17 Han And Rina

Han spent the rest of that day sitting at home and sorting through his thoughts. His goal, for now, was already achieved and he was sure Miss Kim would not let REACH leave scot-free. Now he has to begin working on his future goals.

His first thought was about his current living situation. He looked around his house and realized he did not like where his life was. This was not how he wanted to love the rest of his life. If he wanted to do anything he first needed money. A lot of money.

Han walked up to his old desktop computer and turned it on. He sat down and began scrolling through online articles. He was going to have to figure out the best way to make money quickly. He didn't have the limitations he once had with his intelligence. No matter what it was now, Han was sure he could do it with ease.

There were many articles on many methods of getting rich quickly. Betting, contract marriages, business ventures. They were all there. But there was one that caught Han's eyes quicker than all the others!

Stock trading!

Han had always wanted to go into the stock trading world. In fact, before he studied mass communication in college, he first wanted to study business. He didn't have the amount of money needed for business school and after his parents died he had no other choice but to choose the alternative! He tried many times to learn the books and courses online by himself, but they were just too complex and mathematical for him to learn without a tutor.

'And really, was I not just an idiot before?'

Han thought this as he typed in the site for an online course and downloaded the books required to learn stock trading. He didn't have anything he needed to be doing today right? He was just going to stay here and learn as much as he wanted.

And that was how the day went past. Book after book after book after book. Han did not stop even when the sun had come down from the sky and his eyes had turned red from staring at the screen too long. He was ecstatic! The topics were so easy! They looked like child's play now that he was looking at it! Han couldn't believe he didn't understand these things before!

Han's phone pinged and he stretched his hand out to grab it without looking away from the screen. This was the fifth time someone was sending him a message and he figured he needed to see who it was. Han opened it.

Rina: Where are you?

Han's eyes flew open in shock and he shot off his seat quickly. He totally forgot about Rina!!! Was he not supposed to meet her for a date today!?

Han cursed as he ran to his wardrobe and grabbed a pair of trousers and a shirt. He looked in the mirror and arranged his hair before grabbing his coat. The time on his phone said it was 9 pm. He left her waiting for an hour! What an idiot!

Rina sighed as she sent another message to her brother. That brother of hers was such a jerk! Making her wait here in the cold! And she had even worn an armless gown just to look good and now she was regretting not coming out with her coat. What a silly brother!!

"Hey, there beautiful? Wanna have some fun?"

Rina turned her head away from the man that suddenly walked up to her. He leered at her hungrily showing exactly what he was talking about. She suddenly felt self-conscious. There was nobody on this street to tell him to go away! Where was brother!?

"I-I'm waiting for someone,"

Rina hoped he would go away but the man was relentless. He found her stuttering adorable. This girl was one of a kind! Just look at those breasts. They had to be at least a 45D!

The man stretched his hand out to her shoulder and Rina jolted when he touched her. She stepped away from him in fright.

"Don't be like that. This brother only wants to play with you. I promise I won't bite"

"Please leave. M-My boyfriend is coming to take me!"

Rina did not want any trouble with the man. If she told him that it was her brother coming then he would not want to let her go, but if he thought it was her boyfriend then there will not be trouble. This man looked like a Gangster and Rina did not want any trouble with him!

The man sneered angrily. So this little girl thinks she can get rid of him for another man? Did she think he was not man enough for her!?

"Just name your price beautiful. I'll treat you far better than that silly boyfriend of yours"


The slap that Rina threw out shocked both the man and her. She had no idea why she even did it! Was it because the man insulted her? No... It was because he insulted her brother! The brother that has been taking care of her since their parents died. The brother that didn't abandon her when he had every reason to! They were not related by blood but he still took her as his sister! This man did not know the kind of man her brother was!

"Please leave! I don't want to see your ugly face again!"

Rina was now on the bridge and she will cross it no matter what. If this man tries to insult her boyfriend again then there would be hell to pay!

The man was stunned into silence before anger replaced it in waves. Did this bitch just slap him? The great Tao Long!? How dare she!?

Tao Long lashed out and tackled Rina to the ground and Rina screamed as he grabbed her dress and tore the front. Was this man going to rape her here!? In the open!? Somebody help!! This was not how she wanted her first time to be!! Rina was scared!

Tao Long was about to completely expose her breasts when a feeling of dread filled his entire body. Tao Long froze like a deer caught in headlights and his hand immediately began to shake! What was going on here!? He has never shaken before! Not even when he killed his first man! There was never any reason for him to shake! But what was this feeling!? It was like he was an ant in front of a lion!

Tao Long turned around slowly and looked to the other side of the street. A single man was standing under the streetlight. The man's eyes were wide and ferocious and his entire body was tense like a diamond.

Tao Long scrambled off Rina and Rina quickly grabbed her chest while moving away from him. She did not know what that feeling was, but it was very uncomfortable!

From the other side of the road, Han stared at Tao Long with murderous eyes. His body was shaking and his hands felt like killing something. He began walking towards the two of them.

This man dared!?

He dared to even lay a finger on his Rina!? He was going to kill him! There was no alternative punishment. Anyone that dared touch what was his had to die! Han stopped in front of Rina and saw her flinch when he got near. Why was she flinching? Did he do something wrong? Han did not know that he had activated [Blood Lust] without even thinking. His anger was so great that his blood lust just spiked unconsciously.

Han walked over to the terrified Tao Long and knelt in front of him. He grabbed his neck and began to squeeze.

Tao Long choked and brought his hand up to try and get Han off him but the grip was too tight! It was like trying to uncoil a metal band from his neck! Was this the boyfriend of that girl!? How scary!

Han's eyes were completely cold as he watched the man choke. This was a mercy he was giving him. He did not have any emotions to spare when it came to killing anymore, he had grown past that a long time ago. Killing this man felt like taking a piss outside an office building of the person you hate. It was seen as disgusting, but it felt right!

Rina watched as Han choked the man and her eyes widened when she saw he was not going to stop. Was Han going to kill him!? The man looked like he was going to die very soon! His entire face was blue and he was already drooling foam!

"Han! Han stop! You're going to kill him!"

Han ignored Rina and she became even more worried. Han was not listening to her! Rina ran up to Han and hugged him around the neck. The aura he was releasing showed he would not stop no matter what and it made her uncomfortable to even be around him at all. But she had to try. She could not let her brother go to prison!

"Han he did not do anything to me! Please stop! This is enough!"

Rina did not know if Han would listen to her, she closed her eyes and squeezed tighter around Han's neck, begging him to stop.

Han heard what Rina said and he didn't want to listen to her. This man hurt her. No punishment sufficed other than this! But he could hear her crying in his shoulder. This was his sister. If he did not listen to her cries then who would?

Han sighed and slowly let go of Tao Long. He saw Rinas smile from over his shoulder and he smiled as well.

"Tao Long, you better thank my brother. You owe him your life now!"

Tao long rubbed at his neck while taking deep breaths. This woman was right, he owes his life to this man now. He could have died just a second ago! How scary!

Han's eyes widened when he heard the name of this man. This was Tao Long? The same one that was trying to court Miss Kim in the future!? How did he become like this?

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