Please God, I Just Want To Be A Minor Character.

From time immemorial, many dreamt of traversing realities and swim in the fantasy of those unknown lands. Su Ming, no exception to it, found himself in a similar situation, he was transmigrated into a parallel world. But glee was a stretch to describe his emotion. The world he traversed into was infested with ‘Phantoms’, a deadly being from a mirror realm connected to that world and countering them that world boasted of extraordinary evolution of mankind: Warlocks and Hunters. Su Ming was not helpless in that situation, he also had a system with him. But, contrary to typical route every protagonist takes, he chose to keep a low profile and didn’t expose his powers. With a mindset to survive in a world where death is daily occurrence, he avoided every spotlight in his way, so as to not attract responsibility that comes with it. But, destiny played him dirty… “I was your childhood playmate and you even promised to marry me, did you forget?” “You are my benefactor. If it weren’t for the piece of bread you gave me at the beginning, I wouldn’t have today. Therefore, I will use my whole life to repay you. I belong to you” “Everyone treats me as a monster. Only you always treat me as a human being. In this life, I belong to you.” Standing on the center of attraction, Su Ming grumbled: “Please God, I just want to be a minor character.” Warning: Translated but not much, if not any, grammatical errors are there. But, I didn't erase the total MTL vibe, I let some sentences stay as it was intentionally. Check Out My Other Work :— "Wealth And Power."

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8.Women? They Wil Only Affect My Developement.

"Who is that girl?"

"Looks so cute!"

"Why didn't I know there were such girls in our college?"

On the playground, the students who were practicing in the morning began to talk to each other, their expressions full of excitement and enthusiasm.

Not only these students, Ye Bai, who even slapped Su Ming, was full of excitement.

Su Ming looked at the direction Ye Bai pointed, but it wasn't that he couldn't understand the mood of Ye Bai and the students around him.

The girl broke into the playground so suddenly, and broke into the hearts of many people present at the same time.

That is a girl who looks so delicate and cute like a porcelain doll, and makes people feel like a aristocrat at first glance.

The girl is not tall, her limbs are also very slender, her black waist-length hair is very flowing, and it dangles behind her back, making the space around the girl seem like a painting, with a lot more Aesthetic.

At this time, the girl was walking into the playground with two companions who seemed to be roommates, talking and laughing, as if they were coming to the morning exercise together.

What attracted most people's attention was the smile on the girl's face, which was very cute and dazzling, and a pair of small dimples, like the little sister next door that boys dreamed of.

Seeing such a girl, Su Ming believed that there was only one sentence in the hearts of the boys at this moment.

"AWW... "

Ye Bai directly covered his heart and confided that sentence.

The rest of the boys were also pierced by that invincible smile, covering their hearts one by one.

Don't say it's a boy, even the girls can't stand it.

"My God, is there such a cute child in this world?"

"Compared to her, my sister looks like she came to this world only to eat."

"I really want to hug her, pinch her face, and dress her in cute clothes."

"Let's go and say hello to her."

With that said, many girls couldn't hold back their hearts and ran in the direction of the girl.

"I... shall we go too?"

"Stop it."

"I dare not."

"I sweated so much just now, and now I'm leaning over, there must be a smell, right?"

"Let's go back and take a shower first."

"Let's go."

The boys were eager to see through, but also had all kinds of scruples, especially those rough men from the Hunter Academy, who were usually more heroic than the other, but now they are as awkward as a little girl, which made Su Ming feel tired for a while.

"I...Should we go back and take a shower?"

Ye Bai grabbed Su Ming with a heart-pounding and nervous look on his face.

There is no doubt that this one has fallen too.

"Wash your hammer, you have to wash yourself and go back to wash it." [A/N: Double meaning and for experienced MTL readers.🗿]

Su Ming angrily patted Ye Bai's hand away.

Although it's not that he couldn't understand his mood, but let Su Ming commit the second crime with him, Su Ming thanked him and quietly withdrew.

Going back to take a shower, why don't you just blow your hair, get a hairstyle, and put on make-up?

"Who is that girl? Why have you never seen her in the academy?"

Ye Bai didn't care either, and instead looked at the girl who became lively, showing a genuine "AWW" expression.

"Who knows? Maybe a freshman!"

Su Ming couldn't help but quietly took a step away from Ye Bai, begging others not to take him as one with this vulgar-looking guy.

At this moment, someone suddenly came out.

"I have the latest news here, would you like to know?"

Lei Hao rushed out without any warning, with a treacherous businessman-like smile on his face.

"What's the latest news? Tell me now!"

Ye Bai was immediately attracted to his attention.

"This is the news I finally got from my senpai, so..."

Lei Hao hinted.

"No, Brother Lei, I have all your meals this week!"

Ye Bai became arrogant and full of wealth.

"Good! It's refreshing!"

Lei Hao didn't write any ink, and started explaining on the spot.

"Her name is An Zijin, she is 17 years old this year, just like what Su Ming said, she is a freshman who just entered this year, her birthday is May 4th, and her major is Warlock, which means that she is a freshman in the Warlock Department this year, and she's also the best-performing cadet among the freshmen."

As soon as Lei Hao's words fell, Ye Bai became excited again.

"She's a junior in our Warlock Academy? Great!" Ye Bai clenched his fists and shouted excitedly, "Our Warlock Academy finally has a department flower who can compete with Xu Qianqian!"

That's right, Ye Bai has already regarded An Zijin as a department flower of the Warlock Academy.

Of course, the Warlock Academy is not without fair-skinned and beautiful sorceress, and people with good looks can get together, and the number is even faintly larger than that of the Hunter Academy.

Because warlocks have awakened their spiritual physique and can naturally generate spiritual energy, so there is basically nothing ugly in warlocks, especially the skin, which is whiter than the other. At a glance, it is known that God enjoys food to have such skin. . [A/N: I donno what is that?]

You can tell by looking at Ye Bai, the whole person is pure and white, and the rest of the male warlocks are similar, it is extremely difficult to pick out the darker ones. [A/N: Racism at its peak.]

Su Ming used to look like a little white face, and he was even more delicate than a girl. He was loved by everyone at home. It was not until later that he couldn't bear the appearance of delicate feminine, so he put a lot of effort into exercising and working out. Sunbathed to make himself look less girly.

Even so, Su Ming has never been darkened, his complexion is still white, and his appearance is not bad. If the legs were long enough, I am afraid that he can go to Korea to debut as Oppa. [A/N: 😂]

And even the boys are like this, it is conceivable how the girls in the Warlock Academy look like.

It's a pity that there is Xu Qianqian in the Hunter Academy.

Xu Qianqian's halo was too bright, and her appearance was so beautiful that it seemed like she was an immortal from fairy tales. One person directly overwhelmed all the girls in the Demon Hunting Academy, making so many beautiful senior sisters in the Warlock Faculty overwhelmed.

In view of this, although there are many beauties in the Warlock Academy, even more than in the Hunter Academy, there is no one who can compare with Xu Qianqian.

It was not until today that An Zijin's appearance gave the Warlock Division a hope.

Su Ming remembered Xu Qianqian's performance yesterday, and only felt a faint pain in his wrist.

So, Su Ming also nodded heavily.

"Press! Press that Xu Qianqian hard for me!"

I, Su Ming, bought An Zijin's share, Stud!

Unfortunately, Lei Hao refused to accept it.

"An Zijin is really cute, but it's just cute. It's still a long way to beat Xu Qianqian from our Hunter Academy!"

Lei Hao said that his own goddess is the most beautiful one, invincible!

"Who said it?"

Ye Bai immediately jumped up.

Two friends who were born and died together on weekdays will start to spray each other for each other's goddess.

That scene was really too dirty, Su Ming said that he disdain to be with them.


"An Zijin...?"

Su Ming stroked his chin, thinking about it.

For some reason, he always felt as if he had an impression of the name.

However, Su Ming didn't think too much.

There are many people with similar names in this world.

Perhaps, I have met people with similar names in the past, or even people with the same name.

"Well, anyway, it has nothing to do with me as minor character."

Su Ming gave up thinking.

It's not that he doesn't crave cute and beautiful little girls, he just looks very open.[A/N: *Cough*]

In other words, he is a man who is ready to be invincible before being born again.

At that time, what woman do you want? They will lay at your feet.

Now, I am still developing, I have no power and no money. If you really touch these so-called goddesses, you must not take your life to court them.

Maybe you can't even court them.

Instead of doing this, it is better to wait until you are a bull before thinking about the private affairs of these children.

'At that time, instead of courting others, others will court me.'

As for now...

"Women? They will only affect my development."


At the same time, on the other side of the playground, An Zijin, who was surrounded by many people, politely greeted her senior and classmates, and received a burst of cell phone ringing.

"Sorry, seniors, I'm going to pick up the phone."

An Zijin showed a smile to the group of senior sisters, and with a cute smile with small dimples directly knocked down everyone present.

"Go! Kid Jin!"

"Don't worry about us, we're enough to watch you here!"

"Remember to come to the dormitory with the senior sisters later, okay?"

"Senior sisters will treat you well!"

The enthusiasm of the senior sisters made An Zijin's smile become a little reluctant.

Thinking back to those days, her roommates were like these seniors, hugging her every day and changing all kinds of small clothes for her. An Zijin almost ran away.

Immediately, An Zijin hurriedly retired, ran to the side, and answered the phone.

The caller was An Zijin's mother.

"Mom, why did you call again?"


" No, it's not that you're too long-winded, it's just that you keep calling, and when others know about it, they think I'm a child who can't live without my parents."


"I know you're worried about me being bullied here, but I'm really fine. The roommates are very nice to me, and the senior sisters are also nice, just a little... um, enthusiastic."


"Okay, I see. If something really happens, I will contact Uncle Su and Aunt Su."


"Didn't my uncle and aunt say it, my brother is here too?"


"Well, I will contact my brother, don't worry."


"Then I'll hang up, take care. Bye~."

Two minutes later, An Zijin hung up the phone smoothly.

"Mom is really worrying too much."

An Zijin stuck out his tongue.

She also knew that her mother was worried about her.

After all, it has been a long time since I returned to Longyao City, and my parents are not here. I have no relatives, and it is easy to provoke others to approach me. My parents will be worried, which is inevitable.

However, An Zijin was not worried.

Because, in this city, she is not really completely without support.

"I don't know how my brother is now, do you still remember me?"

An Zijin suddenly became happy when she thought about her childhood playmates from the past.

"Wait for me to find you, Brother Su Ming."





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