25 Law Of The Jungle

Ping had been with Rina when the world went down to hell. There were not many people that she knew in the city but Rina had stuck with her ever since they learned that her brother died. She was never the same again but she still stayed with Ping.

Ping knew she was a danger to Rina. While Rina was not affected by the virus, Ping became a carnivore. She could attack Rina at any point in time. She could kill her and eat her. She told all this to Rina but the girl was stubborn!

"You are my friend and there is nothing I won't do for you! I don't have any more family so I will have to make you my family!"

This what was Rina always said to Ping. Truly, Ping thought she was the greatest human being on earth. And even when they both were attacked by men and women in uniform. Even when Rina was accused of staying with a carnivore and then finally killed while trying to protect Ping. Even when all of these things were happening Ping never once felt alone. Rina never blamed Ping for it.

Ping cried because she was such a useless friend!

Han heard Ping telling him all these things and he didn't move a muscle. His entire posture was slouched and his hands were balled into fists in his lap so tight that they were drawing blood! Rina was dead! His precious sister died for this girl!?

Han closed his eyes tightly before sighing and standing up. He did not have to think like that. This girl was Rina's final connection to humanity and if she saw it fit to protect her then he could respect that. He stretched his hand out to Ping.

Ping looked up the hand in shock. What was this?

"You're trying to get to the east to live freely right? Don't worry, I'll get you there myself! I'll take on Rina's task and make sure you are safe! So stop crying, you're only going to make Rina sad."

Ping stared in disbelief at Han before her face squeezed and she began to cry even more. This entire family were filled with good people! They were giving her a chance even though she was like this!? She felt like she could not do anything but burden the Luo family!

Han smiled when Ping finally rose her hand and took his own in-between her sobs. He was going to take this girl to the east and then find out who the fuck touched his sister! If there was someone out there who thought they could mess with the Luo family then let them come! He is going to destroy them!

A few moments later, Ping was now calm enough for the two of them to sit down against some of the luggage in the hull of the ship and talk. Han looked around the place and realized that Ping had been hiding here because she couldn't ride the ship like the rest of the occupants. Did this mean she did not eat humans like the other carnivores he met?

"What do you eat? You told me you don't eat human beings before so what do you eat?"

Ping was a bit embarrassed to say anything. She wrung her hands together and a blush crept up her cheek as she mumbled something to the side. Han deadpanned at the girl. Was she trying to act cute!

"Just say it!!"


Han recoiled at her shout. Did this girl say zombies!? Like actual zombies!? What the fuck?

Ping could read the disbelief in Han's face and her blush deepened even more. She did not want to talk about this but that was the only thing she was going to eat. She swore to Rina that she would never eat another person so she could only hunt zombies!

"The zombies taste weird and I don't think they smell good. But a strong one will keep me alive for one or two days. It is not as delicious as human meat but it is all I can take"

Han swallowed dry. This girl is hardcore! He couldn't believe someone ate those things! Was this how she kept herself from attacking Rina all these years? He couldn't help but be grateful to her!

But now that he was sure she was not a threat there was something else that bothered him. Han rose his hand up and touched the contraption on his mouth. It felt like a gas mask but was sleeker and had a smaller design. What was this thing?

"Stop playing with your Breathalyzer. You'll rupture the oxygen tank if you don't stop"

Han looked toward Ping with an obvious question in his eyes. Breathalyzer? What in the world was a breathalyzer? The only breathalyzer he ever hear of was for checking intoxication levels, but this one was definitely not for that.

Ping saw him looking at her questioningly and she stared back in surprise. Did he not know what this was even? What rock was he living under for five years for him not to know what this was? In fact, where was he these past five years!?

"A breathalyzer purifies the air you take in and prevents you from breathing in the virus. There is nowhere in City C where you do not need a breathalyzer. Does that mean you were away from City C these past few years?"

Han looked away from her suspicious eyes. This girl had a glare that was on par with Rina! How can he say he came from the past? That is not possible! He laughed and nodded his head silently.

Ping sighed. If he didn't want to tell her then she will not pry. Although he didn't look like the kind of person to abandon his sister like that so she could not say he was a bad brother. Maybe he got mixed up in something dangerous and needed to flee?

Han was grateful she did not ask him anymore. He wasn't bad at lying but he just didn't like lying. So this world was not like the other one where the virus was in the soda cans? This world had the virus spread into the air. How did they even get the virus to spread over the entire City C! It was a very big landmass and for them to spread it they would need a lot of help!

"So everybody here wears this... Breathalyzer?"

Ping shook her head at Han's question.

"There are some people who do not need to wear it. But they are special to be able to resist the virus in the air"

"You mean the [Unchanged]?"

Ping was surprised that Han knew about them. How did Han know about the, [Unchanged] but not about the virus in the air?

"Yes, the [Unchanged] do not need to wear the masks. When all of this started the number of people who turned was higher than the number that didn't. It was a great struggle for survival between the [Unchanged] and the zombies with carnivores and humans in the middle of it. Until recently they did not have any interest in taking down the carnivores since the zombies were greater in number but then they got a new unit overnight that focused on carnivores alone. It was a massacre!"

Han breathed out tiredly. This was... Very overwhelming. What happened to the past that made this world like this? What did REACH do this time!?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Open up in there!!"

That was the sound of someone banging on the door of the luggage compartment. Han and Ping both jolted at the sound and Ping immediately grew frantic. She grabbed the scarf from the side and looked at it for a moment before tying it around her lower face. She looked around before going to hide behind a few items of luggage.

Han watched her hide and wondered why she was hiding if she already covered her face. He then remembered that he was wearing a breathalyzer. She was using this to hide her identity before, wasn't she!? This meant if they caught her without it now they would know she was a carnivore!

Bang! Bang!

"Noone is allowed to be in here. Open the door immediately!"

Han did not want them to find Ping, so he moved away from the door. If they didn't open it the man there would probably go for a spare key somewhere to force it open. He needed to come up with a plan!

But before Han could think of anything he heard the door shake before a large force slammed into it. It burst open and three men in uniform immediately ran inside. Two of them were normal-sized but had bulged muscles that made them look like bodybuilders, but the last man was a giant that was at least twice Han's height.

Han ran forward and immediately targeted the big guy. In nature, if you take out the largest predator first then the other little ones will be afraid to attack! Han was going to instill fear deep into their fucking hearts!








Skills-[CriticalHit-25][CrowdControl-15][Criticalthinking-15][BloodLust-12] [EyesofHoros- 10][PhotographicMemory-20]


The gorilla of a man took a direct kick to the face from Han and stumbled back in pain. Han didn't think this would be enough to take him down and so he wasn't surprised when the man reached up to grab his leg. He quickly dragged his leg back, spun in the air, and then.


His other leg slammed into the giant's ear, and this time the man fell to his back like a giant tree.


The other two guards saw the leader go down and immediately roared while running towards Han. Han was standing with his back to them and when they came closer he looked back with a glare.

[[Blood Lust] has been activated]

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