406 Space Dominus, A Battle of Space

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"Do you think I'll be afraid of the four Juggernauts?"

Meng Lei stared at Vados as if he were staring at an idiot. He said, "There have never been any fools among those that can reach our level of cultivation—with the exception of Chief Gods like the bunch of you, of course. After all, you're just a bunch of people who were lucky enough to assimilate Chief God divine cores."

Vados' expression changed drastically, and she exclaimed, "You're capable of contending with a Juggernaut?!"

A slight smile appeared on Meng Lei's face. Then, he pinched his fingers together lightly, easily gouging out Vados' Chief God divine core. He couldn't help but smile as he gazed at the dazzling, brilliant irregularly-shaped crystal.

"It seems like all 11 Chief God divine cores in the Earth Divine Realm are in my possession now! Say, Moro… Do you think I'll become a Supreme God straight away if I assimilate these 11 Chief God divine cores now?"


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