Join Nicole on her journey, one of self-discovery, across the Kalos (and other) regions. Follow as she lives life to the beat of her own drum, and maybe enjoy all the love she has along the way. /* Will be Harem (Check aux chapter). There isn't a futanari tag, but be included for a long time. I’m more of a story writer than a smut writer. Combination of anime, game, romhacks, and a dash of au rulebending. Will not strive to make pokémon too serious, I guess. No perma-death and all that jazz. Will be lemons, but they will be sparse at the beginning because I’m not great at writing them and will mainly focusing on storyline there. Chapter every week at 8:00 AM MST (UTC -7) I don't own anything except my OC(s). Please don't sue me. */

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Partial Waste of Time

As I run back through the forest, a few things catch my attention. The weight in my bag from the Zorua disappeared which means that they either dove out when I wasn't looking, or she captured herself in one of the pokéballs.


I'll deal with that later. What is a problem right now is that I appear to be quickly approaching the Battle Chateau. They…might not be happy to see me since I…caused minor inconveniences last time I was around here.


Anyway, I lower myself down, hiding my robotic limbs within the folds of my coat. Hoping to cross by uninterrupted, I find my hopes dashed as the door swings open and an elderly man in an ash gray suit steps out. I notice his measured steps as he approaches… Perhaps he sees me as an entity to be cautious with…or he's confident.


Maybe I'm not as good at reading people as I thought.


"Excuse me, miss," he speaks in a low, slightly gravelly, and threatening tone. "I recognize you from a few weeks ago when several explosions were caused in the near vicinity that weren't part of sanctioned pokémon battles."


I raise an inquisitive brow. What angle should I play? Act like it wasn't me? No, if I'm caught in a lie, then it'll backfire massively. How about deference? "I wasn't aware the Battle Chateau owned the road. I thought that belonged to the state."


A deep chuckle erupts from his diaphragm, causing him to lean back. "Oh…young child. We own more than just the road."


Alright, Nicole… Keep calm. "Ok, I guess…" I move…an inch. "What do you want with me?"


He harumphs. "Don't roll your eyes at me…Nicole. Your actions are an indignity to this solemn organization!"


…Wait. I know this man. He's Hennessy—the only actual Duke in the entire Battle Chateau. Kalos had removed the aristocracy from power…a long time ago, but the descendants of those members of the former rich and powerful elite are still rich and powerful elites. Hennessy took his family's money and created the Battle Chateau where trainers can rise through the ranks for…a pretty meaningless title, but you can earn or lose a large sum of money through battles. There are also a few benefits to having a title.


Like a monthly stipend…


The hard part is dealing with all the snobs, and there's also the fact that you can only get in on recommendation.


Technically, Hennessy is qualified to hand all those titles out…except for Grand Duke and Duchess, but those titles are just words anyway.


"Now, young Nicole… Give me a good reason why I shouldn't use my connections with the Pokémon League to have you banned from all gyms? I know that would hurt your pride quite a bit."


I shrug my shoulders. "Because I have a brilliant mind that occasionally lets my emotions get the better of me, and I shouldn't be too harshly punished for that?"


He narrows his eyes at me.


"And…" Oh, I can't believe I'm going to do this. "I…have always wanted…to join the Battle Chateau…and I'm envious of everyone…else." Arceus, I think I'm going to vomit. Urg…


"Ha! We both know you hold absolutely no love for the Battle Chateau. However, I'll make you a deal. We have a pokémon battle. If I win, you will be kicked out of the Pokémon Challenge and be forced to find another path to fame. If you win, I won't do that, and I'll give you the title of Baroness."


I'm still hunched over from my previous statement, but I manage to straighten myself. "Why…would I agree to that? Both conditions sound bad for me."


He sniffs, looking down at me. "You'll get a monthly stipend of several hundred dollars. You can ask to have the split into weekly installments. As you rise through the ranks, the amount will grow larger. Many Gym Leaders opt in as well since it funds personal amenities for them. You can even get the chance to…know them."


That's just plain corruption…but the offer of money in exchange for dealing with a bunch of assholes with logs up their butts is…tempting.


"What are the battle conditions?"


"One-on-one, three pokémon each. First to have all three of their opponent's pokémon fainted. No other conditions."


…I guess it's time to bet my future on my pokémon family… "I accept," I grind out.




Leading me through the chateau and gaining many curious and spiteful stares in the process, I find myself opposite Hennessy in one of the most ornate pokémon battle fields I've ever stood on.


Although the ground is soft dirt, as is industry standard, the surrounding paths are polished marble bricks with golden trimmings. The view of the crystalline lake is bordered with the continued marble railing that is illuminated by alternating silver and platinum candlelit lanterns.


No, wait. Those are electric.


Anyway, I'm surrounded by fortune, and the successful theft of…anything here could have me set for a year…under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, I have more than a dozen pokémon to care for, and that does drag on finances.


"Are you ready?" Hennessy asks, holding a pokéball.


"As I'll ever be," I confidently reply, feeling nearly none of my false bravado.


"Begin!" He shouts, throwing out Staraptor. Immediately, my mind goes into analysis and makes the split-second decision to switch which pokémon will be my first. She's inexperienced, but I feel that she can do it.


"Vul!" Elspeth cries out, acutely aware of the situation at hand.


"Hoho! An Alolan Vulpix, eh? That's quite a rare one to have so far from it's homeland," Hennessy comments with a smirk. "It's a shame it'll have to lose… Staraptor, use Aerial Ace!"


In a blink of an eye, before I can even shout a command, the bird is already striking Elspeth, sending her flying.


"Orient yourself!" I command. Elspeth twists in the air, somewhat successful in preventing further damage from contact with the ground. Staraptor has retreated, but it's left a sizable welt on Elspeth's torso. It'll likely bruise later.


"Well, that's just no fun," I chuckle. "Elspeth, Powder Snow on the wings!" Simultaneously, I pull out Alex under my coat which allows her to hide from Hennessy. I've had a dastardly plan, and I'd be an idiot to not use it.


"Staraptor, fly up to avoid it!" However, Hennessy's command came a little too late. The Powder Snow managed to hit in time to frost the wings of the pokémon. It's not enough to completely nullify mobility, but it's enough to keep things manageable.


"Great job! Now, Powder Snow again!" Using Alex, I communicate to target the torso this time.


Elspeth, being the trooper that she is, powers through the pain of breathing in while the bruise forms on her torso to charge up Powder Snow.


Hennessy frowns. "Do you really only know one move? That isn't fitting of a Baroness at all! Staraptor, use Quick Attack to dodge and get in close!" His pokémon, noticing that Elspeth is still charging Powder Snow, ignores the first part of the command and overshoots to hit Elspeth from the back.


"Star!" It cries, nosediving for the bruise.


"Jump!" 'Forwards and use the momentum to spin your attack at Staraptor!' I command in pure desperation since that's all these battles end up amounting to.


Elspeth follows my instructions to the letter, spinning around to face the still nosediving pokémon. Apparently, they seem to be incapable of changing trajectory now.


"Star!?" The pokémon shouts with significantly more panic as its beak impacts the soft ground.


"St..argh…" The pokémon is thrown off guard, now spitting dirt out of its mouth.


"You're kidding me…right?" Hennessy whispers loudly. More loudly, "Staraptor, get ahold of yourself! The Vulpix is right there!"


"Elspeth!" I shout, on edge. "Whatever you're waiting for, now would be a great time!" 'And especially at the head since it's so close now!'


Thankfully, Elspeth actually listens to me this time, which is a concerning thought, and fires an icicle down Staraptor's throat which…is not Powder Snow. That's Ice Shard.


Staraptor quickly finds itself panicking as…it chokes. "S…arugh…augh…arrgh…"


Hennessy kind of just…stares in disappointment as Staraptor chokes on the ice before pulling out his pokéball and recalling Staraptor. "Staraptor is unable to battle. You win this round," he says, careful to not let any emotion leak through his face nor voice.


"Good job, Elspeth!" I congratulate with a slight hop. 'We will be having words though.'


"Nidoking," Hennessy still emotionlessly states. "You're up."


The monumental beast towers over Elspeth, eyeing her up like a tasty morsel. However, I still have the type advantage here. I wouldn't lose anything by keeping Elspeth out. On the other hand, she'd be fighting at a disadvantage with previously sustained injuries, and I have other pokémon that would still keep a type advantage over the Nidoking. The only remaining problem is the might of the opponent.


Wordlessly, I recall Elspeth. Holding her pokéball to my lips, I whisper, "Rest well." I give it a small kiss for comfort and put it away. Simultaneously, I pull out Gwen's ball.


"Ra!" She shouts in an adorable battle cry that forces a small smile to my lips.


"Hmm. That's quite the large Ralts you have there. Not only uncommon in size, but uncommon in nature. I believe some places call Gardevoirs forest guardians as well," Hennessy talks…to really himself.


I wonder if he likes listening to himself talk.


"Anyway, begin!"


Now, Gwen…she doesn't have a lot of moves. I've seen her use a weaker form of Attack Order that she learned from Cecilia…which she shouldn't be able to do. However, in making up for her lack of moves which are just concentrated forms of pokémon type energy, Gwen has a veritable ton of potential psychic energy that she's been throwing against a highly inert object.


So, she might not have the moves…officially, but she can certainly emulate them.


I've been fighting fair and square, but I think it's time to push the true limits on what a pokémon can do.


Seeing that I'm unresponsive, Hennessy mutters, "I guess I'll make the first move if you're allowing me." Then shouting, "Nidoking! Let's start this off with a poison sting!"


Let's start this off right. "Hey, Gwen! Let's give this guy a show," I say, nonchalantly as the dart flies towards Gwen. "How about we stop that?" I point to the purple arrow with a smoky cloud. She nods, and with pinkish hues, stops the attack in midair.


She lets go, and with all velocity negated, the attack drops to the floor.


"Wha?" Hennessy mutters. Nidoking also looks very unsure of what to do now, still lumbering with imposing figure. Well, vitals signs tell me that he's male.


"Let's mix things up a bit," I joke. Using Alex, I give Gwen a command to search for two small orbs close to each other in Nidoking's body and give 'em a good twist.


"NIIIIIII!" Nidoking immediately drops to the ground, screaming in pain and doing their best to hold their crotch. It's just unfortunate that his arms aren't long enough to reach, and there's not much he could do anyway.


"What? Nidoking, what's wrong?" He shouts with immense concern. Quickly, though, his concern towards Nidoking turns to rage at me. "Nicole, what did you do?"


I shrug. "Me? I did nothing. Gwen on the other hand… Well, have you ever heard of testicular torsion?"


Hennessy, hearing my response, quickly recalls Nidoking, ending the battle just as fast as it began. He bites his lower lip for a minute. Frowning with many more mixed feelings flashing across his face. "I concede the match," he finally states in a quiet tone. "Which means you win…Nicole."


I recall Gwen, giving her pokéball sweet salutations and a kiss as well. "Great," I half-heartedly, mockingly cheer. "That means I'm a Baroness with an allowance right?"


He looks up, muttering a small prayer, then looks back to me. "Yes," he grinds out. Taking a deep breath, he continues, "You're allowed to challenge others on your same rank, or one above your rank to eventually rise to Grand Duchess. I'd explain more, but I have a feeling that you already know everything you want to know."


I shrug, already beginning to walk away. I have to get back to Lumiose and plan to deal with Malamar. "Yeah. I'm not going to issue any challenge writs anyway. So…bye!" Before he can get a word in edgewise, I'm already using my Octillery Arms to climb parallel to the outer wall of the chateau, back towards the road towards Lumiose.


Well, I guess that wasn't a complete waste of time.

A slight reminder that I read every comment, paragraph comment, and review for this book, given that the site this is on has that capability, for both current and older chapters.

As such, I've noticed a general trend with the comments. This is a pokemon smut fanfic with heavy sci-fi elements. However, I'm terrible at both smut and pokemon battles, so it's devolved into just a sci-fi story with heavy monologues. Frankly, I've received more complaints about having more dialogue and battles than smut, so we got this chapter.

Fun fact: this was originally going to be another sci-fi monologue chapter, but then I read a timely review that caused me to write this one instead. I'll still make that sci-fi chapter, but it'll probably be later now.

Thanks for reading!

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