337 August 18, 2032 | 13 Days Remain | Tension

A tense atmosphere enveloped the breakfast tables the following morning as Denzel approached with his breakfast plate, scanning for his group. Before he could sit down, however, a trio intercepted him.

The leader was a renowned athlete from Immortal Skye named Caleb Wrightwood. With a broad chest, chiseled abs, a neatly tapered haircut, a dazzling smile, blue eyes, and a predisposition for wearing shorts, he epitomized the classic jock.

Beside him stood Madeline, a woman with an oval face and waist-length blonde hair neatly braided to prevent interference during practice. Lacking in popularity and typically dressed in jeans and loose shirts, she contrasted sharply with the athletic Caleb.

The most incongruous of the three was a Hispanic man named Luis Morales. Quiet and unremarkable in appearance, he seemed reluctant to be there.

Under normal circumstances, this unlikely trio would never have formed, but they had an agenda.


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