44 Chapter 44

Facing General Iroh, Haru put the teacup down. He looked at him dead in the eyes. 

"Let me guess, one of the two things you are going to say is that you think that I am the Avatar," Haru said. 

Amused, Iroh smiled and replied. "Well, I'm not the only one who thinks so. In the lifespan of a hundred years, the Air Nomads were dead. There is a new theory why the Avatar didn't appear. It says that the Avatar had reincarnated into a waterbender. But for whatsoever reason he hadn't shown up. Maybe he didn't know he is the avatar. Counting the average human lifespan, we assumed that he died between 10-20 years ago, and eventually, he would reincarnate as an earthbender. It matches your age." 

"Seeing that you guessed it, I can't help but think you are the avatar. That theory came by many.

"Also, the fake news about your death had reached the Fire Nation, and my brother is so angry that you had tricked him." 

Iroh reached his teacup and calmly started drinking.

"Except that I am not the Avatar." Haru sighed. "I'm just a strong earthbender, that's all. Besides, it's not the first time they mistook a strong bender for being the Avatar." 

What a headache. General Iroh was thinking that Haru is the Avatar? Would it be reasonable if Haru told him that he despises the Avatar for making peace only a thing that he can achieve, and he is doing this so people don't have to live in suffering until he shows up? At any rate, Haru didn't really care about Iroh's opinion. 

"Maybe you haven't realised it?" Iroh said. 

"He is honest, and he is sure," Bumi defended. "I know that for sure."

"Well, time shall show us," Iroh looked calm as he started sipping. 

Having gotten frustrated with how Iroh is taking his time drinking tea, Haru said. 

"What's the second thing you want to explain?" 

"You are just like my nephew, impatient," Iroh sighed. "Very well, the second thing is the Fire Nation had developed giant crossbow tanks, depending on the giant spears they had found in your last battles. They are going to use them to take down the walls of Omashu and Ba Sing Si. Currently, they are crossing the sea, and they are going to start from your city. Since my nephew had a doubt about you being the Avatar, we got here. Taking the chance that I was around Omashu,  I decided to visit a fellow member of the Order of the White Lotus." 

Haru's eyelids shook. According to Iroh, the Fire Nation had developed a weapon, inspired by his skill, to take Omashu down. 

It was something to praise. They had learnt from their battle against him, and they had come stronger. 

It also confirmed Haru's theory about the butterfly effect. He can't just depend on Aang to finish off things in the end. Not without a guarantee that he would be able to finish Ozai. It was very likely that things would end up differently from the canon. That's why Haru couldn't leave things to the so-called fate. 

"So, what are you going to do prince?" Asked Iroh, eyebrows lifted. 

"I will have to confirm that and see their plans by myself," Haru smirked. 

"Oh really, and how are you planning to do so?" Iroh wondered. 

Leaning his back on the chair, Haru closed his eyes and said. "Bumi, protect my body." 

Since his Spiritual Meditation was level 3 now, he could enter the meditation state faster. 

Iroh's eyelids shook as he stared at Haru. 

"What are you doing?" Bumi raised his eyebrow. 

A few seconds later, Haru's spirit separated from his physical body. He now was floating in the room, staring at the clueless Bumi who was rubbing his head. 

As for Iroh, he was staring at Haru's spirit. It seems the general could see him. 

It was expected. Iroh was the only one to achieve immortality in the other timeline by living in the spirit world.

Iroh smiled and said. "You really are a talented kid. Seeing that you are able to do that, I can tell you are not the Avatar. If you were the Avatar and had the ability to do this, you would have already reached the Avatar State and ended the war already. You now are in a state between the physical world and the spirit world. It's amazing that you can control it and didn't go to the spirits world."

"Yeah… " Haru said. Only Iroh could hear him. 

"This way, I guess we can have a chat whenever we wanted." Iroh smiled. 

Haru understood what Iroh meant. If Haru and he desired to have a talk, they can just meet in the spirit world. 

Confused, Bumi looked at Iroh and said. "Who are you talking to? Hold on. Oh, right, you can see spirits." Bumi mocked in the direction that Iroh was staring in. He giggled. "Haru. You sly fox. You even know how to do this. Hey, do you use this ability to stare at naked women?"

Haru shook his head. 

Turning to Bumi, Iroh said. "He is telling you no." 

"He won't admit it." Bumi waved his hand and rolled his eyes. "Just teach me that later. I'm old enough, and I want to enjoy life in case my body couldn't live any longer." 

"Pervert," Haru said. 

It was now time for him to move away. 

He knew how to transfer in his spirit form. 

All he had to do is thinking about a place or a person, and he would be attracted to their spiritual energy and transfer it to them. 

 Now thinking about the nearest base where his last battle had happened, Haru teleported. That naval base faced the sea. Haru assumed that if Fire Nation ever desired to attack Omashu, they would come from this way. 

Floating in front of the sea, Haru looked at his hands. He wondered what he can do more in this spiritual form. 

He could feel his Chi. It's just that he can't use it to bend Earth. 

He can also fly. 

Floating very high in the air, without limit, Haru found himself on the same level as hawks. Although he didn't feel the wind, he currently was satisfied that he is flying. But this little joy didn't make him forget his target. As he got a bit far, Haru stared down, seeing few points. It was a fleet that belonged to the Fire Nation. 

He could tell that from the smoke their ships and engines are making. Their war-craft depends on iron and coal. The black smoke was a special trait that was associated with the Fire Nation army. 

Haru descended. He got into one of the ships.

Looking at the Fire Nation soldiers, Haru narrowed his eyebrows. They seemed to be excited….Excited to take the walls that protected his people. 

"I'll surely promote when we will take those walls down." 

"Even our strong Generals couldn't take them down. We will be rewarded." 

"Just imagine, all of the great glory we will have." 

The men in the masks were talking, happily imagining all of the glory they will take once they take the walls down and burn the cities. 

In order to make themselves sound good, they talked about how they are spreading civilisation. 

Haru was behind them, sneering. If only he had his physical form, he would have given them a really glorious death. 

"Every bitch and her day." He muttered before walking onto the deck. At the top of each ship, there was a huge crossbow tank. Next to them, there were bolts of 5 meters long crossbow bolts. The giant arrows will surely pierce the thick walls. The impact alone will make the walls crumble. 

There were around twenty ships. 

Haru was about to leave. But soon a man running came with a hawk on his shoulder. Haru knew it has a report, and he decided to hear it. Collecting information like reports will be essential. 

"I see." The one who seemed to be the leader muttered as he took the letter from the hawk. 

It was easy to tell that he was the leader. Given his clothes, which looked like Zhao's, Haru could tell that he is a General. 

Haru stood up behind him and started reading. 

"The forces from near bases will corner Omashu. From there, we will make a large wave to Ba Sing Si, and we will destroy their walls. We will meet three days later." 

Haru took a deep breath, and he went back to his body. 

Suddenly, he felt a strong itch on his face, and he rubbed it. 


While Haru was gone, Bumi felt a surge of excitement

As the young prince turned somehow into a ghost, Bumi couldn't leave such a chance to go waste. he went to the palace, to the kitchen, and brought a few things. 

Bumi was standing next to his body. He put some cream on Haru's hand. He then rubbed the feather against his face. 

Haru opened his eyes and he slammed his face. 

"Hahahaha!" Bumi laughed when he saw the young prince staring clueless, before looking at his hand. 

His lips twitching, he looked at Bumi with some anger, and he said. "This is war, do you think it's a good time to play!?" 

"That's what makes it good. You wouldn't expect such a thing to happen in times like this." Bumi put his hands on his stomach and laughed. 

The face Haru was making now, to Bumi, was priceless. 

It deserves waiting to live 112 years. 

"Where is Iroh?" Haru asked as only Bumi was there. 

"He left, saying that he has to meet with his nephew. They are going to the South Pole." 

"I see." Haru turned around, seeming to look for something to sweep his face with. 

"So, what did you find out?" Bumi asked. 

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