19 Make A New Challenge For Him!

Han logged off his online trading account and leaned back in his seat. It was already morning and he needed to get some sleep before going out to start his day. Rina had gone back to her own apartment yesterday after taking a bath and some of his clothes, for some reason he felt like she was mad at him for something. Though he had no idea what it was!

But even though she was mad they had still made another date for that Saturday! Han would make sure to not be late for this one!

He looked towards the screen that he had learned to ignore in front of him and frowned. Ever since he came back from the future it has been this way. It was no longer white but now black like it was locked. All his attempts at opening it were futile. That meant he could no longer gain any more skills or even use his free points! He should have just used them when he was in the future!

Name - Han Luo

Level - 14

Strength - 46

Stamina - 33

Agility - 20

Intelligence - 51

Free Points - 16

Skills - [Critical Hit - 25] [Crowd Control - 15] [Critical thinking - 10] [Blood Lust - 10] [Eyes of Horos - 4] [Photographic Memory - 10]

He was just happy that he could still level up by doing regular everyday things. The use of [Eyes of Horos] and [Blood Lust] made them level up and all the books he memorized on stocks improved his [Photographic Memory].

Han decided he was going to begin working out if he wanted to improve his strength and agility anymore. There were no more zombies to kill and normal exercise would not give him the same improvement. But he would still try his best to keep increasing his strength!

Han sighed and moved away from his chair. The screen of his computer had a site for a loan bank open. This was going to be his next target once he woke up.

The next morning Han went straight to a loan bank and applied for a $10,000 load. The company was reluctant to give him any money at first because of his parent's credit was terrible. The loan they collected a long time ago made it difficult for them to trust him.

He was asked about his former work, and when he told them he was a worker at H&C advertisement, they immediately called the company to ask about him. The person who picked up was Miss Kim and once she heard he wanted to receive a loan she vouched for him.

Miss Kim wondered if Han wanted to start his own business with the money. She felt that pain in her heart again and she frowned. She would have preferred to give him the money herself as thanks for what he did for her, but she knew he would not be happy with that. He was too independent that he would think he was receiving charity. She did not want to lose face with him.

Han got his loan with a three-year time period and a 3% interest rate. It was a great deal that Han would not have gotten it if not for Miss Kim vouching for him. She was still one of the most influential women after all!

But Han didn't think it was necessary to have that long to pay back. The money he got was going to be used in trading the stocks of the largest companies in the industry. And with the amount of knowledge he held he could predict exactly what company would fold and which ones would flourish like he was reading a book!

Two weeks.

He would get three times his capital in two weeks and pay back the money before then! Han told this to the banker who was handling him and the man laughed loudly at it. He thought Han was just another small trader who thought he would run the world because he finished a single trading course. Did he not know that people had to work their whole lives to make this kind of money in trading!?

"If you make that kind of money in two - no, three weeks! If you make that kind of money in three weeks then I will not collect any interest from you and make you into a partner with the bank!"

Han smiled when the man said this. The man thought the smile was Han still being overconfident, but this was exactly what Han wanted. He needed a way into the business world and this man was going to be his meal ticket.

They shook hands and in the next moment, Han left the office.

The thought of making $30,000 in two weeks was something that most people would salivate at. They would then tell you that you were being overambitious and call you a fool for trying to waste your money like that.

A regular person who was an expert at trading would take about two months to make this kind of money. But that was for an ordinary person.

Han made $30,000 in three days.

The stock company that was handling his account went mad.

"Teacher Park! Teacher Park come quick!"

The bald old man ran towards the boy calling him. There was only one thing that would make his student call him like this! Did that man do something great again!?

"Thirty thousand!!!!?"

Everybody in the office looked up from what they were doing when the old man shouted. His eyes were wide and his heart rate increased to dangerous levels. Teacher Park couldn't believe his ears! Who was this guru that decided to come to his trading company! The man made thirty thousand in three days!?

"And he did it in a beginners account, Teacher Park! The interest rates there are only half what the professional accounts have! He is requesting to gain a professional account! What should I do!?"

"Give it to him now!!!"

Teacher Park thought he already taught this boy everything but he obviously failed! How can this boy not know that this was a goldmine for them! This man was making them richer than rich!

"Give him a professional account and make him premium immediately! In fact, create a new trading challenge and advertise it to only him! This man is not ordinary!"

Teacher Park was going to do everything in order to keep this man in his company! There was no way he would let him go!

Han leaned back in his chair and stretched. That was a tough three days for him. He didn't even sleep more than three hours a day. A notification for a professional account came on the screen and Han smiled as he finally went professional. Now he could gain twice as much money as before. There was another notification for a premium account and a third in about a challenge to make a certain amount of money in a month.

Han signed up to both of them and then went back to trading. He still has three weeks to make as much money as he could before going back to the bank. He was going to make that banker spit blood!!!

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