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Lord Of The Mysteries fanfiction. The original female character is crazy. Mr. Fool is a regressor that stays above the gray fog. Read Xin Jian’s prank adventure in LOTM now ! Editor : EveryoneIsAmon on AO3 and Blasphemer Amon on Wattpad

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Chapter 31 : I was searching for Zaratul but I found Hermes instead

« Hello, my name is Xin Jian. Nice to meet you. »

Now goodbye…

While I introduced myself, I took out the notebook where I had written all the information I needed to know in my free time.

So, where is it…

Ah, found it.

"Hermes is the creator of the Hermes and the Ancient Hermes language, which is widely used in mysticism. He has been active since 2nd epoch."

So I was right, He is an old fossil.

While I was reading, He got behind and peaked at my notebook.

"He is an Angel of the Visionary Pathway."

So He is weaker than me. Nice.

Well, that seemed obvious since everyone under the true god level is supposed to be weaker than me.

But He is from the Spectator Pathway !

We must never underestimate the Spectator Pathway !

"He is a member of the Twilight Hermit Order."

Nice, now let's ask Adam to deal with Him.

Wait, did I just write the name of the organization that must-not-be-named (Voldemort ?) in my notebook ? Gasp !


"The Psychology Alchemists were founded under his influence. Probably due to this connection to Hermes, the Psychology Alchemists became a branch of Twilight Hermit Order."

You did a lot of things, man.

"He also holds a certain control over the language He created, Hermes. It seems that He can make the Hermes lose its effect of shaking natural forces."

Wow, He is sly.

"He is one of the Beyonders which Klein fights during his attempts to disrupt George III's Apotheosis Ritual."

Really ? Old fossil, you've just been marked as my enemy then. Let's kill you now.

Hermes : …

*steps back unnoticeably*

"One of His identities is Mr. Wrath, a new councilor of the Psychology Alchemists.

Hermes had some doubts about Adam's true state, He seeks for some information from Ariehogg. In order to get rid of Adam, He planned for Klein to kill someone (?) and destroy the Garden of Eden then He will rebuild the Psychological Alchemists under His control."

Oops, that's not information about Him anymore, that's basically future events.

I closed my notebook and turned to Hermes who was looking over my shoulder.

Me : …

Hermes : …

Double oops.

Right, let's kill Him now.

Let's just control His spiritual lines…

« Why are you so violent ? »

Violence is always the answer.

Unexpectedly, Hermes followed me around since that day.

Is He a masochist or suicidal ?

He said that it's because I was fun.

Er, are you ridiculing me or praising me ?

I just said that I wanted to go to the Hornacis Mountain Range to bring Zaratul to Medici because Medici is such an as***le. (Which is not completely correct since I am going there to make the Demoness Sect a martial arts sect.)

Medici dared to reveal that we had replaced the True Creator !

He deserves the worst punishment possible !

« Hey, if you're going to follow me around then bring me to West Balam. »

« It is in the opposite direction, though ? »

That's exactly because I didn't know that that I need you to act as a GPS !

—————— I am the dividing line~

In some random bar, while I was sipping orange juice in front of a Sequence 2 Angel of the Spectator Pathway, Gehrman and his maid, I mean, Klein and Danitz made their entrance.

While I was pondering over useless things, Klein shot a random pirate as usual (all my condolences, sinful individual) and honestly he looked cool.

I made a thumbs up.

Violence is always the answer.

Gehrman saw me and his eyes widened.

Hey, stay into character, you wouldn't want to reveal that you are Klein to the person that you probably want to kill, right ?

Wait, that's sad for me. Why would he want to kill me ?

Seeing that he stopped moving for more than one second, I began waving.

I don't know, maybe he wants to apologize then we'll be friends once again.

He regained his composure and turned back.

Ah, so no apology for today.

Or maybe it's me who has to apologize.

« A complicated relationship, huh ? » Hermes said.

Hermes, I did not ask for you to be a live commentator, okay ?

I only allowed your presence because I need a GPS.

Oh, and do you want to help me create a bloodless war ?

While Gehrman turned his back to me, I changed my appearance and pulled out something from the historical pores.

I believe in Klein's bad humor to actually cooperate with me.

Gehrman saw a saleswoman approach him (aka me) while Danitz was beside me.

I advertised my products.

« Hello~! Would you like a uniform for your maid ? It's only one soli~! »

I don't know the price of a maid's uniform and you'll probably use Danitz's wallet to buy it anyway.

Gehrman used the clown expression to its fullest to keep a cold expression and glanced at Danitz.

*Danitz has a bad feeling.jpg*

Gehrman nodded and paid with Danitz's money before giving him the maid uniform.

German : "Don't you need to disguise your identity anyway ? Why not crossdress ?"

Danitz : "That madman !"

Feeling pressured by Gehrman, Danitz actually put on the uniform later.

I knew it, we have the same sense of humor.

Mr. Fool : *watching the show*

Bullying low Sequence Beyonders is fun.

Or maybe he's in the middle Sequences ? I don't care.

Since Gehrman is at sea, I'll probably need to keep a disguise from now on…

No, why should I disguise myself ? Let's let him know my position in case he has something to say.

Still, I realized one of my dreams today. Danitz became a real maid !

Klein should probably give him a salary.

Oh, I forgot to mention this but since the uniform comes from the historical pores, it will disappear in the next few days and Danitz will be naked.

…Eeeh, it'll be fine…

Now, let's leave as fast as possible.

It's not like Klein will wear that maid uniform to assassinate Tracy as Helene and suddenly become naked in front of her, right ?

*Xin Jian has (raised a flag) developed future seeing skills.jpg*

This is the Seer's intuition.

(After that, Klein divined that it was Xin Jian's fault. Mr. Fool helped him do this divination by manipulating the result since he pitied him.)

(Xin Jian : Oops.)

At that moment, fake Xin Jian received an interesting report on the Aurora Order (you know, that organization that doesn't even exist anymore since all of its members are secret puppets now) by the Church.

In short, it was :

"The Aurora Order was searching for The Fool and the True Creator has been replaced by The Fool who controls the Aurora Order. Conclusion : The Fool = the True Creator since the beginning."

…What ?

—————— I am the dividing line~

Above the gray fog, without Xin Jian, 3rd point of view :

Lilith put down her cup and asked :

« Why isn't Amanises here ? »

Mr. Fool answered :

« She is busy accommodating the Death Uniqueness so She couldn't come. »

Leonard also spoke up.

« And why is Adam here ? »

Mr. Fool kept a calm face.

« Adam is a professional of the mind, He should be useful for this meeting "Let's predict Xin Jian's next moves". »

Because it's easier to not be taken advantage of if they can predict her next moves…

Lilith was doubtful.

« Did Xin Jian name this meeting that she's not supposed to know the existence of ? »

Even if Xin Jian could read Mr. Fool's thoughts and had surely discovered the existence of this meeting without Him knowing, this was indeed Xin Jian's naming style.

« … »

Mr. Fool reflected on Himself and realized that He had indeed adopted Xin Jian's naming style.

He changed the subject.

« Adam, so what do you think about Xin Jian ? »

They turned to Adam.

« I think that she looks like "Her" a lot. »

They all fell silent.

They had not expected this answer.

After a few seconds, Mr. Fool shook His head.

« There are indeed some similarities, but "She" is dead since long ago. And they are also different in a lot of areas, "She" was always smiling, "She" didn't prank others, "She" was a lot more mature… »

At this point, they were just hoping that some miracle happened making "Her" become a completely different person and reappear hundreds of years later. But that was impossible.

However, Lilith raised a point that everyone had already thought of.

« But is it really possible for someone immortal to die ? »

Mr. Fool affirmed :

« "She" annihilated "Her" soul by cutting it into pieces. "She" did right it in front of me. The Nameless Angel is dead. »

He wouldn't accept anyone saying otherwise.

« Let's return to the main topic. »

That's how the gods (and Adam) predicted when Xin Jian would take advantage of Them (and actually let her do that…).

—————— I am the dividing line~

Xin Jian's point of view :

A few days after officially transforming Danitz into a maid (and shaming Gehrman for life in front of Tracy. Tracy, take responsibility !)), we (me and Hermes) arrived at West Balam.

While seeing all of their strange customs, I sighed.

« Now, let's kill-, I mean, let's talk to the three saints and the angel of the Numinous Episcopate like all civilized people do. » I said.

Ha. As if.

I mean, of course I will do that…

Hermes : …

I began to think.

How can I find the saints…

It's not like they will come to me by themselves, right ? (Raising a flag.jpg)

While eating street food, I tried to think of a way to find them until I bumped into a stranger.

« Hello. I mean, sorry. » I said.

I should really change the words I say in default mode. Sometimes I even say hello while leaving and it feels awkward…

I felt something from the stranger in front of me and raised my head.

What is this aura of death I feel from him…

Just in case, I made a divination to verify whether it was a saint from the Numinous Episcopate.

I deadpanned.

Unexpectedly, I bumped into a saint while searching for them.

What-a-coincidence. It's too beautiful to be true.

I glanced at Hermes.

The culprit has been found !

Hey, Hermes, you spoiled all the fun !

Why did you let me waste my brain cells to make plans if it's for you to arrange a meeting ? You should've told me earlier !


While thinking, I grabbed the shoulder of the stranger I just bumped into with my free hand (because the other held street food).

I remember I developed a strategy to ask the names of people, instead of asking "what's your name ?".

I asked :

« How is your name spelled ? »

Ah, but I just recalled that context was "how to ask for the name of friendly classmates you often talk to and who know your name but I still don't know theirs". I originally found this strategy when one of the said classmates asked for my contact information and I had to write their name but realized that I didn't know it.

Then I tested this strategy with another person while our conversation ended and they were leaving the bus, and realized that it apparently can't be applied to every situation. A shame.

After being asked "how is your name spelled ?" after talking to me while leaving the bus, she just laughed and told me her name.

Then I told myself to think twice before doing that the next time.

Which I obviously didn't do.

I coughed.

« I mean, let's have a nice little conversation~! »

Right, why did I even want ask for his name while trying to start a conversation ?

Let's call him NES 1 (Numinous Episcopate's Saint number 1).

« So, NES 1, are you a saint of the Numinous Episcopate ? Where are your headquarters ? »

Let's check whether he is really a saint of the Numinous Episcopate first, it would be a big deal if I killed the wrong person.

Unexpectedly, when he heard this NES 1 tried to run away.

Being left with no choice (well, there were other choices but it was not fun) I controlled his spiritual lines and killed him.

Then, I made a sacrifice ceremony in front of Hermes to send NES 1 to The Fool.

The Fool : She's sending a soul. I think she's trying to tell me something…

Mr. Fool interrogated him and sent an oracle with the whereabouts of the headquarters and the location of the other saints while I took NES 1's Beyonder characteristics.

Er, Amanises, do you need Sequence 3 Beyonder characteristics from the Death Pathway ? (I am willing to sell them.)

Hermes, hearing the name of the Evernight goddess mentioned casually in Xin Jian's thoughts : …

*polite smile.jpg*

Hermes, why are you smiling ? You just saw a murder.

« Hermes, don't you have Adam as a psychiatrist ? Because you really need help right now. »

I looked at Him with pity.

« You're the murderer, it's you who need help. » Hermes said.

So true.

I shook my head and went to search for the Numinous Episcopate's angel with the information I had gained.

Hello, do you want to fight ? I never fought against an angel… (Stranger from the police station not counted.)

« Hello ! Are you Sia Palenque Eggers ? »

The angel nodded.

« Do you want to hand your authority over the Numinous Episcopate to me ? »

She looked at me in silence.

No, right ?

« Okay. »

That's what I thought, let's fight-

« Huh ? »

She actually accepted ?

There is something wrong here.

Hermes, watching : I know the truth but I won't say it.

(Mr. Fool : I know the truth but I won't say it.

Sia Palenque Eggers : Is there something wrong with what I said ?)

In short, I didn't have to kill NES 2 and NES 3 or fight an angel because Sia Palenque Eggers agreed to my request. Too bad…

Unexpectedly, being too straightforward doesn't dissuade people from accepting ?

That's how I gained a new ally for the bloodless war and went to search the kingdom of the night.

Law of aggregation of Beyonder characteristics, I'm waiting for you !

Hermes : …

(Mr. Fool : I swear, I won't help you this time. I said that I wouldn't help you anymore.)

Soon after, Hermes left (why, do you not want to see Zaratul ?) and I really ended up finding the Hornacis Mountain Range (after a lot of patience).

(Hermes : Observation of the interesting subject complete. Conclusion : this girl is crazy.)

Whoa, it really worked.

Now, how should I enter the kingdom of the night…

Wait, wasn't I searching for the angel of the other faction of the Numinous Episcopate ? Sia Palenque Eggers is from the royal family faction, does that mean that she was an undercover agent in the other faction and the Numinous Episcopate had not two angels but only one ?

(Aka Xin Jian going to faction 1 and finding out that the angel of faction 1 was also the angel of faction 2, since Sia Palenque Eggers agreed to hand the control of the Numinous Episcopate to her then all of Xin Jian's plan to control faction 2 became useless since Sia Palenque Eggers has the authority over the two factions.

Xin Jian's conclusion : She was an undercover agent in faction 1 and now I don't like undercover agents.)

So I won't be able to go shopping with the Mother of Heaven to use the law of aggregation of Beyonder characteristics of adjacent pathways to find the five saint apostles of the royal family faction of the Numinous Episcopate and their demigods because they are already under my control ?

Noooooooooo !

*I am sad that I was really able to control nearly the entire Numinous Episcopate so fast.jpg*

Right, I also regret having killed the True Creator to control the Aurora Order. Maybe we could have become best friends ?

While I wiped my invisible tear, I decided to just enter the Hornacis Mountain Range to see whether I would also enter the kingdom of the night or not because it was in a secret state.

Oh, it worked.

I think I really entered a secret state.

(Amanises, forcing to intervene while accommodating a uniqueness : Oh, and what was it about wanting to go shopping with my divine container to find the members of the Numinous Episcopate ?

Xin Jian : Nothing, nothing. Now it won't happen anyway.)

I looked around me and saw the creepy town.

Ah, I have a lot of things to do.

« Mr. A~. Where are you ? »

(Mr. A : I am a dead secret puppet. How do you expect me to answer you ?)

Soon, I found Mr. A's corpse and realized that after leaving my control, Mr. A was dead for real.


It's so sad.

I need some time alone now, I've always been (a drama queen) very materialistic.

Well, at least his corpse wasn't eaten, I can still bury him…

It's still surprising that Panatiya who did cannibalism and piled up madness because in the past didn't eat Mr. A because she was afraid of the degeneration of the True Creator.

Or maybe there was just a lot of people to eat here so she did not see him yet.

Speaking of demonesses, let's see if they are still alive.

« Panatiya~! »

Someone jumped on me from behind like a horror movie and I found out that Panatiya was trying to eat me raw.

Maybe Mr. A's corpse was just a bait ?

« Hey, stop. I don't taste good. »

While trying to verbally convince her to stop, I parasitized her.

Then she stopped moving and I got up.

« Ahhh. My clothes are dirty now… »

I observed her memory and got clues on how to contact the angels of the Demoness Sect, locations of meeting points, the identity of other members and the structure of their organization.

See ? That's how you gather information on a secret organization. Next, I'll parasitize their members and teach them martial arts.

« Now, let's go to the church. »

No, not to pray but to see Zaratul.

I entered the church of the creepy town and checked if the moon didn't change.

It's still good, let's finish it fast.

I turned on the vision to see spiritual lines, walked to the mother of heaven's statue and controlled Zaratul's spiritual lines before he had the time to say anything.

Good, now I can control Zaratul's organisation. Let's get out.

Dragging Panatiya and Zaratul with me, I used the stone to go out of the kingdom of the night and left on an adventure to parasitize the members of the Demoness Sect and prepare the Secret Order for the bloodless war.