5 I, Lin Wen, Never Cheat All My Life

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"What… what does this mean?"

Lin Wen thought of a possibility, and his heart started beating wildly. His scalp went numb, and his gaze landed on the Spell column. The thin column instantly unfolded, and countless spells appeared before his eyes.

Lin Wen swept his gaze and saw various spells such as Soul Seeking, Moon Summoning, Corpse Dismemberment, Stunning, and Star Transfer. Most of the spells were gray or black, or they didn't even have a name. All that was left were the words "incomplete."

The more he scrolled down, the more such spells there were. When it came to spells marked with "Soul Essence", they were all black, and more than half of them were incomplete.

At the Perfected Immortal stage, other than the Nirvana Divine Light and Revival of the Dead, everything else was incomplete.

Lin Wen scrolled down and saw a line of words that was about to disappear. Just as Lin Wen was about to take a closer look, he suddenly fell into a misty gray fog.

When Lin Wen came back to his senses, he returned to the top of the spell column. Below it was a row of spells marked the Qi Cultivation stage. Many of them were white or green.

"What does this mean?"

Lin Wen's heart skipped a beat. "I can use these white or green Qi Refinement Stage spells here? But how much spiritual energy does the spell require? I don't have any at all!"

The Qi Refinement Stage was the initial stage for all cultivators. It was the first stage for cultivators to step into immortality and challenge deities.

Cultivators in this period of time were only slightly stronger than ordinary mortals. It was not too surprising that mortals could use magic techniques in this period of time.

But the problem was, not only did he have no spiritual energy, there was not a single bit of spiritual energy in this world.

"Then how do I cast it?"

The next moment, Lin Wen gave the answer himself.

"The power of Soul Essence can replace spiritual energy."

It could even be done this way?

Lin Wen's heart stirred. "The power of the Soul Essence? Do I have the power of the Soul Essence? I haven't reached the Soul Essence Realm yet, have I? I haven't even cultivated my Nascent Soul, and I haven't even started Soul Formation yet…"

"All intelligent lifeforms have Soul Essences. The stronger one's spirit and will are, the stronger their Soul Essence will be."

"Even if you haven't started cultivating and haven't cultivated your Soul Essence?" Lin Wen continued to ask, but unfortunately, there was no answer this time.

Alright, he had used up all his passion.

Before he erupted again, it was difficult to get any answers that weren't too obvious.

Lin Wen, who had been doing this for a month, knew this very well.

He could only try it out first.

Lin Wen thought.

He began to study the spells of the Qi Refinement Stage carefully. He found that behind every spell with a name, there were three small words "practicable". However, they were all dim now, clearly indicating that it was impossible for him to learn any spells here.

Apart from those three words, behind every green or white spell were the words "use". When he looked at it, he knew that this spell would consume 15% of the power of his Soul Essence.

This… was a part of his memory automatically floating up?

After thinking for a moment, Lin Wen tried asking again, "Then how much Soul Essence power do I have now?"


"What's the use of the power of the Soul Essence?"

Control, transformation, and utilization of spiritual energy.

Lin Wen instantly understood. In a normal cultivation world, using spiritual energy was much more cost-effective than directly using one's Soul Essence.

"With my current condition, how can I recover the power of my Soul Essence?"


Lin Wen choked for a moment. He thought he was going to eat some exotic spiritual herbs.

In other words, it could be used.

There won't be any long-term side effects. It won't affect my future on the Great Way.

Lin Wen calculated in his heart and carefully looked at the spells he could use. In the end, he chose Nine Bulls and Two Tigers.

The white Qi Refinement Stage spell consumed 15% of the power of the Soul Essence and obtained the power of nine bulls and two tigers. Based on the time in this world, it would last for 16 hours.


Nothing changed.

"Did I use it? Why isn't there any special effects… Damn!"

Lin Wen was originally paralyzed on the ground and was about to stand up, but he jumped three meters high and lost his balance in midair, almost falling to the ground.

Lin Wen looked at his hand in disbelief. "I'm so strong!" He clenched his fist, and the nine bulls and two tigers roared in his blood.

Turning his head to look at the surging river surface and the dilapidated dam, he felt that a heroic aura spontaneously arose.

"Hahaha! My life is up to me! I, Lin Wen, have never used any cheats!"

With that, he flew down the dike, picked up a woven bag filled with soil, and left.

"Hahaha! It's really as light as a feather! I can take 100 bags!"

However, due to his inferior physique, he could only carry one bag. As the soil was very heavy, he could not grab the woven bag and carry it up. The woven bag could not withstand its own weight and would tear.

Furthermore, although his strength had greatly increased, his balance and coordination had deteriorated due to his lack of adaptation to this kind of strength. He would often drift or fall while walking.

Regarding this, Lin Wen was distressed. He had to hold a shovel in each hand as a mountain climber's cane to keep his balance.

After getting used to it, Lin Wen's efficiency increased a hundredfold. The Kindness came to him like a surging river.

Lin Wen had never felt so good before. Every time he blocked a hole, it was as if he had taken a huge gulp of honey. His entire body felt comfortable. The heat spread from his stomach to his limbs. It was indescribably comfortable.

At night, when the sky turned dark, Lin Wen could no longer see the road. However, he was in the middle of high spirits, so he could stop.

Without another word, Lin Wen immediately began to search through the spells and quickly found a suitable one.

Light in Darkness

It was a Qi Refinement Stage spell that only consumed 10% of the Soul Essence power. It could allow the eyes to see things in the darkness and see through disguises. Based on this world's time, it could last for 16 hours.

Lin Wen didn't even study it carefully and immediately used it. As expected, the world appeared from the darkness. It was detailed and even clearer than during the day.

Lin Wen laughed and continued to fight.

At around 9 pm, it began to rain heavily. However, Lin Wen wasn't afraid at all as he endured the rain.

He was now filling the underwater dark hole faster and more accurately than he had been during the day, because Light in Darkness provided him with a precise vision, which saved him from the interference of foul water and floating objects, allowing him to see the exact situation of the underwater dark holes directly.

He worked until three in the morning before his strength began to fade. Exhaustion surged through his limbs, but Lin Wen's spirit was still as hot as fire. There was no sign of fatigue.

During the entire day, he had reinforced the 21-meter-long dike and filled up three super small dark holes, two small dark holes, three medium dark holes, two deficiencies, and two small festering holes. He had obtained a total of 24 kindness points.

Among them, the super small holes were basically giving away Kindness for free. One bag of them was worth 1 point. It was extremely satisfying.

The small holes required more than ten bags to fill, but they only gave 1-2 points. The medium holes required at least thirty bags, and they also needed the stone cages. Some needed to be anchored, but they only gave 3-4 points.

Therefore, the super small-sized dark holes were the most cost-effective. However, it was a pity that there weren't many of them and they were also very difficult to find.

Even so, today's income had exploded.

It had to be known that Lin Wen had been working for a total of 13 days since the activation of the system. He had been working for at least 12 hours a day, and he only had 8 points in total.

He had gotten 24 points in one day, which was three times the total of the previous 13 days.

What a great harvest!

And this money tree could continue to grow.

Lin Wen was overjoyed. He would continue working until the flood. When the flood arrived, he would sacrifice himself and successfully die as both the Chosen One and the responsible person.


So it was settled. My journey to immortality.

Lin Wen found a slightly dry spot and lay down, preparing to rest.

Even though he really wanted to use the spells again, his Soul Essence needed to recover. Otherwise, he would become mute in less than two days.

Furthermore, he wanted to see how much Soul Essence he could recover after sleeping. This would affect his future work arrangements.

Lin Wen was in high spirits just now, but he fell into a deep sleep in an instant.

He slept very well and when he opened his eyes again, the sky was already bright.

Lin Wen rolled over and got up. He still felt indescribable soreness in his limbs, but his mental state was good. His Soul Essence had recovered from 30% to 40%.

Lin Wen's heart sank slightly. He had only recovered 10% of his strength after such a good sleep. This meant that even if he didn't use Light in Darkness, he wouldn't be able to afford the consumption of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers every day. There had to be a gap in between.

After doing some calculations, Lin Wen initially decided to take a one-day rest after every three days. If he could recover to 20% on the day of rest, he would work overtime again.

He would only work during the day until the sky turned dark. If that wasn't 16 hours, he would have to fight at night.

Although Light in Darkness was easy to use and cheap, his Soul Essence was not strong enough. He had to give it up.

Looking at the sun, Lin Wen thought, "It's too late today. I have to work in the dark. I'll ask them to send me some flashlights later. It's best if they have a miner's hat with lights and some food. Otherwise, I can't go hungry."

Lin Wen didn't expect that such a small action would make a certain clerk heave a sigh of relief. He thought to himself that his eyes must have been playing tricks on him last night. That person was still working on the dike in the middle of the night despite the heavy rain? He was like a monster.

However, he ignored the fact that half of the soil was gone. He no longer found it strange that Mayor Lin could carry such a big bag of soil and move quickly.

During the bragging session before he slept yesterday, someone boasted that he had seen a true expert in the imperial palace. That person was able to lift 500 kilograms, move as fast as lightning, leap over roofs and walls, jump three meters, and kill a cow with a punch across a mountain. At that time, more than 50 bandits came to rob them, but he charged into the enemy formation alone, jumping up and down, dashing left and right, beating more than 50 heavily armed men until they were utterly defeated.

Everyone suddenly believed him. They were not surprised when they came the next day.

Quite a few people felt honored. A few years later, they would have another reason to brag.

Have you seen our Mayor Lin? Back then, when he was flying up and down the dike alone, he was not afraid of five million tons of water rushing at him. Instead, he poured ten million tons of soil down and blocked the river outside the dike, not allowing it to cross. Don't care if it's true or not, I'm asking you, are you afraid?

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