitely going to get loose and kill me….

He struggles for a bit while I watch before I turn to machop "hey buddy mind going to grab one of those phone books from the truck?"

Machop already having caught onto what's happening with this guy doesn't show any disgust or hesitation at the fact that I got this guys held against his will and will probably kill him, instead he just gives a big grin with a thumbs up and wanders over to the truck to get half of my booster seat…

I wait for him to comes back before I grab the phone book from him with a "thanks bud" before making my way over to my kidnap victim and smile at him….still he shows nothing but fury and looks that promised revenge…

As I go to lift the phone book I look at it and then look at my arms and before turning back to machop " sorry bud I need another favour…..turns out I'm kinda small and not really strong enough to make this work….would you mind?"

Machop looks at me confused wondering what i wanted him to do with a prisoner and a phone book before I mimed hitting him over the phone book before he got the message and with another nod and a thumbs up walks over to me, takes the phone book, places it on his body and starts beating the ever living shit out of the guys ribs and back, switching around with the phone book in between his hits…the guy is barely moving being held with psychic energy

A fun little fact I learned from my incredibly racist ex-cop grandfather was that if you beat a man over a phone book it won't show any external bruising while still hurting like hell, this is the first time using it but he swore by it with all those stories he told me….he wasn't invited around much….

Machop was really going to town, and I could imagine any Pokémon let alone a fighting type slugging you didn't feel great, but machop was working him over like a pro

The unnamed dead man to be just lets out screams that die out in his throat as Slowpoke is keeping him nice and quiet and the look of vengeance on his eyes died off around the third punch…

I let this go on for a few minutes as he's being tenderised before I walk over to him as machop relents on his assault…only whimpers of pain escape his throat as I reach down into his pocket searching around before I feel his wallet and fish it out….

I go through it to find his name is Bengie kusunawa and he seemed to work for the Viridian sanitation department as a mid level manager….this dude had a lot of swagger for a guy who deals with shit….literally…

He just keeps his head down as I rifle through his wallet, he had about 600 cash on him…a couple credit cards, a picture of what I can only assume is himself in his younger days….just regular stuff I guess?

I turn to Slowpoke "let him speak, but shut him up if he tries to shout" and slowly the pink shimmer fades from around his mouth before he speaks

"Wh...why are you doing this? I haven't done anything to you!?"

"You seem to have a short term memory problem, not even 20 minutes ago you tried to take my Slowpoke by blackmailing me? I'm like 10, you were trying to blackmail and intimidate a 10 year old…."

"No I wasn't! I was just going to teach you a lesson in manners for bumping in to me! I would have given your Pokémon back to you! I swear!"

I look at Slowpoke who just shakes his head at me..

Over the last few months I've been working with Slowpoke on detecting lies by listening to the persons heart beat….it took about 2 months before Slowpoke got it down pretty well….it's not full proof obviously, I'm sure there's tonnes of ways around it with Pokémon nonsense but I trusted Slowpoke…..and Slowpoke is saying he's lying..

"So you weren't going to take my Slowpoke and sell him for some extra cash or to some shady Slowpoke tail restaurant?"

"Of course not!"

Slowpoke just shakes his head again….lies…. And while what I'm going to do isn't going to be pretty and maybe haunt me for a time, half confirming what he was going to do makes it a little easier…

I look through his wallet again and find his address 37 stonewall drive….stonewall drive, I know where that street is. It's about 4 streets up from my normal route toward the pokemart…

"Have you ever done anything trying to blatantly rob people like you did me before?"

"No this is the first time I swear!!"

Slowpoke shakes his head…..lie

"Do you live alone?"


I look to Slowpoke who nods his head…

"Do you have any Pokémon guarding your house while you're away at work?"


Another nod

"What's in that pokeball on your belt….speaking of…."

I walk forward and unclip it from his belt and check to make sure it still had its lock activated….

Pokeballs all have manually activated locks to keep a Pokémon unable to bust itself out….most people bust these locks because it's easy to catch someone off guard when their Pokémon can't help….But as a league "official" he can pretty much lose his job if he is caught with a busted lock….I don't know why it works like that but it does….

"Please….please just let me go…..I'll forget all about this…..you'll never hear from me again…"

He looks pretty genuine as he said that but a small shake from slowpokes head pretty much sealed this guys fate….I was 90% onboard with what I was about to do….but that just pushed the last bit of hesitation out of me…

"Do you have a safe in your house?"

He grimaced slightly before answering


Lie… well hard way it is then…."machop work him over for awhile, same as before and make sure you keep the phone book between your hits and his body….it will bruise other wise.."

Machop continued his pummeling as Slowpoke closed his mouth again to stop him screaming….I REALLY don't enjoy this….but I was looking for a place to rob and this guy will definitely make life immeasurably harder if he gets loose….so…. He's gotta go….might as well take advantage while I can…

I look at the pokeball in my hand and think that this thing is just going to be a victim of unfortunate circumstance….

Machop works the guy over for a few more minutes before letting him settle..

"What's in the pokeball?"

"*huff-huff-huff* a ….g-grimer"


"Are you sure you don't have a safe in your house?"

"....i…..I do have a safe…."

"Good….what's the combination….."

He glares at me in impotent despair with tears in his eyes before speaking


A turn to Slowpoke who just nods at me….good, that works

I turn to meowth who has been looming from the sidelines the whole time without a making a sound looking kinda bored but also ready to pounce if he has too.

"Hey meowth can you do me a favour and bury this pokeball somewhere…..doesn't matter as long as it's deep and make sure you cover your tracks"

I toss him the pokeball and he catches it in his mouth before taking off into the scrub to bury the poor grimer…. I don't need this guy getting his hands on it somehow….it seems a little overkill to bury it….. but id rather overkill to random bursts of luck that fuck my plans….

"Knock him out" i tell Slowpoke who just yawns widely and loudly as a buff of pinkish steam like smoke that hits our kidnap victim in the face….the guy tries to fight it but eventually passes out …

I got a fair bit of time until night hits and I can get into this guys house…and I have some shopping to do so….i grab some of the rope out of the back of the truck and hog tie the guy and stuff a rag into his mouth as machop leans him onto the side of the truck

" machop and meowth keep and eye on him while I run into town with Slowpoke to get some shopping done….we'll be an hour 2 tops….keep him unconscious, if he looks like he's going to break free just kill him…."

Machop and meowth just look at me and nod while I take my pull cart and have Slowpoke teleport us back to the alley from which we came and started making our way back toward the pokemart..

I spend close to an hour and a half making multiple trips back and forth loading up the little truck to the brim, which will probably last maybe 2 months if we're lucky, I can't even imagine how much it's going to take to keep my mons fed when they evolve….I'll have to figure something out sooner or later….I just hope I can make decent money in the black market when I get strong enough to enter without fear of being jumped…

Apparently bengie woke up once while I was gone but a phone book cushioned punch to the head sent him back to dream land…

With everything loaded I jump in the truck with Slowpoke with me and have meowth and machop still keeping watch until we unload the groceries….

Not long after we make it home and I unload as fast as I can and have Slowpoke teleport everything into the room a few big boxes at a time….eventually we finish and Slowpoke teleports us both onto the 3rd floor where we see Becky running around trying to put all the stuff away….

"Hey beck sorry to just drop it on ya like this but we got a thing to do….we won't be back till later tonight…"

I don't wait for a reply and have Slowpoke jump me and him back to the edge of the abandoned zone where meowth and machop are sitting around waiting…

We got a bit of time until nightfall so maybe me and Slowpoke can do a walk by and see if there's a place closish to the house and out of site where we can teleport tonight…

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