2 Bluffing

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Fe… female ghost!

Seeing the clear instructions in his mind, Chen Hao gasped.

It's real! All of this is real!

The female ghost truly exists, and the Pleasure Helping Spirit System is also real. Then, the divine power blessing…

Chen Hao's mind whirled quickly, his spirits soaring.

This is an opportunity, a huge opportunity, an opportunity to change my life.

I can't let this opportunity slip.

The fear and terror in Chen Hao's heart slowly calmed down, and he was now feeling a sense of anticipation, a desire.

Born in an ordinary village in a northern province, other than his parents he had a younger brother who was in junior high. His family had an average-size fish farm. Although they did make some money from it every year, they fell short of the best, but they were doing better than the worst. They were merely ordinary folks.

After entering society and seeing what prosperity looked like, Chen Hao also had his own dream.

Make the big bucks, stay in a mansion, marry a gorgeous babe, let his parents lead a good life, make something of himself, and bring glory to his ancestors.

But with his current job, this dream would remain no more than a dream, with no possibility of ever being realized.

And now, the Pleasure Helping Spirit System was his opportunity, his hope.

Looking at the skies, the sun was setting and it was gradually getting darker.

Chen Hao took a deep look at the dilapidated old house, before turning around and riding away.

Half an hour later, before it turned completely dark, Chen Hao returned once again, this time with a paper bag in his hands.

After quickly locking up his Mobike, Chen Hao walked towards the dilapidated old house with the paper bag in hand.

God knew how long the house had been vacant; even the door was broken, and one could simply push open the door to enter.

The interior of the house was battered, run-down and messy, with worn-out tables and chairs and discarded newspapers strewn all over the place. A thick layer of dust had accumulated on the ground as well.

Surveying his surroundings, Chen Hao was certain nobody had been to this house in a long time.

Liu Yue'e, the vengeful ghost of three years!

Did that mean this female ghost had been dead for three years?

Chen Hao was silent for a moment before suddenly smiling. Then, as if he had forgotten about the existence of a female ghost in here, he started tidying up the place.

After stacking the discarded newspapers together, Chen Hao sat down with his legs crossed and opened the paper bag in his hands—turned out it contained a small pack of peanuts and chicken feet, plus four to five cans of beer.

After casually setting it down, Chen Hao opened a can of beer and took a swig, then picked up the peanuts and started tossing them into his mouth and chewing them.

He leisurely did so, and time slowly passed.

Finally, the skies outside turned dark.

Chen Hao took out a candle and lit up the room, before going back to drinking his beer and munching on his snacks.

Slowly, the skies grew darker and darker as they entered deeper into the night. Chen Hao had nearly finished eating the peanuts and chicken feet he brought, but still, there was no paranormal activity in the room.

The fear he had felt was now replaced with boredom.

What's the deal with this female ghost?

It wasn't easy for someone to finally show up, why aren't you revealing yourself?

After all, you suffered a wrongful death. Even if you're not coming out to find a scapegoat or something, you could come out and tell someone about the grievances you have suffered, and get me to redress the wrongs did to you!

After waiting in silence for a bit longer, Chen Hao couldn't take it anymore.

I'm here to accomplish a task, not here because I have nothing better to do, seeking excitement.

After Chen Hao picked up the last can of beer and finished it at one go, he yelled out loudly, "Liu Yue'e, you coward! Come out right away!"

Chen Hao felt rather nervous afterward, gazing around feeling butterflies in his stomach.

Contrasting the moon shining brightly outside, it was dark inside the house with a cool and eerie breeze.

There wasn't a goddamn ghost around!

Chen Hao was confused.

He had already behaved so arrogantly, and the female ghost still didn't show herself! Did she have an excellent temper, or was he suffering from hallucinations? Or did that Pleasure Helping Spirit System or something didn't even exist, to begin with?

Just as he was hesitating, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew by.

Chen Hao shivered, and all of a sudden, his focus was heightened.

It's here.

For some reason, Chen Hao was sure of it.

This gust of wind was completely different from the usual kind of wind one experienced.

There was a bone-chilling coldness about this wind, making one's hair stand in terror. Wind of the natural sort absolutely didn't have this kind of effect.

Chen Hao's eyes lit up instantly.

Compared to seeing a ghost, he feared more the Pleasure Helping Spirit System being simply his hallucination. Because then, his opportunity to change his life would be non-existent. This was something he was unwilling to accept.

"Hur hur, you really only appear when you're called. Just show yourself. You've been dead for three years and no one has helped you. How pitiful is that."

Chen Hao snorted coldly, feigning calmness.


In the blink of an eye, a woman in red appeared before Chen Hao from out of nowhere. Her face was deathly pale and she was staring straight at Chen Hao with lifeless, sinister, and cold eyes.

Although initially startled, after taking a proper look at the female ghost, the fear he had of the unknown actually dissipated.

Despite looking quite scary, this female ghost was actually kind of pretty with long flowy hair and a svelte figure. Dressed in a red dress, if it wasn't for her deathly pale face, she was certainly a striking beauty.

It's a pity that she's dead!

Chen Hao felt sorry for her.

"Damn, what's with your gaze? I wasn't even the one who killed you. Who are you trying to scare?" Chen Hao summoned his courage and rebuked her.

The female ghost's expression changed, and her gaze changed from cold and sinister to one of shock and disbelief. "You can see me!"

"You're stating the obvious. Why else would I call for you? Ay, I'm being kind-hearted here. I passed by this place and sensed your existence. My calculations portend that you're not destined to die yet and that you died an unnatural death. I felt bad for you, so I decided to come over to help. Tell me if you have any unfulfilled dying wish so that I can do a sending for the soul, lest you roam this world as a wandering ghost and end up pitiful and tragic." Chen Hao spoke half-truths as he tried to guide her with his words.

"You're a Daoist priest!" The female ghost cast a doubtful look at Chen Hao, feeling he didn't look the part.

Chen Hao's mouth twitched. "Why? In your eyes, only someone who wears a robe can be a Daoist priest? How ignorant. I'm an authentic descendant of a Daoist master, and my heavenly eye has been opened. Else, why would I be able to see you?"

The female ghost froze.

Yeah, ordinary people wouldn't be able to see ghosts under normal circumstances. Else, she would long have taken her revenge and wouldn't need to have waited till this day, three years after she died.

"Aye, do you want my help or not? If not, I'm leaving. Let me tell you, it's rare for me to show such benevolence. And a lost chance never returns." Chen Hao urged impatiently.

The female ghost snapped out of her trance and anxiously begged. "Yes, Reverend. I need your help. Reverend, I beg of you to redress my grievances, to help me reclaim justice."

She took the bait!

Even though he was feeling joyous inside, Chen Hao maintained a calm expression on the exterior as he said, "I know you have suffered a wrongful death. Look at the resentment inside you—it's almost turning into dark clouds. But there are dying wishes of different magnitudes. Tell me your story and I'll see how I can help you."

The delighted female ghost quickly recounted to him her story.

The female ghost Liu Yue'e was twenty-six years old, inclusive of the three years since her passing. Born in the Hunan Province, she was duped into coming to work in Stone City by a fellow villager five years ago. It was only when she arrived did she realize it was to work as a hostess. Alas, she was detained by an underworld figure nicknamed Brother Tiger in Stone City, and after being humiliated and threatened repeatedly, she finally resigned to her fate and turned into a money-making tool at Brother Tiger's disposal. During her two years working as a hostess, she had made Brother Tiger plenty of money.

However, this was not the worst thing that happened to her. Later, because she didn't take proper safety precautions, Liu Yue'e contracted AIDS and suffered great torment.

Seeing as this money-making tool was turning into useless garbage, yet, because he couldn't simply let her go, lest she bring him trouble, Brother Tiger strangled Liu Yue'e to death and buried her corpse under this dilapidated old house.

After her death, her resentment didn't dissipate and she transformed into a vengeful ghost. It was only then that Liu Yue'e found out ghosts were classified into different levels.

If she yearned to take revenge, she had to turn into a ferocious ghost.

But too bad this dilapidated old house wasn't some wondrous place that could help her grow speedily. Merely relying on her resentment, she only managed to turn into a vengeful ghost, the kind that couldn't even show its form to ordinary humans at will.

If she wanted to take revenge, she might have to accumulate her resentment for several decades.

But several decades later, even if Brother Tiger wasn't yet dead by then, his life would already be pretty much over. Even if she was able to take revenge then, it would do nothing to comfort her soul and dispel the resentment inside of her.

Liu Yue'e told Chen Hao that if Brother Tiger didn't die, she refused to let go of her resentment and rest in peace.

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