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Please Receive Your Order Of One Cute Baby

Rainless Clouds

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[The End of the Main Body] She's a distressed heiress with nowhere to go; he's a high-up business tycoon. In the dark, he coldly says, "You're nothing but a tool to me." Yet, her figure haunts his dreams night after night. Five years later, a cute child falls from heaven. Abducted by a mischievous child, she wakes up to find her small bun turned into an enlarged version of the domineering CEO. A certain man shamelessly says, "An Ziqi, you must take responsibility for me." A certain woman calmly replies, "Sorry, but your warranty has expired. I bear no responsibility." Small bun says, "Dad, I've successfully captured mom. Free shipping!" No abuse in this doting story, the male and female leads are pure in mind and body!