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Read PITCH BLACK VENOM novel written by the author Veekee_Lee on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, magic, mystery, superpowers, villain. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Alita's hatred for vampires spiked when her entire family was murdered by vampires. Her only mission is to eliminate them from the face of the earth. Her hate simmered down and her revenge mission was put on hold when she met Axel —the man who saved her the same night her family was killed. She gradually opened up her heart to him and with his help, she discovered she was no ordinary human. She finally let go of her hate and decided to enjoy the love Axel was showering on her unreservedly. However, the bubble burst and all hell let loose the day she was killed by the king of vampires. A part of her that she never knew existed –the deadliest weapon against the vampires– woke up. Will love be enough to stop her? Will the vampire race survive?

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Hello guys, this is the author here so I'm giving this story a five star rating. This is one work I'm putting a lot of effort into and I'm hoping my readers find this enjoyable enough.😁😁😁[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This is a good read. Great storyline. Very good grammar. Proper punctuation. Very smooth to read. Great character design too. This book has a lot of potential. Looking forward to see what you'll do with this book. 👏🏼❤️


I came here because synopsis is quite interesting enough but, after I read a few chapters realized it has really interesting concept and style with a combination of hatred and vampires. Well done !


Whoa, whoa.. Alta's persona seems so fierce. She appears to be most probably a vampire hunter and thid is just so intriguing to hook me in with this book! Brilliant work done by the author!


This is one of the most intriguing book I have read here on Webnovel. Just a few chapters and you'll be hooked with a lot of questions that will keep you turning the pages for more. Aside from that, it is beautifully written, too. I really felt Alita's emotions from the start making me root for her. And cheer for Axel, our ml, as well. Congrats author! This is a masterpiece! 😍❤️


I don't know how best to put it. This is a good read. Grammar is good and the story lone is captivating. I hope you continue like this till the end of the story, author Veekee lee.


I have found another favorite author. I saw this story advertised on your page and I decided to check it out. I must say you write well and I'm already hooked. This story is captivating and I can tell so many secrets are yet to be unveiled. Keep it up author.👍👍👍


Only five chapters and I couldn't wait any further to leave this review. This story is captivating. The very first chapter made me want to read more. I love the characters. Pls do update frequently. The suspense is killing me. I am already anticipating the end of the story.


I'm giving five stars because I see a lot of potential in this book. I hope this one will be completed. I love your stories and I'm definitely going to recommend this one. Good job.


I couldn't help leaving a review. This is a masterpiece. I'm hooked. The story is captivating. You left me wondering what will happen next with every chapter. Keep it up dear author.


I really love the actions on this book, the impeccable writing style made it easier to read. I can vividly imagine everything. The characters are very distinct as well, as the two main characters were wrapped in secrets, wanting you to know more. Personally, I'm not into vampire fantasy genres as I'm more into high fantasy so I was really wondering if love stories for this genres were really this fast-paced? You know getting attracted to each other right away? Anyway, I'll definitely visit this book and continue reading it. Definitely recommended!


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