192 Perishing Together, Goodbye Meng Lei

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"The golden barrier is gone!"

"Here's my chance!"


"Hurry and leave this place!"

At the moment that Meng Lei found the vitality core, the golden shield enveloping the outside disappeared with a boom.

Everyone who was trapped within was overjoyed, and they seized the opportunity to flee.

The Tree of Life didn't stop them. They fled a long way out in one go before they finally came to a stop.

"That was close! We're finally out!"

"That was really too close!"

"A moment of carelessness, and we'd all have been finished!"

"We're still in a passable condition. It's Prince Barbarossa and the others who are in for it…"

Prince Barbarossa and the other 100-odd contestants' appearances were all shriveled up, and their faces filled with wrinkles, making them look even older than an 800-years-old elderly man!

The strong ones were still breathing faintly, barely hanging on—all of them were Saint Domains.


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