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CIA. FSB. How can I be involved in all of this? How can anything happen so sudden? Is everything has a secret meaning nowadays? Does the government always hiding something from us? Everything went from dealing with street thugs to dealing with a conflict between the CIA and FSB. The clock is ticking. Got to find that nuke fast. --------------------- This book contains a lot of technical terms.

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Prologue: Armory System

School Rooftop, that was usually off-limits for students, but not for some of them. Adrian Patrick Grant was a member of the secret committee, an alias for the go-home club. He was an ordinary boy with black hair and brown eyes. His posture was moderate, 178 cm, and has an almost perfect build if not for his personality. His grade was above average, but his luck with a woman was below average.

He opened his phone and played FPS games or anything that has guns on it. He decided that he needed something new, something more exciting. As usual, he opened the play store to search for an app that would amuse him for the rest of his day at the very least.

"Arggh, not this shit again," he said as he looked at the app that repeatedly appeared on his screen, RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS. He was disturbed by that ad due to the fact that the add appeared repeatedly in every single thing that he saw.

'Finally, it's over,' he pressed the search button.

He browsed the [Top-Grossing] on the AppStore and seen the same game over and over again. It just the usual MOBA games and kingdom-building games. He swiped his phone as fast as he could. He would stop at one point.

He got to the bottom part of the AppStore and found what he expected to find. It was an app with zero users and with an uninteresting icon. it was an app with a crosshair icon, the name was Portable Armory.

He dared himself a challenge, "I will play the least installed game on the AppStore for 7 days straight' he pressed the install button. The app size was very big, around two gigabytes.

[Downloading: 0/100%]

'If this is not the school's WIFI, I will be very fucking pissed,' he waited for the game installation.

Patrick opened the app and noticed that the app had a very good interface considering the rating and the number of downloaders of that app. It was a black app with a somewhat tactical appearance.

[Portable Armory 2.0 Rebooting]

[New User Detected. Requesting Biometric Information. Please put your finger in the sensor]

'Wow, such a game that even requires my fingerprint,' He said as he put his thumb on the phone and the app started to scan his thumb.

[Welcome New Contractor. Please Fill Your Credentials.]

'What? Ok, for such a good interface, the game must be good right?" He said as he put his credentials on the app.

[*Please fill with valid information]

[Name: Adrian Patrick Grant]

[Age: 16]

[Occupation: Students]

[Location: ************]

He clicked the next button and another list of the question appeared. It looks like as if he was being interviewed for a job. He answered the question too since it was a game.

[*Please Answer With Your Preference]

[Favorite Weapon Type: LMG]

[Favorite Playing Style: Loud]

[Favorite Secondary Weapon: PDW]

He pressed the next button and another set of the question appeared. This time the questions had some pictures of a weapon inside of it. He filled the blanks with his answer.

[Favorite Explosive Weaponry: Carl Gustav M4]

[Favorite LMG: MG4]

[Favorite GPMG: PKP Pecheneg]

[Favorite Battle Rifle: H&K 417]

[Favorite Assault Rifle: H&K 416A7]

[Favorite Bolt-Action Rifle: Chevtac Intervention]

[Favorite Anti-Materiel Rifle: Gepard M6]

[Favorite SMG: MP5]

[Favorite Pistol: Glock 18]

[Favorite PDW: P90]

'What a long-form damnit,' he said as he pressed the next button. The button took him to the next page of that app that said.

[Welcome Contractor. Please Claim Your Starter Kit]

He pressed the claim starter kit button and he got the reward that he wanted. It was a pistol, a combat knife, and a silencer.

[Colt M1911: A pistol made in 1911, chambered in .45 ACP. It has 7-round magazines as a standard issue. It is a single-action recoil-operated pistol made by the USA. A suppressor has been given as a bonus.]

'Nice, now where is the gameplay? Or should I say? The game itself' he searched as she swiped to the mission list.


That was the option of the mission. After further inspection, he figured out that the type of mission was different. Vigilante was a mission type where you hunt down a criminal. Neutral was the mission where you escort a person or a VIP or assassination of a semi-corrupt government official. The Anarchist mission was the mission where you can kill people and make chaos like hitting a prison.

'I want to be the hero of justice, I will choose the vigilante mission,' he pressed the Vigilante mission and the only mission that he saw was a destroy a gang hideout mission. He accepted the mission and an information screen appeared.

[Gang Hideout Activities]

It has been spotted that a gang hideout makes chaos across the residential district. Killing the leader of the gang should do the job nicely.




'Such a low payout for a mission in a game. Fuck that, I will take it,' he thought as he accepted that mission.

[Mission Accepted: 72 Hours until the contract is expired]

'Ok, let's do it,' There was no sign of entering gameplay on the phone. He only can see the same screen that displayed the mission and the guns that he had retrieved.

"Where the hell is the gameplay?" He cursed as he opened every single menu on that game.

[Weapon shops: Reach level 10 of reputation]

[Ammo shop: Available]

[Vehicle shop: Reach level 40 of reputation or reach the age of 17]

[Backup: Reach level 20]

[Favor: Finish 1 mission]

'Wait, this seems to be too realistic for a game,' he said as he observed the requirements for the menu.

He walked around the rooftop in confusion before he kicked something similar to a small black container as big as his bag. "Wait, what is this?" He said as he inspected the box with his hands.

There was a lock that requires a fingerprint. He put his finger there and the container opened and revealed a pistol, a black tactical uniform, a combat knife, and a silencer.

"Is it some kind of sick joke?" He asked himself as there was a notification on his phone to put his phone beside the container.

He put his phone beside his container and his clothes suddenly changed into that uniform. He had the pistol on the holster and a balaclava on his face with a tactical rig containing 9mm magazines on his chest.

[Students Loadout added to inventory]

He opened his phone again and he saw his uniform was stored inside the inventory alongside his bag. He clicked on that loadout and he changed back into his ordinary school uniform.

'Holy shit, this is not a game. This is real as fuck, cancel the contract!' he said as he pressed that button.

[Cancel contract is going to cost around 2000$]

'No, what If I don't have that much money?'

[The Contractor Will Be Terminated]

"This is a fucking joke right?" Patrick said as a bullet missed him by an inches. The bullet holes was right besides his foot.

'Holy shit. I will die trying or die refusing. I will choose the first option, damn it,' he said to himself as he ran from the school's rooftop. Then footsteps could be heard from the door that leads to the rooftop.

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