Please Do Not Disturb My Cultivation

After Lin Wen transmigrated, he found that he lacked the ability to cultivate in the world he was in. Just as he was despairing and preparing to give up, he discovered that he had a cheat: he could cultivate through reincarnation. By committing suicide, he could reincarnate. By doing 50 good deeds and collecting good karma, he could reincarnate. The higher his good karma, the more powerful his abilities would be when he reincarnated. In order to become the most powerful cultivator in his next life, Lin Wen decided to become a good person in this life!

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Banana Lord Opens the New World

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When Lin Wen woke up again, he had already thought everything through. It was as if he had been thinking.

Without a doubt, his current priority was to find a way to die as both the 'Chosen One' and the 'responsible person'.

Of course, this sort of opportunity was definitely something that could only be chanced upon by luck. Just like a fortuitous encounter, it would come when it was time, and there was no need to be especially anxious.

The second goal was to accumulate Kindness and avoid getting Evilness.

Lin Wen already had a bold idea about how to do that.

During the day, he gave Uncle Xu a few hundred yuan and received one point of Kindness. As a result, he activated the system.

Since giving money would benefit the common people, wouldn't he be able to earn a sum of Kindness if he just gave away his family's wealth?

This logic should be fine.

He could give it a try first.

There was no time to lose. Lin Wen did as he planned.

However, after rummaging through the drawers for a long time, Lin Wen realized that this poor man didn't have a hundred yuan left on him. The few hundred yuan he had given out previously was most of his belongings.


To think that he was the mayor of this lousy town. Not only did he have such a shabby house, he didn't even have any savings?

What should he do?

Should he go out and steal some?


Lin Wen immediately rejected this idea. If giving money was considered a blessing to the common people, then stealing money would definitely be considered a disaster to the common people. He didn't want to lose the Kindness and gain the Evilness.

Right now, he was completely ignorant of this world. He only knew that it was a physical world similar to his previous life. The level of technology seemed to be lagging behind, and he knew nothing else.

It was better to be careful.

Just as he was worrying, the door was suddenly pushed open.

A square-faced young man rushed in and shouted, "Mayor Lin! If you don't do something soon, we'll starve next week!"

That was his only subordinate, Xiao Li. He was responsible for urging Lin Wen to do his job. Whenever there was any miscellaneous work in town, he would rush to Lin Wen.

The town he was in now was called Changle Town. It was as prosperous as it had been before liberation. Its location was comparable to the Mariana Trench, and Lin Wen had not seen a single passerby since his transmigration.

As the town mayor, he was basically a general without any soldiers. He had to do all the work himself. His treatment was worse than even beggars, let alone construction workers.

Ever since Lin Wen confirmed that this world was a physical world without any traces of immortal cultivation, he quit.

Hence, Xiao Li had been busy these few days. He didn't understand what had happened to Town Mayor Lin, who was always hardworking, cute, and capable.

Seeing that there were more and more chores in town, he could only come over every day to urge him.

This was also one of the driving forces behind Lin Wen's suicide.

However, when Lin Wen heard Xiao Li's words, his eyes lit up and he immediately jumped up.

"Let's go!"

"Mayor Lin, if we don't pass the inspection at the end of the month, we won't… Eh?"

While Xiao Li was stunned, Lin Wen had already rushed out. "Let's go! What are you waiting for?"

Suddenly, two streams of clear tears flowed out of Xiao Li's eyes. He wiped his tears as he ran towards Lin Wen.

"Wu wu wu, this is great. Mayor Lin, you're finally back. Our invincible Lin-Li team has hope again. Wu wu wu wu wu wu wu."

Most of the chores in the town were repairing the walls, fixing the roads, herding cows and sheep, looking for cats and dogs, and dealing with disputes and conflicts. All of these were tedious and boring. Some even had to do manual labor.

Although he was the mayor, Lin Wen didn't feel any power. It seemed like he was a hired worker.

It was precisely because of this that Lin Wen had been very against these chores previously. But now, when Lin Wen saw them, it was as if he was a pauper seeing a pile of cash. He ran as fast as possible.

Where are the chickens, ducks, cows, and sheep? Do you think my full sets of Sherlock Holmes, Bao Qingtian and Di Renjie are for nothing?

Dispute and conflicts? Do you think I read all the political books for nothing?

Broken walls and roads? Do you think I don't know about infrastructure?

Lin Wen, who had fully understood what he was fighting for, was like a poor worker thrown into the Red Army. He was filled with passion and motivation.

It only took one day to finish all the chores that had accumulated over the past few days.

He actually received a lot of good reviews.

Most importantly, after he finished all the chores, Lin Wen saw the golden words Kindness +1 flash past his eyes.

The words on the golden-framed background of the system had already become Kindness: 2.

In that instant, a huge wave of heat rose from the tip of his spine to the top of his head. A shuddering feeling instantly spread throughout his entire body.


It was better than masturbating ten thousand times!

Lin Wen clenched his fists. The fatigue from the day's work was gone.

"Just as I expected!"

"The position of the town mayor was created for me. I can use my position to obtain things for myself and benefit the people. Before I find a suitable time to achieve my ultimate death, I will gain as much Kindness as possible!"

It was simply too awesome!

Having thought this through, Lin Wen only wanted to laugh out loud. Even Xiao Li, who he had disliked previously, had become more handsome.

Let the storm of chores come!

Burn my calories!

A few days passed just like that. Lin Wen worked like crazy during the day. Whenever he had nothing to do, she would look for things. Things like cutting grass, cutting trees, chopping wood, burning fire, digging up soil, catching fish, everything.

At night, he would think fiercely and see if he could find a new way to die.

Even Xiao Li, who had always been a hardworking person, was impressed. Mayor Lin was a role model. Not only was he more diligent than before, but his efficiency and quality were also better than before. Those few days of low tide must have been the accumulation of energy before the breakthrough, the pain before the transformation, and a man's time of the month.

However, even though he had renewed their passion, the results were limited.

Firstly, he did not find a suitable opportunity to reincarnate, nor did he discover a new valuable way to die. He only found a forbidden area that he absolutely could not touch: If you die while bullying someone else, you will turn into a weasel. Talent -1, Spiritual Sense -3, Perception -3, Opportunity -3, Luck -3

This was the most unworthy way to die. A reincarnation in such a way would be wasted.

Lin Wen wrote down the cause of death and marked it as a motto. He constantly reminded himself not to make that kind of mistake.

There were seven such mottoes, and they were all ways to die at a huge loss. However, none of them were as eye-catching as this one.

Then there was the Kindness. Over the past few days, Lin Wen had accumulated seven points of Kindness. On average, he only accumulated one Kindness every two days.

It should have something to do with the cause of Kindness.

Lin Wen thought.

Some of the small troubles and difficulties in life had to be dealt with many times to give him a little kindness.

Uncle Xu's one point must have been accumulated because he had been doing chores for him for the past few days.

Only in a life and death crisis would there be a lot of Kindness.

However, even though this small town was extremely poor, there were no major disasters. On the whole, it was rather peaceful.

However, this was too inefficient for Lin Wen.

If only the people in town were in trouble every day.

Lin Wen thought to himself silently. However, it was impossible for him to do such a thing. If he accidentally gained some Evilness, wouldn't that be a huge loss?