35 Chapter 35

Knowing that he got himself into an awkward situation when Kyoshi caught him singing and dancing to bend lava, Haru decided to see what she has to talk to him about. 

After all, she was one of the most powerful, yet cruel, avatars. Unlike Aang, she liked to get the job done. 

Also, since there had been a flashback of her bending lava in the series, he may get some advice from her. 

"Wait a second." Haru turned off the lava by pointing his hand at it. 

Kyoshi seemed to be amused when she saw this, and she said. "How did you do that? I could bend lava too, but no avatar knew how to turn rocks into lava or turn them off." 

She rubbed her chin. 

'Don't tell me if I tell her the thing Aang will know it…' 

Haru shrugged his shoulder. "It's just like waterbenders melt ice." 

It was a half-truth. But it's not like melting ice. It's like boiling water. 

"I would have tested your theory, only if I had my physical form…" she muttered. "Now, little man, let's talk."

"Wait, I need to protect my body." Haru lifted his hand and the ground shifted its shape, creating a layer around him, which looked one with nature. 

While doing so, Haru thought for a bit. 'Alright, let me get something from her. Besides, she can do nothing, right? Still, I don't want to mess with a spirit, a crazy spirit of a woman above that.' 

Haru then closed his eyes. His spiritual form left his physical one. 

Thinking that Kyoshi learned about him by hearing what others talked about, Haru realised that this spiritual form can be used to spy...

'I can use it to spy.' Haru opened his eyes widely when he floated out of his hideout. 'My genius, it generates gravity.' 

Seeing the expression on his face, Kyoshi sighed and said. "You will get used to it. Now, do you want to have a talk in the spirit world or here?" 

"Just here," Haru replied. "I rather not go into strange places."

They went to the beach, and Haru sat opposite her. Not wanting to be the first one to ask Kyoshi, and seeing that she has yet to talk, Haru opened his mouth. 

"So, what do I owe your visit here," Haru said. 

"You have got my attention, congratulation. Not many can see spirits, let alone come to the spirit world freely and leave." She said. "Moreover, I heard what the people of my island are saying about you, how you were here to train and sharpen your strength. And after seeing your meteors' techniques and liquidising rocks, I can't help but feel suspicious of you. A powerful earthbender is wasting their time learning physical strength."

"Didn't they say that I'm just a wanderer who is looking to sharpen his skills?" Haru rubbed his chin. 

"They said so, and they said that you are a fan of mine." Kyoshi didn't make any expression on her face. "What are your intentions, and remember, I can know if you are lying." 

"So says every woman." Haru let a scoffing laugh. 

The 'I can know if you are lying,' is a technique used to confuse you, commonly used by women. Women will sense the guilt when you try to lie. But if you are so relaxed when lying, and if you show that you don't care whether they believe you or not, the 'I can know if you are lying,' is useless.

What he didn't like is how this woman is acting bossy. 

Maybe she thinks that she has the right because she is the avatar. Just like Korra would. 

"And why should I tell you." Haru stared dead into her eyes. 

Seeming to be offended by his words, Kyoshi suppressed a frown and said. 

"Because I will be waiting for you in the afterlife. That if not if my reincarnation goes after you.

"Now tell me, why do want power, what do you seek from having it." 

"Well, I don't have to tell you, but I will just say it because I feel like it," Haru replied. "You know that my Earth Kingdom is under war." 

Nodding slightly with her head, Kyoshi said. "Yes, I heard as much." 

"I want to get rid of the invader, and I will reunite the Earth Kingdom." 

"The Fire Lord." Kyoshi lowered her head. "The spirits had mentioned news about what happened after the Sozin's comet. Avatar Roku was weak that he didn't finish his dear friend." She seemed to be quite sad in the last part. But it didn't show in her voice. 

"You killed your dear friend too?" 

Kyoshi didn't answer, but the blink she made confirmed it. 

"That just sucks." 

"He was just like you, a power seeker, and a powerful earthbender. Everyone thought that he would be next to the avatar, but when it appeared he isn't, he went outraged. He started killing the nobles out of rage. And I ended up having to take his life.

"You seem like you haven't gone in his path yet, so my advice to you is to let it go and enjoy what you have in life."

"Politely, I will have to refuse your advice," Haru said. 

"It's the avatar's destiny to resort to the balance, not yours." She replied 

"And where is he, or she?" Haru opened his arms and looked left and right. "Cause I only see a spirit that can't do a thing in the physical world." 

Seeing that he was mocking them. "You don't know a thing about destiny. You are getting yourself, and so the people on my island, in danger.  Don't try to achieve something that isn't fated for you." 

"I have to try." Haru didn't sound sorry at all. "As for fate, I never believed in it."

"So naive." Exhaling a sigh, Kyoshi said. "Every hundred years a comet will pass and will increase the power of the firebenders. The strong walls that are protecting the Earth Kingdom will fall. Let me ask you when a single firebender can burn a village along with their fire, what will you do. Will you just fight, send your dear people to get burned? You are getting our people to die." 

Haru thought for a bit, and he realised that he hadn't thought about the comet. 

His plan had been to kick out every firebender, and then, he would start a war on the Fire Nation so they wouldn't take over his kingdom. 

But now, Kyoshi opened his eyes. 

He thought of a new plan. 

"Thank you." Haru looked at her and gave a nod in appreciation. 

She inspired him. 

"You aren't blockheaded, good." Kyoshi smiled finally when she saw him agreeing with her. 

"Now, after regaining the Earth Kingdom back, I'll personally travel to the Fire Nation and control the Fire Lord. If he isn't willing, I will kill him and find someone else to take over his place." 

Lifting her hand, she slammed it on her face. "Didn't I tell you it's the avatar's fate to do that? You realise that when you take the Fire Lord down, there will be chaos. The people, in every nation, consider the avatar as a symbol. Symbols have power, and thus, there will be order." 

"All I care about is the safety of my people," Haru said. "But let me ask you a question. You, the avatar, believe that it's your fate to keep the balance and act as a bridge between the human world and the spirit world." 

"Yes," Kyoshi replied. 

"Who told you that," Haru asked. "You never asked for this power, let alone the responsibility. It was just something people taught you that it's your responsibility to do that. 

"If these people didn't tell you that it is your destiny, what would you do? Wouldn't your fate be whatever you like? Wouldn't you just do whatever you want?" 

"Well, you are right about the last part," Kyoshi said as she turned her head. "When I killed Chin, I didn't actually mean to kill him or interfere in his conquering journey. All I did was make a home for my people to live in peace." 

Raising his eyebrows that she revealed her true beliefs, Haru laughed. "Hahaha…" 

Right, even the avatars believe that they make their fate. If they decided not to retrain the balance, no one will blame them. 

"Is there something funny?" annoyed, she asked. Haru didn't stop laughing until she pinched his shoulder. 

"The irony. You did what you wanted, and you called it fate" Haru rubbed his shoulder and said. "I have to refuse your offer to stand aside. I came too far that I can't just come back. I have to protect my people. And let me ask you one last thing. If the Fire Nation decided to take over the Earth Kingdom and succeeded, what guarantees that your island won't be next. What guarantees that your people won't die. What guarantees that the Avatar will appear."

"I guess you are right." She said. "But are you strong enough to alter a fate meant for the avatars? You will only suffer pain, you don't know how it feels to lose someone, let alone being the reason to lose them. You will live in guilt, and you will think about what may have changed if you waited." 

Haru had to thank Kyoshi for her visit for one reason. She reminded him of Sozin's Comet. And he had already decided to kidnap the Fire Lord.

Maybe, if Haru got the hypnosis technique from Ba Sing Se, he may be able to control the Fire Lord. Just once he gets it back from the Dai Li.

It sounds like a good idea.

"This war can be ended with less blood," Haru muttered. "And I will get strong enough to protect everyone, and to guarantee that, I will conquer." 

"So be it." Kyoshi stood up. "I will let you in one condition." 

"And what will you do if I don't," Haru asked. 

"I will make you suffer nightmares every night and take your sleep away." Kyoshi put her hands on her hips and threatened. "And I will chase you in the spirit world if you ever came. I will make sure to spend at least 20 years taking sleep from you." 

"Okay, what will I gain," Haru asked. Somehow, the threat of being a pain in the ass sounded scary. 

"You have to defeat the Unagi. If you proved your power in that, I will transfer you a part of my experiences. You will learn how to bend lava instead of dancing and singing. You surely don't want people to think you are mad." 

Upon mentioning the part of him singing and dancing, Haru turned his face, feeling embarrassed that someone caught him. 

"So, you said, you can transfer a part of your experiences to me." 

"Yes, I'm a spirit now. Do you know what will happen when a spirit tries to possess you?" 

Haru answered, recalling a few pieces of information from Korra. "You will gain a characterise from the spirit, or you will die if you are weak." 

"But I won't possess you, I will use another method." She said. "Unless you want these." She then put her hands on her huge breasts and rubbed them. 

Haru stared directly at them. Each big as a human's head. 

Contrary to Kyoshi's expectation, Haru nodded. 

"I want them." 

"Huh~" she raised her eyebrows.

"Don't blame me, you are attractive, and I'm a man." Haru stared at her chest. 

Like most large women, Kyoshi barely got attention to her feminine parts. Well, she is the avatar, a large one. She stared at the mesmerised Haru, who hadn't even bothered hiding his desire.

"What I meant is that you will get them," Kyoshi said. 

"Really?" Haru smiled, liking the context. He lifted his head, and he stared at Kyoshi, who seemed to wonder when the conversation led to this thing.

"You want to get them on your chest?" Kyoshi said. 

Haru shook his head when he finally realised it. "No!" When Haru lifted his head, he saw her blushing slightly. 

"Anyway, what do you say. You prove yourself by fighting Unagi, and I'll train you with my previous life experiences." 

"Alright." Haru extended his hand, and Kyoshi stared at it. "Shaking my hand means we have a deal."  

She, after waiting for three seconds, shook it. 

"I'll train for a few days, and I will fight it," Haru said. "But why do you want me to beat Unagi?" 

"Don't you want to do that too? " She said. "Besides, he had devoured some children in the past. They were just playing on the beach before he ate them. When I made this island, Unagi didn't live here, but when he did, he made the home I created for my people a place to fear living in.

"If you noticed, the village exists up the hill, where snow is. My people deserve to enjoy the warmth without fearing turning into a meal.

"Besides, it's a good test of your strength."

Kyoshi had a point. Although the villager leader is using Unagi as a weapon to get rid of the invaders, Unagi had existed for centuries, and it had eaten people from the previous generations. 

"Alright, I'll do it." Haru nodded

"Also, build some wall around this island, I would appreciate it."

Seeing that she is getting carried with her demands, Haru endured, since he wanted to get her experience in lava bending. 

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