Poison God's Heritage

"There is a thin line between poison and medicine, and I shall make you dance on it!" Dead and reincarnated, Shen Bao finds himself in a world of cultivation, a world he only believed that existed in stories and books. With hopes of heights and abilities far than what the mortal man could ever dream of, he's given a new purpose in life, however, fate had other surprises in store for him. What should have commenced as a regular life in any reincarnation story, for Shen Bao everything turned upside down when he found out that he doesn't have the ability to cultivate...

Biako · Eastern
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786 Chs

Stuck Between a Corpse and A Necromancer

"Lord! Let me handle him!" Y spoke as he swung his swords forward charging the poison cultivator stuck to the ceiling.

I backed out, fully capable of utilizing my abilities once again I pulled out Creeping Demise.

"It's been a while old friend," I said.

"Likewise," the sword talking back almost had me jump from fright.

'I completely forgot this thing can speak, man so much shit going on with my life!' I cursed inwardly.

I pointed the sword to the nearest vat, making sure that it was containing one of the Fire Palace Disciples first.

The glass broke, and the content spilled out pouring everywhere on the ground.

Right then, the Fire Disciple fell forward into the ground and soon began coughing as he woke up.

"What the hell is happening, I was in the library a moment ago," he said as he was looking around.

The loud explosions around us however immediately alerted him to what was going on.