Poison God's Heritage

"There is a thin line between poison and medicine, and I shall make you dance on it!" Dead and reincarnated, Shen Bao finds himself in a world of cultivation, a world he only believed that existed in stories and books. With hopes of heights and abilities far than what the mortal man could ever dream of, he's given a new purpose in life, however, fate had other surprises in store for him. What should have commenced as a regular life in any reincarnation story, for Shen Bao everything turned upside down when he found out that he doesn't have the ability to cultivate...

Biako · Eastern
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788 Chs

Trouble In The Horizon

In less than half a day, we were already at the Poison Sect's gates, and next to me were the two idiots, who seemed to have never flown at these speeds.

Ai Li's elegant, usually charming, and head-held high disposition turned to that of a ragged-looking, puffed hair, and nauseated appearance. The moment they stepped on solid ground, our beast tamer clenched the dirt hard, he felt as if his body arrived before his soul and remained there for a while, while she on the other hand seemed to be vomiting stuff she ate at least a month ago.

I grinned as I stepped down from the hoverboard and headed to the inner sect.

Once I arrived to the Sect Master's humble hut, I was met with a surprised-faced Sect Master.

"What is wrong? Did you forget something? Or did you encounter troubles as you were heading to the Demonic Sect?" asked the sect master.