Phone Call Anxiety Book

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Phone Call Anxiety


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There are 3 things Scarlett Aabidah hates. 1) Phone calls, 2) Her life and 3) Ray, who is her first love... Umm, maybe Ray isn't on the list. Scarlett is a 22-year-old who is a transfer student at her university. And she still remembers the year everything came to her in a wave. She got a chance to love Ray, (it also involves a phone) and she did. But then things fell and now she still remembers him with the waves of her current time. And she knows as soon as she enters her country she has to face him because, duh, his best friend is her neighbor. And of course, everything in her life, be it good or bad, starts with a phone. And phone calls are what get on her nerves. ______*______ I named this novel "The girl he forgot" but changed it for better quality. This is the first draft, so there are mistakes. I will edit the entire book after I finish it.


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