Playful Hearts On A Boundary Line [BL]

Johan came from a past full of dark secrets. After his first love/best friend cheated on him, he left their rural town and lived for a fresh start in the nearby city, portraying an innocent persona. For years, he kept everyone out of his private life, but the mystery he’s hiding captivated Adrian, a man with an unsatisfied relationship with his girlfriend. Despite their apparent attraction to one another, a line kept them from acting on their feelings. But when Johan outed himself in a drunken confession, things took a drastic turn. On the day he decided to distance himself from his handsome workmate, Adrian appeared on his doorstep and invited him for a walk. Blinded by desire, Johan gets tangled in an insatiable affair that challenged his beliefs, awakened his feelings, and roused his fears. As they ventured between the boundaries of love, lust, and friendship, Johan’s secrets resurfaced one by one, and Adrian’s in for a wild, dangerous ride. ——— Warnings: Oh, hey! So you've decided to click on it. Great! Just a little heads up, though. If you're looking for a BL Fairytale where MC is an innocent cinnamon roll and ML is a gay Prince Charming, you've clicked the wrong book. This story depicts a grey side of gay relationships not everyone would dare to tackle. It's a sinfully forbidden love story. Sex scenes are descriptive, and strong language are unfiltered that may be upsetting to others. Readers discretion is STRONGLY advised. ——— Gold Tier Winner of WPC# 125: LGBT+ Pride Month

K_Contiello · LGBT+
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303 Chs

An Unlikely Partnership

[Adrian's POV]

Their hot exchange of spiteful words came to a sudden halt at Raymond's last statement. Adrian and Nick looked at each other before their gaze snapped back at the younger man. He had always felt something was amiss with Russell, but he didn't expect it to be as bad as to have someone's death involved. His resentment towards Russell was replaced with dread. "What... What do you mean by that?"

Raymond's eyes darted from side to side, looking ready to bolt out of the room. He pushed Nick's hand away from his chest and went for the door. "I said nothing. Forget I ever said anything."

"That doesn't sound like nothing." Adrian followed him downstairs with Nick in tow. Their conversation can't just end like that after Raymond dropped such an important detail. He grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around, pushing him against the wall by the stairs. "Damn it! What do you know? Get his girlfriend killed? What does it mean?"