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Magical Realism
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What is please reset the booktitle Nifemi_Adebayo 20231218092329 57

Read ‘please reset the booktitle Nifemi_Adebayo 20231218092329 57’ Online for Free, written by the author Nifemi_Adebayo, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Cui Si had been out of luck recently. Her boyfriend decided to get a sugar mommy and he dumped her. Then, she was framed by her colleague and lost her job. Plus, her car was stolen and has not been found yet. Not only that, but she was also facing the pressure of mortgage and car loans. Today, her dad called again and said that the doctors found a tumor in him and he needed a lot of money for treatment, therefore, he hoped that Cui Si could help. However, Cui Si almost ran out of money for food too! In the evening, when Cui Si returned home in exhaustion, a cheerful voice suddenly rang in her mind. [Hello master! I am your Golden Bookstore System. From now on, you will get something in a book through me every day!] "System? What is a system?" Cui Si asked suspiciously. At this moment, her hand on the table felt like it was electrocuted all of a sudden. She hurriedly retracted her hand and then saw a fragrant lunchbox next to the supermarket discount brochure on the table! [Ding Dong! The host reads the supermarket discount manual and is rewarded a lunchbox for dinner!] Cui Si, "!!!" The next day, after Cui Si woke up, she solemnly picked up a book. [Ding Dong! The owner reads the car magazine and is rewarded a new BMW i3!] On the third day, Cui Si stroked a thick book expectantly. [Ding Dong! The host reads the ancient coin illustration book and is rewarded with a Lady of Liberty silver coin!] Cui Si quickly opened the book to check and she found that this silver coin issued in 1913 was extremely rare. Currently, each coin was worth more than 3 million US Dollars. It was sought after by all coin collectors and was known as the king of silver coins! After a guffaw, Cui Si asked, "System, if I give you a photobook of a celebrity, will you give me that celebrity?" [Ding Dong!]

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