262 Breaking The Hammer, Sending Meng Lei Flying

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In a faraway divine nation, the Titan Spiritual God sat on his throne with a crystal ball floating before him. Displayed within was the event currently taking place at Mount Dragon God's summit.

"Lowly mortal, you shall pay a heavy price for your foolishness and ignorance!"

Murderous intent filled the Titan Spiritual God's eyes. It had been eons since he had last been this furious. The last time he was angry had been 50,000 years ago when the Dragon God emerged.

During that time, the Dragon God had led the Colossal Dragons to rise up and drove the Titans to the Titan Ranges, causing him to lose great numbers of worshipers.

The Titan Spiritual God had been incredibly furious over this, but there was nothing he could do. All he could do was to watch helplessly as the Dragon God unified the continent, gathered vast amounts of power of faith, and deified.


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