Interview Transcripts

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Professor Qin's words stopped for a moment. In that instant, tension skyrocketed in the atmosphere within the room. The students' hearts raced uncontrollably. With that one sentence, it was if they were transported back to the day when they were waiting for their Gaokao results to be released. 

"Everyone passed." Professor Qin's wrinkled face smiled gently and warmly as he delivered the good news.

Immediately, the suffocating tension dissipated, and rays of relief shone on everyone's faces. As the torture of waiting morphed into blooming happiness, Sun Yuheng, Yang Ming, and everybody who were gathered broke into bright smiles and laughter. On the side, Cai Zixuan lamented yet again, "Ah, such are the plans of fate."

YES! While Gu Jun's expression remained unchanged, his heart was screaming with joy and relief. Finally, the massive burden and pressure in his heart were lifted. Being admitted into the department was a giant step in his plans.